International SIM cards: Why it is so interesting ?

International SIM cards are a connected traveler's best friendNowadays, travelers are more and more connected. More than ever, we need our phones to do everything: find your way in an unknown city, translate things, share your best moments. Nevertheless, using your devices abroad can be pretty expensive if you don’t have some international SIM cards. In this article, we are going to cover the benefits of getting yourself some international SIM cards for your next trips.

International SIM cards allows you to get rid of data roaming

One of the worst things that can happen when you’re using your phone abroad is to use it in data roaming. Indeed, if your mobile plan doesn’t cover your destination, you’re going to have a bad surprise when you come back home. Some call it the “bill shock”: the sudden realization that your mobile phone usage costed you hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars because of the roaming rates. Avoid this kind of bad surprises by getting international SIM cards for your next trips. Moreover, getting a prepaid SIM card guarantees you that there will be no hidden fees: you pay exactly what is written on the product.

EUROPE DATA SIM PREPAIDEnjoy local rates thanks to international SIM cards

Another advantage of getting a local SIM card is that you can enjoy local rates. Sometimes, your provider will try to sell you an international add-on for your plan, but those are overpriced in the vast majority of the cases. Moreover, if you finish the allowance of your add-on, you’ll be back to roaming rates without notice.

Stop relying on free wifi

Free Wi-Fi is a good alternative when you want to save money. If you don’t need to use your phone during your trip it can be a good solution, but it has its own downsides. The connection will be very slow and unstable. Moreover, this type of public connections aren’t always secure. We got reports everyday of people getting hacked at the airport, for example. Free Wi-Fi isn’t reliable. You should better get yourself an international SIM cards in order to stay connected for your next trips.