Travel around the world either for pleasure or business and be connected to every moment. However, has your mobile phone been working when you crossed the borders of your country last time? Taking and receiving calls from any part of the world. Sending, receiving SMS and surfing the internet with total normality. This is the
If you’re planning to go to France soon, you’ve probably planned your travel budget already. But did you thought to include your communication budget? That’s right, telecommunications are often forgotten in travel budgets. Even if they sometime account for a large part because of roaming cost. Every international travelers now want to be reachable when
This year’s annual report by Mastercard reveals the “Most visited cities of 2016” Ranking. The variables which decide about the ranking were airline tickets and souvenirs purchased as well as overnight stays.    
It is widely known that telecommunications in USA are very expensive, compared to other countries. When you’re coming only to visit the country, you probably have a lot of expenses planned. That’s why if you going to pay for a service, you’ll want the very best. Unfortunately, there isn’t many choice on the GSM market,