The American Convention on Human Rights stipulates that every person has the right to leave freely from any country in the world. However, in order to first enter that country some requirements must be met. One of these requirements is to obtain the approval of the consular representatives of the country. This will allow you
A wise man once said the most productive work is the one that comes out of the hand of a happy man. In order to achieve that, you have to figure out what you love to do and what you are good at. However, maybe the country in which you are living in may not
Roaming allows us to continue talking and surfing beyond our borders. Thanks to agreements among operators they can continue providing service in other countries. Roaming has always worried millions of travelers, and this was for good reasons. When having a look at the high cost that roaming calls cause you can easily understand why. Some
Si estas planeando ir a Francia pronto, probablemente ya has calculado tu presupuesto para el viaje. ¿Pero pensaste en incluir un presupuesto para las comunicaciones? Eso es correcto, las telecomunicaciones son a menudo olvidadas en los presupuestos de los viajeros. Incluso si las telecomunicaciones representan una gran parte debido al costo de la itinerancia. Todos