The 7 Most Beautiful Places in Asia

the 7 most beautiful places in asiaIf you wish to know the divine, feel the wind on your face and the warm sun on your hand. Nature is not only perfect, but it is also the living proof we all are connected. We are connected to the sun, the earth, the sky and the water because we do need them.

Those simply wise words from Buddha describe how marvelous is Nature and how we underestimate it at the same time. However, you have already understood that and you appreciate every leaf as if it was gold. Then you need to know the most beautiful places in Asia.

Thus if you enjoy nature and you have decided travel around the world to find the most gorgeous natural scenarios, Asia is a perfect option. So we have done a little guide with some interesting places in Asia you are going to love. Since the highest mountains to the purest water, you need to know there are a variety of places for you. Take a look and pack your bags!



The 7 Most Beautiful Places in Asia


1. Huanlong National Park – China

Huanlong National Park beautiful place in asia

Between imposing mountains, stunning waterfalls and limestone terraces the Huanlong National Park is erected. It has many spectacular and turquoise water ponds formed by the impact of calcium carbonate on limestone. They seem like small pools where gods swim.

Furthermore, you can contribute to Mother Nature and your body by doing the walking tour. It takes two hours approximately but you need to be careful because the height could make you dizzy. There are zones where oxygen cylinders are sold. On your way, you will find a spectacular Buddhist monastery called Huanlong Si. You can also find fabulous animals like Sichuan giant panda, leopard, golden monkey and more. Don’t miss the Guhuashi terrace and admire the numerous fossilized prehistoric animals and plants. Immerse yourself in the Feicui fountain which has healing properties and come back home younger.


2. El Nido – Philippines

El Nido Philippines best place in asia

Water is magnificent because it cleans the dirty vibes. In the marine sanctuary El Nido, you can get off all the dirt you may have on you. Prepare yourself because you are about to see a marine jewel. Surely you will want to leave it all and moving in here.

This amazing marine sanctuary offers you a variety of ecosystems. There are jungles, forests, mangroves, beautiful and long white sands beaches, coral reefs and more. Take your time to meet the curious dugong. It is a sea cow that sighs! You can dive and even rent a kayak. Enjoy the wonderful fishes and bring cash because there are no ATMs. You also need to carry a lantern because there are usually blackouts.



3. The Cave of Wonders – Vietnam

The Cave of Wonders Vietnam great place in asia

In Halong Bay, Vietnam you can find The Cave of Wonders or Hang Sung Sot. This is a dream for a speleologist. You can almost feel how Nature is an artist and the cave is its canvas.

Besides, you will appreciate how the stalactites and stalagmites make different forms like a Buddha and a big turtle. Don’t forget to touch the turtle head for good fortune.







4. Chocolate Hills – Philippines

The Chocolate Hills Philippines amazing place in asia

When you get to Bohol Island in the Philippines, you will want to admire those spectacular Chocolate Hills. Its name is due because the hills look like a big mountain of chocolate. Scientists said sea covered the island, so those hills are made of coral remains. Locals have another side of the story. The hills are tears from a giant called Arogo who lost his beloved. Super cute, isn’t?

Truth is the views are amazing and if that was not enough, there are thousands of rice fields and bamboo homes.  If you want to climb some of these hills, there are 200 steps waiting for you.





5. Liaohe River – China

Liaohe River China superb place in asia

At the mouth of the Liaohe River is the awesome Chinese red beach. Don’t sweat it! It is not blood or contamination. It is a plant named Suaeda which grows on the surface of the water and it turns it red.

However, you can’t swim there. You can only admire the ambient over a big dock. But you can observe the magnificent cranes, seagulls, swallows and seals. This is a delight for your senses and if you decide to go, you need to get there on fall to see the redness, because in summer it is green.






6. Anji Bamboo Forest – China

Anji Bamboo Forest China must see place in asia

Rumors said bamboo forests are the best places for protecting people against earthquakes because bamboo rhizomes support the floor. Moreover, bamboo is used as food, construction material medicine and paper. So the bamboo forest of Anji is simply a reminder that heaven is on earth.

In this sense, walking around this majestic bamboo forest is overwhelming. You will be delighted by the imposing trees and the sounds you will hear are unique. The wind over the bamboos trees produces a relaxing and mysterious sound. Imagine you could do yoga here. Fantastic!





7. Tanjung Puting National Park – Borneo

Tanjung Puting National Park Borneo fantastic place in asia

Borneo Island is a very vivid dream. This is the only place in the entire world where orangutans, elephants, rhinos, bears and tigers cohabitate. Even when there are many unexplored lands here, you can do many activities like navigating the rivers on the klotok which is a sort of houseboat.

Visit the Tanjung Puting National Park where the orangutans are preserved. You can also dive and observe thousands of marine unique species. Make some time to meet Dayak tribe and learn about them. They are very friendly.

Finally be always respectful with nature and learn to be like the bamboo. With deep and solid roots but flexible and humble at the same time. Nature does nothing incomplete or nothing in vain.




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