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Oceania is one of the five parts of the world, integrated by the Australian Continent and New Zealand, along with an impressive collection of islands scattered in the Pacific Ocean.

The big cities are found in Australia and New Zealand. The whole continent presents nice tropical weather, gorgeous sandy beaches, and exuberant flora and fauna.

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What Are The Best eSIMs for Oceania?

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What Is The Best eSIM for Oceania?


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Here we want to show you the best places to visit in Oceania. Check out our top 5:


Australia is a fantastic tourist destination, offering a robust array of activities, beginning with over ten thousand beaches from both the Indian and the Pacific Oceans.

The hiking trails in Whitsunday Islands are suited to exploring the dense rainforest with abundant wildlife. Snorkeling and diving around the Great Barrier Reef and its unique marine fauna is an unforgettable experience.

Urban life in Australia attracts plenty of visitors, too. When in Sidney, do not miss the gorgeous Opera House and impressive Harbor Bridge. Melbourne, Australia’s cultural capital, is home to the Melbourne Museum, State Library Victoria, and Arts Center, a complex of theaters and concert halls.

New Zealand

New Zealand, located southeast of Australia, consisting of two main islands -North Island and South Island- and some others, like Cook and Steward, is one of the top destinations for outdoor lovers.

Its great diversity of landscapes includes steep fiords and mountains, volcanic plateaus, and impressive glaciers. Large Fiordland National Park, on the South Island, showing beautiful lakes, craggy mountains -the Southern Alps- and diverse flora and fauna, has been protected by UNESCO since 1990.

The North Island – more populated than the South- is known by its cosmopolitan cities, such as Auckland, Hamilton, and Wellington-the capital- showing an active port and beautiful wooden houses.


Fiji, situated in the Melanesia region and consisting of two main islands – Viti Levu and Vanua Levu- along with multiple other islands and islets, is one of the most attractive tourist locations in Oceania.

This paradisiac site is home to fantastic sandy beaches, gorgeous coral formations, and exuberant rainforests. Explore the local towns in Mamanuca Islands, a popular location for diving and snorkeling.

Couples and newlyweds are welcome to romantic Mociu Island, with the most beautiful sunrise and sunset in Fiji. The country houses a wide variety of comfortable hotels, offering a delicious combination of Indian, Polynesian, and Melanesian cuisine.

French Polynesia

French Polynesia includes 118 fantastic islands in the South Pacific Ocean, grouped into 5 archipelagos with sparkling lagoons and sunny beaches.

The most populous and most popular of these islands is Tahiti, in the Society group. Tahiti is a wonderful tourist location, surrounded by a coral reef great for snorkeling.

The island holds a small museum with works by French painter Paul Gauguin, who lived in Tahiti in the 1890s, and the Museum of Tahiti exhibits the Polynesian natural and cultural heritage.

New Caledonia

New Caledonia is a French overseas archipelago in the southwest Pacific Ocean, situated between Australia and the Fiji Islands. The principal island, Grande Terre, is surrounded by a large coral reef, which makes it a great location for diving and snorkeling.

The archipelago is particularly recognized for its diversity of flora and fauna -one of the richest in the world per square kilometer. Several endemic species of birds live in the evergreen forests of the islands.

Grande Terre’s lagoon holds numerous diving sites, and its abundant marine life includes parrot fish and napoleon fish. Do not miss the Loyalty Islands -Lifou, Maré, and Ouvéa, home to fantastic beaches and gorgeous landscapes.