Travel SIM card France : 4 solutions to stay connected

The Travel SIM card France is the best solution to stay connected during your trip.You’re going to Paris in a few days and everything is ready, except for one thing. You don’t know if you will be able to use your phone there. Here, we present to you the Travel SIM card France and other solutions that you can use to stay reachable while you enjoy your trip in France.

Travel SIM card France

Prepaid SIM card for France

Convenient and easy to use, the travel SIM card for France is the best solution if you need to use your phone abroad . For 35€, you have unlimited calls and SMS in France, and access to 2GB of 4G internet. The SIM card is valid for 1 year, compatible with any device, and can easily be topped up according to your needs.

Simoptions ships worldwide, meaning you can get your Travel SIM before you leave. Of course, you can also get it sent to your place of accommodation, in order to get it when you arrive.

The only problem with this solution is that if you don’t own a dual SIM mobile phone, you’ll have to take out your SIM in order to use the Travel SIM. This means that you won’t be reachable at your number during this period of time.

Data Roaming

Data Roaming can be very expensive

If you want to use your phone abroad, you are free to keep your SIM and use your everyday phone plan. If you decide to go with data roaming, you will get to keep your phone number during your trip, but your mobile phone carrier is going to charge you at astronomical rates. While this can be a solution to your communication needs abroad, it is definitely the worst.

Some providers sell international packages, but in the vast majority of the cases, those are overpriced. Worst of all, when you get to the limits of your allowed usage, you get back to the full rate without warning.

Free WiFi in France

Free WiFi hotspots are marked by this sign

There are many public hotspots available in France, but they are mainly located in urban areas. It can be a solution if you want to avoid any expenses but still want to use your devices. Problem is, these hotspots are located mainly in the big cities. If you want to enjoy the French countryside, this probably isn’t a solution that suits your needs.

There are lots of “Free” WiFi hotspots in cafés and restaurants. Problem is, you’ll have to order to get the login information. Another issue is that the broadband quality is uncertain, to say the least, and the network isn’t secure. Moreover, a large part of public hotspots are password protected. Also, keep in mind that this solution doesn’t provide phone service.

Pocket WiFi in France

If you need to use a large amount of data during your trip, you can consider renting a Pocket WiFi for France. Those devices use the 4G network, so you can have high speed internet on the go at all times. This solution is best suited for groups, as you can connect up to 10 devices on one unit. Nevertheless, if you’re travelling alone, it can be expensive. Also, the Pocket WiFi doesn’t provide phone service, unlike the Travel SIM card France.

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