Innovation : It is not magic. It is technology on the palm of your hand

The father of behaviorism Burruhus Skinner, said that the real problem is not if the machines think, but if the men do. For those fighters against science the ethical dilemmas have been his shield of struggle. But something totally certain is that technology is the engine of change. It will always be beneficial when it is in the hands of who understands that we are all one with the nature.

In this sense, incredible products have been created to provide comfort, and improve the quality of human life exponentially. Here we leave you a small list of objects that you can acquire to optimize and excite your days. 

Cold ice cream, hot ice cream and ice cream that does not melt

Despite the fateful bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese are unstoppable creators. Epinephrine, general anesthesia, electronic calculators, robotics and much more have been created by these ingenious Japanese. One of his most recent creations is a particular ice cream that does not melt. We had already been quite surprised at the appearance of hot ice cream and fried ice cream, but this is really useful. magic technology hand palm

A Japanese chef used strawberries grown in areas affected by tsunamis and earthquakes that nobody wanted to acquire. He intended to create new uses for strawberries and produced a cream to solidify them. The polyphenol contained in the strawberries was responsible for the solidification. It keeps the ice cream solid for hours, it does not affect the taste and it feels cold to the touch.

A walking alarm clock

Are you hard to wake up? Do you push the pause alarm dozens of times? Is your sleep as heavy as giant stones? This item is for you. Clocky is made to be catch, because the minute its alarm sounds, it will quickly move away from you because it has wheels. magic technology hand palm

It will not stop ringing and running until you catch it. This fugitive alarm clock is an ingenious invention. Its purpose is to make the person wake up and get up in order to deactivate the scandalous alarm. This could solve the problem of the typical five minutes more.

A metal with memory?

From the alloy between nickel and titanium, nitinol was born. When this metal is exposed to high temperatures, it returns to its original shape. It is more elastic than steel. This makes it ideal for adhering fractured bones, in endodontic to build curved root canals. It also serves in the development of medical instruments. It can also be used in the automotive industry and for submarines. Although this material is expensive, the benefits it can generate deserve it.

You cannot walk on water but you can sleep on it

If you are an extreme ecological adventurous, you like to be in intimate contact with nature and you love technology, this item is for you. The American company SmithFly Desings has created an innovative tent called Shoal Tent. It’s a tent made to set it on water.magic technology hand palm

It has a capacity for two people, has a rigid floor with a foam cover that allows you to stand and sleep comfortably on the tent. It can be placed over calm waters such as lakes, rivers and streams. For many it must be quite idyllic to be able to sleep on water.

Enjoy the silent

For all those sensitive to sound disturbances, Celestial Tribe, in San Francisco, United States, have something for you. They managed to create a small device made to soundproof the room in which it is installed. This small device is installed on a window or wall. It has a sensor capable of capturing all the sound waves from the outside of the room and generates its own to cancel the captured ones. It also produces soothing sounds that can be chosen and thus sleep well or concentrate on a certain activity.

Everything is energy

The lovers of technology and respectful with the environment will go crazy at this brilliant invention. The Ampy is an external battery that recharges with the movement of the body. It can power Smartphones, tablets, laptops and others. In this way it also seeks to encourage physical activity promoting a healthier lifestyle. One hour of exercise can give 5 hours of life to a Smartphone. Great!

On these smart wheels

To help a friend, the engineer Kevin Halsall created a wheelchair that can be used without his hands. Ogo was the name that gave it and is controlled by the weight movement of the user. It also has a joystick to move it and a hand brake to perform tasks without fear of tilting. Ogo can move at a high speed for user’s enjoyment. It has a long-life lithium battery that allows its use a whole day.

More than a pair of glasses

The Google guys do not stop creating and this product is quite innovative. It consists of intelligent contact lenses that measure the glucose level in diabetics. They are also designed to monitor a substance called lacriglobin that is a biomarker for cancer. You can also change the graduation automatically depending on where you look and it has camera, zoom and night vision. As if taken from a chapter of the Black Mirror series! It really represents an important advance to help people with visual disabilities. Although it is still in process, it promises to improve the lives of many.

Forever young

A research group from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found the effective way to disappear the wrinkles, for a while. A cream for 24 hours imitates a young and healthy second skin was made from a synthetic polymer based on silicone. But this does not stop here. Its use has managed to eliminate the bags under the eyes and improve the hydration of the skin. It is projected that it can serve as a sunscreen, to treat dermatological diseases and to supply drugs. Maybe it will soon also serve to completely eliminate wrinkles. magic technology hand palm

Another of the inventions created to improve the life of mankind is the prepaid SIM card. It’s a small device that inserted into the Smartphone or table, allows connection to the Internet, making and receiving calls. It also allows you to send and receive messages. SimOptions offers a SIM card with 4G speed data. Credit valid for 30 days. National and international calls, unlimited messages. You chose it, order it and pay for it online. The payment system is totally secure. PayPal, Stripe, international debit and credit cards. With it you will stay connected during your trips abroad.

This inventions, years ago could be fiction or magic. Now we can realize technology is a useful servant to improve our lives. It is also necessary to analyze that the current circumstances of this wounded planet Earth make technology even more necessary. The trick is to make it harmonious with nature and man, because without technology there is no future.