Travel News Update: US Approves Social Media Background Checks For Visa Applicants

The American Convention on Human Rights stipulates that every person has the right to leave freely from any countryThe American Convention on Human Rights stipulates that every person has the right to leave freely from any country in the world. However, in order to first enter that country some requirements must be met. One of these requirements is to obtain the approval of the consular representatives of the country. This will allow you to enter the country. It is called visa and considered as a right of every State of the world to select what person can enter the country in order to benefit from visit, stud, work and even living. Consequently, the Consular representatives will study a number of aspects about the person. They consider them important in order to maintain the national security and the internal peace. Lately, the United States of America decided that granting a visa will depend on an additional personal criteria of an applicant: their Social Media background. Check out all facts below!

Why do you want to visit the United States of America?


The reason of a visit may be many, like tourism, studying or business. You may finally have the money and time to visit the Yankee’s Stadium and visit Times Square with your sweet heart. You can also go there if you finally were admitted to study that master’s degree in law of the University of Pennsylvania, or you were hired as an architect to build a Museum in Miami. For all these activities there is a kind of visa. The important thing is always telling the truth. If your real intention is moving there for example, and the Consular representatives finds out you may eventually be banned to enter the United State all your life. If you really want to migrate, there are procedures to obtain the American citizenship. Check the requirements of becoming an US citizen here.

Personal Background

There are important facts of your life that the Government must know in order to decide if they will let you in. For example, they will examine criminal records in order to know you have been connected to any kind of criminal acts. Additionally, it is important for them to check if you are requested by the justice department. In the case you are fugitive and dangerous, the US immigration bureau will deny your visa request.

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Strong ties

This is about proving that you have strong roots in your country of origin, which is that you have zero intentions to move to the United States and live there forever. The proof of that might be having properties, fixed employment, rSOCIAL MEDIA BACKGROUND CHECKSelatives and anything that indicate that you are going to come back to the country that you are currently living in. Again, you have to be honest.

Social media background checks for the USA

Since the Trump administration, change of the government shows an even more aggressive migration politics and new regulations are coming up. In this sense, new security procedures will come into effect in May of 2017. The Consular officials allowed the fact to demand additional information. Especially, for people they require more rigorous verification from a national security point of view. These people will be asked to provide additional information. This will include their social media profiles and previous passport numbers. They can add more data about family members and a longer history of past travel. Employment contract information may be asked, too. Social networks could provide valuable information about the personality of the visa applicant. They can show state of mind, intentions of migration, terrorist links and more. So there is a valid justification to this extra check.

Therefore is important to be honest when you are applying to the immigration bureau and those Consular officials must be really impartial in the moment to decide granting the visa or not.

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