A SIM card marketplace for connected travelers

Finding the appropriate SIM card for your trip can be difficult. That's why we started SimOptions in 2014, with the objective of building a marketplace for prepaid SIM cards, in order to facilitate your trips.

The best of prepaid offers, all in one place

We work hand-in-hand with the best mobile service providers in each country in order to bring you the best coverage available, and at the lowest price possible. Avoid roaming bills and facilitate your trips thanks to SimOptions!

Easy order, easy setup

Your vacation is made to relax, and your business trips certainly does not need some stress added to them.
That's why we made our offers as simple as possible, and we worked hard to make the order and the setup super easy.
Focus on what truly matters. Trust us, we'll take care of the rest.

Worldwide delivery service

We know what it is to travel a lot, so we taught our SIM cards to do the same. Get your package delivered at home or during your trip, as you like it.
You can even come to our office in Paris. It would be a pleasure to help you in person.

The Team

We are young, dynamic entrepreneurs who came to realize during one of their trips that we were cutting off our phones to avoid data roaming at the moment when we needed them the most. With the loss of landmarks, the language barrier and so on, it is unthinkable to not use your phone at its full capacity. That's why we created SimOptions, a unique SIM card marketplace for all your travel needs.