Why The World Cup Matters

why the world cup matters football and shoe on football playing fieldMy mom would always ask me…”Just why? Why are you watching these sweaty guys running behind a ball?”…She never understood and she never will.

Nonetheless, it attracts billions of TV viewers from all around the globe and it never gets boring. The excitement, the anger & hate, the rumors, the rivalries, the wins.

You might know already what I’m talking about: Football (or for my American friends out there: Soccer)

It is clearly a global sport and no sports comes even close to be matching the passion the world has for it. Yes, even though my mom doesn’t understand why – she still gets excited when there are tense games. There are not many sporting event that can give this feeling to any TV viewer.

Now we are in 2018 and the FIFA World Cup in Russia is just waiting for us around the corner. Once again, we will be looking for the next world champion after Germany won the World Cup in Brazil 2014. Find out why the world cup matters.

It’s an emotional ride

It’s simply more than just a sport. For many it’s a lifestyle, a cultural expression, it makes them proud of their own country, cheering for the 11 man on the field that represent a whole country. It reaches such a profound level at which we all can understand each other – no matter the origin.

We understand the feelings that everyone endures during these games. Within only a few minutes, you experience pure anger, regret, fear and hope with a tension that only builds up the closer the game between the two teams is.

It can end up in extreme tears or extreme joy. Only to be waiting for the next game and the roller coaster of emotions.

why the world cup matter a crying child after losing a national football match

This crying child became the face of Brazil’s national sorrow after the 1-7 defeat against Germany in the World Cup 2014.

It’s this emotional ride and the popularity that helps football to grow even more. Bonds are created during these times. The exchange of feelings, the ups and downs with link-minded persons.

By no means, it is not unique to soccer but there is no other sporting event that manages to attracts that many passionate fans that are hungry for patriotism.

It’s all about the rules

The great advantages soccer has over many other sports is that you can play it almost everywhere. All you need is a ball and (imaginary) goals. It’s the simplicity that attracted such a following. It is so simple, that even grandparents know that the ball must land inside the net. American football, rugby or cricket (just to mention a few other big sports) are more complicated and sophisticated. This has helped football to spread around the world.

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During the FIFA World Cup in Russia, you will see the best players of 32 nations in one single spot. Football removes boundaries & obstacles but not just every 4 years when the World Cup takes places. There is a huge fascination still at a local level within the countries. People watch football every day of a year.

By a contrast, the Olympics (which takes place every 4 years, too) has a harder time to captivate this passion. It’s not just a single sport and people do not watch it that particular sporting activity on a regular basis. Most times they only see it at the Olympics. It’s hard to get excited about anything then.

It’s the time to shine

The World Cup has such an importance for all the countries and their players around the world, that the training already begins 2 years before the actual event. Especially the African Nations and their players are the ones who are the most motivated.

It is their time to shine and display their skills in front of a billion viewers and most importantly, in front of the managers of European clubs. These players will try their hardest to score a contract with one of the clubs to then be able to support their family back in Africa.

The World Cup is a place where new star players are being born and more history will be made. It’s a place where countries unite and obscure the differences within, where people show their heart and respect for each other. For many it’s personal and inspiring. That’s why the world cup matters.

I can’t wait to see my mom jumping on the World Cup train, screaming the loudest and celebrating at its best during the games, just to ask me few months later again…”Just why? Why are you watching these sweaty guys running behind a ball?”

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