The 6 Best Places to Visit In USA

best places to visit in usaIf you have never been in the United States and you have the curiosity about how life is supposed to be there, you need to read this article. It will offer excellent information about the best places to visit in USA. We are sure that at the end of the article you will have several reasons to go to North America.

If you know some things about this country but not as much as you should, this article is an excellent tour guide to know what to do and where to go during summer time.





Best Places To Visit In USA During The Summer

#1 Best Places to Visit in USA: Reno

best places to visit in usa renoReno is probably the least known city in the Nevada state. It has a lot of casinos, good gastronomy, extreme sports and some other activities that are waiting for you. Few people know that Reno was the capital of the gambling in the USA during the 50’s.

Another appreciation for this city was the largest small city in the world. During summer, this city attracts family tourism. You and your family can practice rafting in the river or take sunbaths on any beach of the Tahoe Lake.


Your main options are the Silver Legacy, El Dorado, and Circus Circus. This latter is a family casino that has a fair games area with shows to entertain the whole family.


If your family enjoys art, you may visit the Nevada Arts Museum. In this place, you can find some exhibitions by recognized artist like Frida Kahlo or Fernando Botero. Another alternative option for you and your family could be to take a walk around the Midtown District. You need to specifically go to the Virginia Street, which is located in the south of the casinos and it is an alley full of antique stores.

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#2 Best Places to Visit in USA: San Francisco

best places to visit in usa san franciscoThis city exceeds your expectations in many ways. When you visit San Francisco, you can go back with a thousand of reasons to return. Here we share why it is considered one of the most amazing places in the world.


One of the essential places to visit in San Francisco is Alcatraz. It is also known as La Roca. It became the most famous jail in the world because some prisoners like Al Capone or Alvin Karpis were there. They registered at least 14 escape attempts without fortune. However, the Anglin brothers and Frank Morris achieved the feat in 1962, but nobody knew more about them. As a consequence of the high costs, the Alcatraz jail had to close a year later.


To enter this place is like living the authentic experience of being in China. It means that you are going to be surrounded by red lanterns, restaurants and many stores where you can find anything you want. Only the Chinese community of New York is bigger than this town.

Golden Gate

You can see the Golden Gate in several places. For example, at the H. Dana Bowers lookout where you can see not only the bridge but also the city and the bay. Another recommendable place is the Fort Point, it is located almost under the bridge. There you have different but spectacular views as well.

Lombard Street

It is a steep and zig-zag street. It could be an attraction just for seeing the cars going down. If you are one of those that is always looking for an original and casual photo, you can go to the beginning of the street and capture the best perspective.

Painted Ladies

Alamo Square is one of the most popular towns in San Francisco. You will find a line of colorful and Victorian houses known as The Painted Ladies. It is a tourist attraction because many TV shows and movies had a scene there.

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#3 Best Places to Visit in USA: Salt Lake City

best places to visit in usa salt lake cityThis city is the capital of Utah State and it is a nice and tranquil place for those that are looking for culture, arts or shopping. Here we select some peculiar places to make this summer unforgettable.

Off-Broadway Theater

This theater, as the name says, has the authentic Broadway style and a little bit of comedy only if you understand the local sense of humor. It is a good option because of its location and its infrastructure.

Real Salt Lake

If you are a big fan of soccer, you can go to the stadium of the Real Salt Lake and support this team. It belongs to the Major League Soccer and they have recently had good performances. They have also gained a lot of fans not only in the USA but also around the world since their soccer players have several nationalities. To be there is like a party. You can eat and drink while you wait for a goal.

Wheeler Historic Farm

Sometimes historic places become a cultural heritage by itself. This farm belonged to a family of Utah. In here you can drive a tractor or feed the farm animals. Indeed they have many events during the whole year so you can visit it whenever you want.

Red Butte Garden

It is located outside of the city. However, it has one advantage in particular because you will have a panoramic view of the Salt Lake Valley. This place offers landscapes full of flowers, fountains, falls and paths. One interesting fact about these gardens is that they take you to Deseret. It is a town that gives you an opportunity of knowing how life was between 1847 and 1869 in Utah.

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Top Tourist Cities in the USA

The United States of America has a lot of cities with many tourist destinations. But, we decided to choose just the most popular ones. Here you have some important and interesting facts about Las Vegas, New York, and Los Angeles.


