What are the best Apps on the market for European travelers in 2017?

Roaming allows us to Roaming allows us to continue talking and surfing beyond our borderscontinue talking and surfing beyond our borders. Thanks to agreements among operators they can continue providing service in other countries. Roaming has always worried millions of travelers, and this was for good reasons. When having a look at the high cost that roaming calls cause you can easily understand why. Some people think that receiving calls does not generate any roaming costs. This is false and can cause big surprises.To solve this problem, it exist Best Travel Apps on the Market for European Travelers who permit them to communication free.


When we talk about the access to internet for the use of mobile smartphones we must be more cautious. You should check your mobile settings before traveling so that no surprise ruins your business stay or vacation. In order to avoid the high cost of calls and data roaming we recommend to make use of a prepaid data Sim Card for Europe.

If you do not want to go through a bad time when your Smartphone automatically connects to mobile networks with huge roaming overcharge. It will be necessary to deactivate Data in your settings. This will prevent you to have any negative surprises for extra charges for mobile apps working in the background without knowing. 

How do European regulations work?

The best scenario when traveling Europe would be to use your mobile phone and Sim Card regardless of your current location, network provider and amount of data usage. The question remains how much this will cost you.

we recommend to make use of a prepaid data Sim Card for EuropeThe European has decided, in common agreement with the nations of Europe to create the European Community of Roaming.  This means that people who are traveling among countries within Europe should not be affected by roaming. Users who are within the European Community would pay as if they were in their country of origin. If everything goes to plan from 15th June 2017 roaming costs should be finally eliminated. All European users can finally forget about the inconvenient bills for data consumption in Europe.

According to this agreement the offers of the European Community of Nations from this June 2017 would have a maximum price of about 0.032 Euros per minute for calls from your mobile. Also, 0.01 Euros for messaging services and 7.70 Euros Per GB (which will be progressively reduced until reaching and set at 2.5 Euros by 2022). These tariffs are considered as Package offerings range from 10GB data “wholesale” prices, which have been concluded between all member nations of the European Community of Nations to allow better use for European travelers. But nothing is yet really sure about how these prices will be really applied for the end users. Some rumors say that as prices are still very high among operators, for roaming agreement, they will allow people to use their data plans all over Europe. But indeed, this can decrease the quality of the plans. This means that prices for quality data plans will rise. The European regulation regarding roaming is also mandatory for B2B markets, howEUROPE DATA SIM PREPAIDever European mobile network operators will have no obligation to apply those prices for corporate customers. Most likely this will impact the prices for European data plans in a good way.

Today there is a trend that has been growing since a few months. European prepaid Sim Card offer larger data packages. Some companies have specialized in Travel Sim Cards like simoptions.com. Offering for example, packages ranging from 10GB up to 12GB of data, 240 min in calls and up to 2,000 SMS per Sim Card at rates ranging from US $49.90 to US $118.90. It is depending on user needs such as Europa data Sim Card.

Apps for calls and SMS

As we move into the development of technologies and software development for the increasingly sophisticated and specialized smartphones users can be closer to their contacts. Thanks to mobile apps like WhatsApp, Skype and Viber you can communicate in real time and with a minimum of costs and data needed. The data packages for Sim Cards offered by European operators have more and more benefits for users. Thanks to the implementation of the applications users can enjoy voice, video and text communication much more easy, safe and convenient.

Best Travel Apps #1: WhatsApp: Best Travel Apps #1: WhatsApp

This App offers messaging applications since 2009, and phone calls since 2016. Their newest release is making video calls with your counterpart.

Best Travel Apps #2: SkypeBest Travel Apps #2: Skype

This is one of the best mobile applications currently available for free calls. With more than 100 million downloads, its quality of call is beyond doubt.

Best Travel Apps #3: ViberBest Travel Apps #3: Viber

It is one of the most downloaded mobile apps. Rated and recommended from more than 100 million users with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 in the Google Play Store. When you install it, it synchronizes with your contacts and you will know immediately who from your contacts is also using the application.

You have no excuse for not using one of these apps, since 99% of Your contacts must have WhatsApp.