Travel SIM Card Germany : Stay connected during your trip

Are you going to Germany for business soon? Are you planning to visit Berlin for leisure? Or maybe are you going to visit your family or your friends? In any of these cases, you will probably need a reliable way to contact people there or back home. If you didn’t thought of it before, don’t panic! We listed for you four options you can use to stay connected abroad, like the Travel SIM Card Germany.The Brandenburg Gate, located in Berlin

Travel SIM Card Germany

The Travel SIM Card Germany is the connected traveller's best friendThe Prepaid SIM Card probably is the best solution available to use your phone abroad. The Travel SIM Card Germany is the most complete package you can get for the lowest price possible. Enjoy a high-speed access to 4G Internet, calls and text messages while you visit the best places of Germany.

The only downside to this solution is that the Travel SIM Card Germany requires to be inserted in a SIM slot. Some CDMA devices won’t be able to use it, and you will need to take out your everyday SIM if your phone isn’t a Dual SIM device. This means that you’ll be given a German phone number and you won’t be reachable at the number you are used to until you put your SIM back in.

Data Roaming

Be very careful when you use Data Roaming, as you can have terrible surprises Do you need to keep your usual phone number? If you’re not afraid of astronomical phone bills, you can still use your country’s SIM abroad. Be careful though, because the operators’ roaming rates can be pretty surprising. Just because you can doesn’t mean that you should, we strongly insist on avoiding this solution.

The international packages that your provider can offer are also something to avoid, because they are overpriced almost every time. Worse, if you reach the limits of the package, you’re back to your roaming rates, sometimes without warning.

Free WiFi in Germany

This logo indicates the availability of free wi-fi. Germany has plenty of free Wi-Fi hotspots, if you don’t want to spend anything to communicate. Nevertheless, this solution has some serious flaws.

The main problem is that those hotspots aren’t available everywhere, especially in the countryside. Moreover, the connection isn’t always secure, and you’ll probably suffer frequent disconnections and slow speeds.

Another problem is that free WiFi hotspots aren’t always on public access. Most of the time, they belong to cafés or restaurants, and you won’t get the password if you don’t order. It’s just a convoluted way to make you pay for internet.

Keep in mind that public hotspots don’t provide phone service, so if you need to call somebody or to send text messages, the Travel SIM Card Germany will better suit your needs.

Pocket WiFi in Germany

Are you a huge data user? Maybe the Pocket WiFi for Germany is the solution for your needs. It is a router so small that it fits in your pocket while connecting up to 10 devices to the 4G network.

This solution is best suited for groups though, as it can be a little bit expensive. On the long term, the Travel SIM Card Germany is more affordable, and it also provides phone service.

Pocket Wifi for Europe