#4 Best Places to Visit in USA: Las Vegas

best places to visit in usa las vegasThis city will always surprise you with its lights, huge hotels and many visitors from all around the world. Las Vegas prepares itself to receive more than 40 millions of people every year. These tourists come to experience first-class restaurants and the best entertainment ever. Here are some reasons to come back to the city of the lights.


Some celebrities have restaurants there. For example, the Food Network star Guy Fieri (Guy Fieri’s Kitchen & Bar) and the chef from Hell’s Kitchen Gordon Ramsey (Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips). So, the food is incredibly delicious and it gives you tastes from the Tex Mex food, to the traditional British dishes.


These places in Las Vegas have the design, the concept and all the necessary things to give you the best night experience ever. Their main characteristics are that some of these places have what is known as social media free zone or several floors with suits over the dancing track.

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#5 Best Places to Visit in USA: New York

best places to visit in usa new yorkIf you think about the United States, you will probably think about The Liberty Statue, Central Park or the Empire State. New York is considered one of the most emblematic and famous cities in America. Here are some facts about the architecture and cultural diversity of this big city.

Cultural Exchange

The experience of being surrounded by people from all around the world is fascinating. In everyday life, you will have the opportunity to interact with other languages, customs, and religions. Despite this diversity, there is harmony everywhere. You will only find good music, classic and modern art and, overall, succulent food.

Try Many Flavors

You will have several gastronomic alternatives because of the variety of nationalities in New York. There will be a lot of colors, presentations, smells, and flavors that will take you directly to the experience of having a delicious meal from a witty food truck or a luxurious restaurant. The difficult part is to make a decision about what or where to eat because whatever you choose it will be great.


This city is simply the most common destination for shopping. Why? You may find everything in New York. If you are looking for media devices, sports equipment, accessories or the latest fashion about shoes or clothes, you will get it. That is not the best part, you will find great during the whole year. That is why the euphoria of shopping can take over your anytime.

Good Hosts

Do not be afraid if suddenly someone asks you something in the street or offers you help. That is a Yankee thing. People from New York are really kind, although sometimes you see them in a hurry from one place to another.

A Beautiful Park

Most people think that New York City is only huge buildings or long streets. But the real thing is that you will find the popular and immense Central Park in the heart of Manhattan. This place is an extension of green zones and beautiful lakes where you can do many outdoor activities. This park has appeared in many TV shows and movies. That is why it is one of the most famous parks in the entire world.

The Capital of the Music Theater

Broadway is the ideal site if you like musicals, theater or comedy. You will find the best theaters in the world where you can enjoy the most incredible shows and have an unforgettable experience.
If you do not like jazz, you will. Every single day you can see national or international artists of this genre and that will make you thrill.

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#6 Best Places to Visit in USA: Los Angeles

best places to visit in usa los angelesThis place is known as the city of the palms, the stars or the cinema. This is one of the most important cities in the United States since it has the second largest population of the country.

Over 4 million people live in Los Angeles, and perhaps all of them are looking for the American dream or maybe they want to record a single with the best producers in the industry. Independently of your grounds, do not lose the chance of visiting the south of California.

Music & The Seventh Art

Just by walking through the Hollywood Boulevard, you will feel the experience of being an artist. It is a typical souvenir to take a picture of the giant sign with the name of the district. On the other hand, Universal Studios is the other mandatory stop. In this theme park, you can see the set of the most blockbuster movies of all times.

Beautiful Beaches

Depending on your preferences, Los Angeles beaches could be a destination for any season of the year. Santa Monica is a tourist beach where you can find a lot of people enjoying the sun. Malibu is a little bit more elegant and you can meet a celebrity there. Nevertheless, if you want to have a relaxing time you must go to Long Beach.

Rodeo Drive

If you like to go shopping, you must go to this place. There are many designers stores and brand stores that will fascinate you. You do not need to buy anything; if you just take the tour it will be really great, too. Just in case you do not want to waste time, taking the trolley is a good option for you. Another thing you can do is to see the huge and luxurious mansions of the celebrities around Beverly Hills.

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No matter when you are going to visit this incredible country, you will always find interesting activities to do all around the USA. Remember that these were just some of the best cities to visit in North America, but there are a lot of many other American places you could go to this summer.

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