The eco-friendly technology in your table and palate

The environmentalist Alan Eddison once said that modern technology owes ecology an apology. These are words worthy of reflection, but more important is being able to act. Technology can be a great ally for every battle that man waged. It is time that she served to alleviate the ecological impact that man and his toys have caused. Thanks to technology there are already cars that do not pollute the environment, it is possible to recycle and create biodegradable products that cause minimal environmental impact.

One of the most poignant causes of global warming is the meat and dairy industry. The emission of gases in their processes seriously affects the ecosystem. To produce one burger, 2,393 liters of water are needed, more than a human consumes in two years. This is one of the reasons why many people have become aware and have given themselves to a vegan diet. However, many people feel the modification of their eating habits for the good of humanity and their own is inconceivable. How to stop eating the delicious bacon? Or a pizza without cheese? A delicious chocolate ice cream?

Good news is there are people who have been responsible for placing technology at the service of the environment. They have created ecological, healthy and incredible substitutes for all those dishes that fascinate us so much. Here is a small list of those foods that do not involve any damage in their preparation and are surprisingly delicious.

Eggs without chicken

Can you imagine using an egg for a delicious tortilla and that it does not come from any chicken? Yes, it already exists. It does not come in its traditional shell shape but they got all the eco friendly ingredients to create it and give it its characteristic flavor. eco friendly technology table

It comes in the form of a powder composed of flour and protein from algae. Algae is a source of iron, calcium, iodine, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. You can cook tortillas, cakes, scrambled eggs, cookies and more. The product is free of gluten, cholesterol and dairy, is not genetically modified and is even hypo allergenic. For those who suffer from high cholesterol, this is the ideal solution.

Cheese without a cow

Cheese is as addictive as alcohol and tobacco, for a protein that it contains called casein. Casein produces an effect similar to opiates. This protein releases casomorphins that give that feeling of well-being that we all feel after eating a delicious pizza. However, it has been shown that dairy products cause autoimmune diseases such as allergies and osteoporosis. It also is responsible for mammary, renal, genitourinary, neurological, digestive, ophthalmological, endocrinological, hematological diseases and even several types of cancer.

Millions of companies have released vegan cheese for sale. They are of all types, such as mozzarella, cheddar, Gouda, cream, parmesan and others. It is made with soy, nuts, or hazelnuts and the incredible thing about it is that it has the typical taste of cheese.

Bacon without pork

Many people refuse to take a vegan diet for the delicious taste of meat and bacon, it is one of the tastiest. Leaving aside the cruelty that implies the killing of a being to satisfy our tastes, the nutritional aspect is important. Meats like bacon usually raise cholesterol and increase the risk of heart disease. Its high sodium content thickens the blood, which increases blood pressure because the heart must pump harder for blood to circulate. eco friendly technology table

Vegan market has already launched many delicious versions of bacon. Many of them taste equal the animal version. They can be made with dehydrated watermelon, rice paper, eggplant, coconut and tofu. Human being creativity is simply powerful and technology its best ally.

Butter that isn’t

You love to add butter to your popcorn, toast and a hot potato. For you a sandwich without butter is like a night without a moon or a day without sun. This delicacy of the gods is of daily consumption and improves every food that touches. However, its excess is associated with heart disease because it increases cholesterol.

Vegans were also made with a delicious solution. It is the vegan butter. Based on various oils such as coconut, soy or almond, this tasty substitute is made for you forget the traditional butter. With its same smooth texture and flavor. Remember margarine also generates devastating effects for the body due to the Trans fats it contains. If you want a healthy and delicious option, vegan butter is what you should buy. In this way, we can find a number of vegan products made with high gastronomic technology to replace the facts with animal products. You will improve your health and help reduce environmental pollution.

In this way you are also supporting the survival of other species that should not die to feed you. All animals feel the same emotions that we feel. They feel fear, joy, sadness and above all pain. Speaking about the energies, imagine consuming the flesh of a beautiful deer that agonized for several minutes after being hunted. His flesh maintains the vibration of the energy that deer felt in his last moments. Fear, sadness, pain, a lot of pain. That is also consumed with the meat. We are not in the age of stone; we can survive healthily without killing anyone.

A little SIM that keep you in touch

In another order and direction, if you need to travel you can acquire a prepaid SIM card. This’ a small device that inserted into the Smartphone or table, allows connection to the internet, making and receiving calls. eco friendly technology table

It also allows you to send and receive messages. The advantage of this device is avoding the costs of data roaming. So you will always be connected to find the best vegan restaurants in the world through GPS.

SimOptions offers a SIM card with 4G speed data. Credit valid for 30 days. National and international calls, unlimited messages. It is chosen, ordered and paid online and can be sent where desired. The payment system is totally secure; PayPal, Stripe, international credit and debit cards. It is also important to note that SimOptions offers excellent customer service. Not to mention the promotions, packages and special services they can offer, such as discounts and corporate plans.

Now that you have the technology that SimOptions SIM card offers. You already know how to replace your favorite dishes healthy, so nothing can stop you. You are using technology to improve your health and save the planet and then you are already apologizing to Earth.