Nowadays we enjoy watching sports more than ever. We also practice those sports we watch on television to stay healthy and have fun. But because there are so many sport events, we took the time to make our list of top 20 sport events. Check them out and add them to your bucket list.  Sport Events #1: Olympic Games Prometheus stole the fire of the gods to keep the humans warm after Zeus refused to help them. The Olympic Games are considered as the main worlds' sport competition. Over 50 disciplines are part of the games - from athletics to diving in two [...]
Taking a flight can be a very exciting experience but also stressing. Carrying suitcases, being in a hurry, waiting and even the fear to fly are some issues that could dismiss the pleasure at the beginning or the end of your trip. Hence, some airports have taken a step beyond and established programs like PUP (Pet Unstressing Passengers), which provides the unique opportunity to release stress petting beautiful and friendly therapy dogs to the passengers. Companies are making huge efforts in order to make your flight and travel experience more peaceful and enjoyable. However, we have the flight attendants insider travel [...]
The American Convention on Human Rights stipulates that every person has the right to leave freely from any country in the world. However, in order to first enter that country some requirements must be met. One of these requirements is to obtain the approval of the consular representatives of the country. This will allow you to enter the country. It is called visa and considered as a right of every State of the world to select what person can enter the country in order to benefit from visit, stud, work and even living. Consequently, the Consular representatives will study a [...]
A wise man once said the most productive work is the one that comes out of the hand of a happy man. In order to achieve that, you have to figure out what you love to do and what you are good at. However, maybe the country in which you are living in may not offer the best working environment when it comes to jobs available and personal growth opportunities. If you are open to move abroad and find work outside your comfort zone, the following list will show you the top 20 countries with the best employment opportunities and [...]