Choose a reason to discover Hong Kong on your next trip to Asia

Hong Kong trip AsiaKilling an unfaithful husband with you own hands, is allowed but spitting on the streets does not. There is a one kilometer escalator and the city pays you to use it. A machine will measure your body temperature to deny your entry to the city if you are ill. Hong Kong is a land full of secrets and charms you will love. So go find your reason to discover the electric Hong Kong on your next trip to Asia.

You can start packing your bags in the Feng shui style like the Hong Kong buildings and also read these lines. Hong Kong is very fun, exciting, beautiful, charming place to know. It offers many diverse places and things to do. So check this out!

Find out the best things to discover in Hong Kong

We chose below the must do in Hong Kong:

Feel small with Tian Tian Buddha

It was made in 1993, it is huge and it is located facing the North. Like all Buddha’s sculptures must be erected. Its hands are in a position symbolizes generosity and joy. To get to its base you must climb 268 steps. It will take away your breath.

In order to get there, you must take a ride on the Ngong Ping cable car. The views are fantastic. In the cable car station you can have a real tea ceremony at the Ngong Ping Tea House. Later, inside the Tian Tian Buddha, you can admire the art exposition and learn more about Buddhism. You can light an incense stick as an offering. There is also a vegetarian restaurant that you can try.

Over the sea for the romantics ones

Sailing the Aqua Luna Boat is a unique Chinese experience. It is a red- sail boat that navigates on the Victory Bay. It has two decks: an opened air deck and a covered space. Aqua Luna is made of bamboo so it is very impressive object to admire.

Navigate with the Aqua Luna is the best way to enjoy the Hong Kong skyline. You can navigate by day or night but in the night the view is amazing. The one hour tour makes three stops to shopping; enjoying magnificent views or having a meal. It is really safe and funny. Their crew will receive you with a drink you cannot decline. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the Symphony of Lights show. City skyscrapers are illuminated and project laser to the compass of the music. It is marvelous.

Master the art of bargain

Every traveler knows going to a market is the funniest thing to do. You can obtain delicious and very fresh food, like fruit and fish. There are many hand made products you certainly going to love and more. Temple Street Market is one of the famous ones. It is open from afternoon until midnight. You can find imitation of all kinds. If you want to have a good deal, try to go early, like 4 o’clock. They believe the first sale of the day brings dharma.

The Ladies Market is a very important one. You can find clothes, electronic gadgets, delicious food and more. The Stanley Market is south. It is more quit than the others ones. But here the people are more reluctant to bargain. One little tip: begin your negotiation with the half of the offered price. The Antique Market is very good to find little treasures. It is infamous because on the twenties, here stolen items were sold. The stolen item was called rat’s items and its buyers were called cats. So it called Cat Street.  At night the bars are very exciting. Don’t miss the Apliu Street to get the best deal on electronics.

Go green and go eat

The Kowloon Park is a huge green lung that makes Hong Kong more beautiful. It has a big aviary, many sculptures, even a labyrinth. The Ocean Park is a fun place to be, like Victory Park. But if you really enjoy nature, go to Nan Lian Garden. There is the Chin Lin Monastery made of an exquisite wood architecture. The garden is a beautiful bend of peace, where every rock, tree and pond is intentionally placed.Hong Kong trip Asia

For your palate try the dim sum. It is a delicious fried bun stuffed with meat, vegetables or fruit. The youtiao is tasty fried bread. Try also the pineapple bun and don’t forget the yuangyang. It is a fort and glorious coffee with tea. Your stomach will be happy in Hong Kong.

Don’t miss contact

Maybe you are in Man Mo Temple inhaling tons of incense or drinking a sugar cane in Soho. You will always need being in touch. You can also always optimize your communications experience. There is a reliable item to improve your trip. It is prepaid SIM card. A small device that inserted into the Smartphone or table, allows connection to the Internet, making and receiving calls. It also allows you to send and receive messages. You can use a GPS to get anyplace you want.

Maybe you are doing a report about the Lan Kwai Fong parties and need a 24/7 connection. SimOptions offers a SIM card with 4G speed data. It has credit valid for 30 days. You can do national and international calls with text messages. You chose it, order it and pay for it online. The payment system is totally secure. It is very easy way to pay with PayPal, Stripe, international debit and credit cards. You can post your photo with the real Hong Kong skyline.Hong Kong trip Asia

Now you have all your Hong Kong schedule made, remember one thing. Don’t refuse drinks to the elders and don’t cross the streets in a green light. They are both expensive!