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How will I receive my eSIM and how long does it take?

As soon as you have finished the purchase, you will receive an order confirmation via email immediately. This email contains a PDF (or multiple PDF’s if you have ordered more than 1 eSIM). In this PDF, you will see the QR Code that you just need to scan to activate the eSIM.

How can I check if my smartphone is compatible with eSIMs?

We have a list of eSIM-Smartphones available here.

When does the validity of my eSIM start?

Most of the eSIMs are activated as soon as you have them installed on your smartphone, even if you are in a country that is not covered by the data plan. We recommend installing the eSIM just before you enter the plane to go abroad or as soon as you have arrived.

Does the eSIM include a phone number for Calls & SMS?

Yes! We offer eSIMs that include phone numbers and credit for both Calls & SMS. Please check the product information carefully.

Do the eSIMs support 4G LTE / 5G?

All eSIMs available on SimOptions support 4G LTE or even 5G in selected countries. Please note that you might not get the full speed connectivity in more remote areas.

Can I topup the eSIM / extend its validity?

A few selected eSIMs have the option for a top up at the MNO’s website. Please read the product information carefully. If the eSIM cannot be extended or a topup is not possible, you can simply purchase a new eSIM.

How do I know how much data is remaining?

You can contact our customer support and they will guide you through process. Otherwise, you can contact the individual provider to require for a specific USSD / GSM Code to use to check the remaining balance. Alternatively, you can check your own smartphone settings. Inside the Data settings, you will see how much data you have used for a certain time period.

Do I have to activate roaming on my smartphone?

Yes, the eSIM will only work if you have activated roaming on your smartphone. Please make sure that you have selected the eSIM as your Primary SIM for Data Usage and Phone Calls / SMS.

How do I install the eSIM on my smartphone?

After your purchase, you will receive an order confirmation email with a PDF attached. Inside the PDF, you will see a QR code that you can scan with the smartphone’s camera to install the eSIM. Alternatively, you enter the SM-DP+ Address and Activation Code manually to install the eSIM.

For a manual installation, please follow our detailed installation guides:

How often can I install the eSIM?

Be careful throughout the whole installation process. Certain eSIMs can only be installed once and the QR Code cannot be used afterwards anymore. Other eSIMs can be installed many times and switched over to other smartphones (for a limited amount). The PDF you will receive after the order will include more information. Otherwise, please contact our customer support for more information.

What happens if I delete the eSIM of my smartphone?

If you have deleted your eSIM, please contact our customer support via the live chat or send us an email We will try to help you solve the issue as best as possible. Please refer to our refund policy for more information.

What happens if I lose the PDF with the eSIM QR Code?

If you have lost the PDF, please contact our customer support via the live chat or send us an email We will resend the PDF to your email address.

Can I use a physical SIM Card and install an eSIM?

If your smartphone supports the Dual-SIM functionality and is compatible with eSIMs, then you can use both at the time. Please select the right eSIM / SIM Card as your Primary / Secondary SIM for Data and Phone Calls & SMS.

Are there any additional requirements to install an eSIM?

First of all, you must have a smartphone that is compatible with eSIMs. A list of eSIM-compatible smartphones is available here. Second, you must be connected to a stable Wi-Fi network (not a public WiFi) to ensure a safe & fast installation process.


An eSIM is a digital version of a standard physical SIM card. Therefore instead of physically inserting your SIM card in your phone, with an eSIM you simply need to scan a QR code to install it on your phone, which makes a travel eSIM even more convenient when traveling abroad as you do not need to worry about loosing your main sim.

Most new phones from manufacturer like iPhone, Samsung and Google are eSIM enabled and some even go as far as totally removing the SIM card slot in order to be eSIM only such as the latest generation of iPhone 14. This makes your international travel easier as you don’t need to purchase a local SIM card on arrival and you simply need to purchase a travel eSIM, or global eSIM prior to your trip abroad and just activate it when you land and you are online in a matter of seconds.


The most important benefit is access to a large number of eSIM package with different amount of data, sms and calls to perfectly fit your usage during your trip abroad. Sim Options offers more than 100+ prepaid travel sims for your international travels with a large range of data package and calls and it covers more than 180 countries.

If you are traveling to several countries in one single trip, you can also purchase a global or regional prepaid eSIM which will cover multiple countries with one single package, Sim options also offers prepaid esim for Europe, North America, Asia and worldwide.