Top 5 cities to visit in Italy by Simoptions

Top 5 cities to visit in Italy

Top 5 cities to visit in Italy : travel guide for a successful trip in Italy

Italy has always been considered one of the preferred destinations in the world for tourists. Simoptions is glad to give out its give Top 5 cities to visit in Italy. We selected five cities to help you out if you are ever planning a trip in Italy. Our choice is very personal, so other cities have not been mentioned but would deserve to be there like Siena, Padua, Verona or Palermo.

Find out below our guide through the top 5 cities in Italy:

Roma: The Eternal City

The Eternal City is a mandatory stop in our Top 5. Roma is the cradle of Roman civilization and it is an obligatory stop if you are in Italy for a long stay. You can visit the Coliseum and imagine the atmosphere that prevailed at the time of the gladiators.
You can also admire other vestiges of this great civilization, like the forum or the Trajan column. Rome is also a symbol of the the Italian renaissance, as The Borghese Gallery for example, which is home to numerous paintings and sculptures of that period.

Top 5 cities to visit in Italy

Venice: City of Love

Venice is the romantic version Italy. Who has not dreamed of a Gondola ride next to your loved one in the canals of the maritime city. Many churches are to visit besides Saint Mark’s Basilica overlooking the city. Next to it you can learn more about the history of this city and its glorious past by visiting the Doge’s Palace. Don’t forget to go to Murano to admire the glass factories. It is one of the local artisan specialty.


Florence: The inevitable of Top 5 cities to visit in Italy

If you are in Northern Italy never forget to visit the city of Florence. Capital of the country from 1865 to 1870, it is Italy Prepaid Sim Cardsplaced under the UNESCO World Heritage. This city is the cradle of the Italian Renaissance. In Florence, you will find many palaces and churches dating from this period. Among the monuments that you need to see, there are also the Ponte Vecchio, Santa Maria cathedral, Galleria dell’Accademia and Convent San Marco.

Milan: city of Fashion

Still in northern Italy, Milan is part is a very important Italian city to visit. Milan is the second most populated city of Italy. It’s the industrial and the fashion capital of this country and well known in the world for this. In the past, the Duchy of Milan has undergone numerous domination (France and Germany mostly). The city of Milan is at the crossroads of several influences. It has also influenced all Europe particularly during the Italian Renaissance.

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Naples: Our blow of heart

Top 5 cities to visit in Italy

Naples is one of the last city to have been attached to the kingdom of Italy (1860), this city was founded in the Antiquity. Like Milan, this city has had several influences, Roman then Norman and then Spanish. This is different influences make it an eclectic city and it abounds with museums like, Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts, Museum of the Royal Palace, Museum of the Opera Pia Purgatorio ad Arco or Palace of Arts in Naples.

We hope you appreciated our guide to visit in Italy. If you want to find out our to stay connected while visiting Italy, you may read our guide on travel sim cards for Italy. We wish you a good journey!