The 2018 World Cup in Russia will be played out 12 stadiums across the country and all participating nations hope to write history . The stadiums spread over 2,900km between the far-west Kaliningrad Stadium at the Baltic Sea and the Ekaterinburg Arena. This quick guide to all stadiums at the Russia 2018 World Cup will give you details about the capacity, costs of the stadiums , their game schedule during the World Cup, what you should look for when you are at the stadium and the easiest way to get to the stadium. Kazan Arena

Capacity: 45,379 Opening: 2013 Cost: $439.7m

Matches 16 [...]

The Metabo Law establishes men must measure 37 inches waists while women must measure 31 inches. These Japanese people take health very seriously. Once a year everybody is measured. When someone becomes chubby, government encourages him or her to get health care. That is impressive, isn’t? That is one of the reasons to visit Asia and find the best places to admire and fun activities to do. In addition to that, if you keep reading us, you will know some of the best professional travel accessories. So don’t miss your chance to travel to Asia with some fun gadgets. Fill your [...]

5 tips for solo travelers in Asia

When you are in Thailand, you must be careful with the Baht, the Thai currency. If you step on it, you could be in jail for 15 years. The effigy of the king is on the currency, so it is a crime. Pretty incredible, isn’t? But it is a little detail considering the spectacular places that Thailand has. Like the wonderful Wat Rong Temple. It is a modern Buddhist and Hinduism white temple. There is a bridge very amazing between sculptures of several raised arms asking for help. Don’t miss it and read some tips for solo travelers in the [...]
The Royal Family in Thailand is very important. So much it is forbidden step on the currency because the monarch’s effigy is on it. You could be years in prison for that. Even if you speak badly of the king, you also commit a crime. So be careful and respectful. Avoid touch the people’s head. For Buddhist, in the head lies the soul, so it is sacred. Facts like that you should observe to enjoy your next trip to the vibrant Thailand. So you have to be prepared and know the best places for travelers in Thailand. On these lines you [...]