Top 5 cities to visit in United-Kingdom by Simoptions

Simoptions is glad to give out its give Top 5 cities to visit in United-Kingdom. We selected five cities to help you out if you are ever planning a trip in United-Kingdom. Our choice is very personal, so other cities have not been mentioned but would deserve to be there like Liverpool, Belfast, Cambridge, Oxford, Canterbury or Leeds.

London: The Capital

Top 5 cities to visit in United-Kingdom

Obviously you can’t go to United-Kingdom without visiting London. The English capital is full of activities and museum to visit. Some monuments are not to be missed like the Tower of London, Big Ben, the British Museum (the biggest museum in England) or Buckingham Palace. In this last place you can witness every day the changing of guard at 11:30 am. We advise to you Hamley, who is the biggest toys shop in London. You find it at 188-196 Regent Street. If you love football, in London you will be served. There are lot of club in Premier League (Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, West-Ham, and Crystal Palace).

Manchester: The Industrial city

It’s also a city of football (Manchester United and City). This city combines modernity and history. Cradle of industrialization, the city is still marked by this time with the Museum of Science Industry. It’s a free museum you can make several times. It traces the story of
Industrialization, with many vintage vehicle (cars, trains, planes…). Near the museum, you can walk along Bridgewater Canal, there are lot of bars for take a beer. You’ll find Manchester to many neo-Gothic building dating back to the late XIX century, like John Rylands Library or Manchester Town Hall.

Edinburgh: The cheerful city

Uk Prepaid Sim cardUnited-Kingdom is also Scotland. In Edinburgh you can visit the castle, situate on Castle Rock, it’s dominate the city. You will discover the History of Scotland and you will see the Honours of Scotland (jewelry and crown jewels of Scotland). The second best view in Edinburgh is the Arthur’s Seat. This is the peak of an extinct volcano, outside the city. The last things to don’t miss, it’s Scotch Whisky Heritage Center. The museum of the Whisly and it history.

Cardiff: The inevitable of Top 5 cities to visit in United-Kingdom

The capital of the Wales will be in our Top 5 cities to visit in United-Kingdom. Located on the banks of the River Taff, it’s a charming city. In the center of town, you will find the castle of Cardiff. Built on the foundation of a Roman camp, we advise you to go on the top of the main tower to admire the city. For finish don’t miss the National Museum of Cardiff. It hosts the collections of archeology, geology, art and natural history of the country.

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Birmingham: The blow of heart of our Top 5 cities to visit in United-Kingdom

The second session of England cities ours ranking. It’s in this city that J.R.R Tolkien has begun the righting of The Lord of the Rings. It is in the Sarehole Mill that the author was inspired to create The Shire. The Bull Ring, the facade of the mall seems to be inlaid diamond shining. This building houses one of the four Selfridges. In the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, you can admire fabulous treasures of Egyptian and Roman.

Top 5 cities to visit in United-Kingdom

We hope you appreciated our Top 5 cities to visit in United-Kingdom, and we wish you a good journey.