My European SIM

30GB* | Unlimited Calls & SMS
Bouygues Telecom


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  • Prepaid SIM Card for France and Europe.
  • Includes Standard, Micro and Nano SIM Card formats.
  • 30GB* of 4G/LTE data in France and Europe (when activated in France).
  • Unlimited calls within Europe.
  • Unlimited SMS within Europe.
  • 30 days credit validity from point of activation.


Product Details

  • The My European SIM from Bouygues Telecom is one of the best plug & play travel SIM Cards for France and Europe.
  • Once it is activated in France you can use it in all Europe.
  • SIM Card must be activated in France.
  • Pre-cut in Standard SIM, Micro SIM, Nano SIM.
  • SIM Card comes with a French mobile phone number (+33).
  • SIM Card can be used in any unlocked phone/ tablet/ pocket wifi.
  • *starting from 7th November 2022, all SIM Cards are automatically upgraded from 20GB to 30GB

    Calls & SMS

    • Unlimited outgoing and incoming calls to and within Europe.
    • Unlimited outgoing and incoming SMS to and within Europe.


    Covers following countries in Europe:

    Aland Islands, Andorra, Austria, Azores, Balearic Islands, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Corfu, Crete, Croatia, Cyclades, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Guernsey, Hungary, Ireland, Jersey, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, Man (Isle of), Nothern Ireland, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Rhodes Island, Romania, Sardinia, Scotland, Sicily, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Vatican, Wales, Wight


    • No registration needed for the initial credit of 30 days.
    • In case you would like to extend the validity of your SIM Card please register your SIM Card online here.

    Top-up packages

    • Multiple top up packages available.
    • All available top up packages can be booked here.

    APN configurations

    Go to the “mobile networks” settings of your phone (please refer to the instructions provided by your mobile phone manufacturer)

    Add an access point (APN) by filling in the fields as follows:

    • Name: “Bouygues Telecom”
    • APN: “”
    • Proxy, Port, Username & Password: do not enter anything.
    • MMSC: “”
    • MMS proxy: “”
    • MMS Port: ‘8080″
    • MCC: “208”
    • MNC: “20”
    • Authentication Type: “None”.
    • Choose “APN Type”, enter “default, supl, MMS”, then choose “OK” or check “MMS, default and supl” and choose “OK”.

    Please make sure to enable your data roaming settings on your device.


    Your Vacation Plan from Bouygues Telecom is valid for 30 days and starts from first point of activation. If you would like to extent your SIM Card, please first register your SIM Card online. Once it is successfully registered, you can top up.

    Your My European SIM is valid for 30 days. If you register your SIM Card and top up, the SIM Card will extent its validity automatically by the validity of the top up.

    Normally your smartphone connects automatically to the right network. In case your My European SIM does not connect automatically please check your Access Point Name settings. Please adjust your APN: “”, User name & password: do not enter anything

    You can check all top up packages for your My European SIM here

    You can use your Bouygues Telecom My European SIM in any unlocked smartphone, tablet or Pocket WiFi.

    Yes, you can extent the validity of your credit by registering your Bouygues Telecom My European SIM online and top up with a new package.

    If you would like to use your My European SIM from Bouygues Telecom for the initial credit of 30 days there is no need for a registration. If you do not register your line within 30 days after activation, your account will be permanently terminated afterwards.

    In order to check your remaining credit of you Bouygues Telecom My European SIM please send a text message with “conso” to 680.

    Insert your SIM Card in your device and enjoy your offer! You will receive a text including your phone number. If you do not receive this text, call 654 (free) in order to receive your phone number again (French speaking voice server).

    Once you insert your SIM Card into your smartphone you will receive a SMS with your French phone number (+33). If you do not receive it, please call 654 for free.


    High-Speed Internet
    all over France & Europe

    100% No
    Roaming Charges

    No complicated contracts
    Prepaid SIM Cards

    No surprises
    No hidden costs



    A lot of data with good signal

    The Sim card from Bouygues Telecom has been splendid. We started off our Eurotrip in Paris which made this Sim our first choice. A lot of data with good signal all over Paris, Barcelona, Zurich and Rome. Make sure you activate it in France as it otherwise will not work.

    Activation was simple and straightforward.

    Found this prepaid sim just before our trip to Marseilles. We got delivered at the hotel within 2 days, very good. Activation was simple and straightforward. If you would like to extend your validity, make it in advance. Everything else was satisfying and as advertised.