Russia 2018 World Cup: Everything You Need To Know About Traveling To Russia

russia world cup 2018 informationAs excited as we all are for the Russia 2018 World Cup, there are a few things to be considered if you are traveling to Russia to see the matches live.

With a few bits of advice and passion for football, you can make this trip truly exceptional.


The passport of any nationality needs to be valid for at least another 6 months and you will need two blank pages. Upon arrival, you will sign an immigration form split into two parts.

The immigration officer at the passport control will keep one part while you must keep the other half in your passport. You will need to show it again once you leave Russia after the World Cup has ended.



Visa / FAN ID

russia world cup 2018 fan id

The Russian authorities have introduced the FAN ID system. It’s an identification system for all World Cup ticket holders. Every ticket holder must need a FAN ID to be able to join the match at the stadium. The match ticket alone is not enough. The benefit of this extra process is that you get a visa-free entry for Russia for the time the World Cup is running. You can enter Russia 10 days before and stay until 10 days after the World Cup. If you need help or have other questions, please contact the Russian consulate in your country.


If you rely on any medical supply, please contact your doctor to provide you with a letter that confirms that you must need the medication. A notarized translation into Russian is required. If you are carrying any electronic devices, even though there are no restrictions for personal use, the Russian border is allowed to inspect your devices.

If you think, you can go on a shopping spree in Russia for any antiques, then you are wrong. Even if they were legally acquired at the vendor with a license. Any artwork, military medals and other antiques must have a certificate that stays that these objects have no cultural or historical value.


all you need to know about the world cup in russia 2018 - transportation system bus taxi metro tram


The underground transport is available in six cities that are participating at the World Cup: Samara, Ekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

It is considered to be the most convenient and fastest way to go around the cities as you are avoiding all the traffic jams. The metros are operating usually from 6 am until midnight and extremely affordable. Expect to pay $1 or less for a one-way ticket.

Russia 2018 World Cup: Quick Guide To All The Stadiums
This quick guide to all stadiums at the Russia 2018 World Cup will give you details about the capacity, costs of the stadiums , their game schedule during the World Cup, what you should look for when you are at the stadium and the easiest way to get to the stadium. Click here to read more!


Buses are operating in all cities with from somewhere between 5 am and midnight depending on the bus line. Some buses are operating during the night time as well.

You can find timetables and route listing at every bus stop. Once you enter the bus, you directly pay the bus driver or the conductor on board. The prices of the buses can vary from line to line and city to city as they are set by the local authorities.

Alternatively, you can try the minibusses as they are allowed to stop anywhere. The prices are 20-30% less than the regular buses and you pay the driver directly with cash.


Trains are the perfect opportunity to explore the surroundings as they not only cover the city but everything around 100 to 150 km away from the city center. The tickets have to be bought in advance at the terminal stations or ticket booths.

If both don’t exist, then you can purchase your train ticket on board of the train. The prices depend on the length of your train trip. One-way tickets are valid only for the day and return tickets have to be used within 24 hours after purchase except on national holidays and weekends.


All taxi companies in the hosting cities are private with different accreditation. Look out for a yellow or orange lamp on the roof to find a taxi. The taxi must use a meter and if in any case, the driver does not have one or want to use one, then please make sure to discuss the price in advance.

The price depends on the distance of the trip or the duration. Expect to pay up to $11 for a 30-minute ride through Moscow. The starting fee is between $1.80 and $5.30

Rent a car

If you want to be more independent of public transportation then you can easily rent a car online from international rental companies or local companies. You can rent cars from the airports, train station as well and even a few hotels offer car rental services.

How To Stay Connected

Simoptions logo

Russia is divided into several regions and your Russian mobile number will be assigned to one region. Once you cross your assigned region, you will pay “international’ roaming within Russia.

If you want to avoid the hassle of buying a local sim card and the regional restrictions then you should check out our SIM Card package for Russia. We offer 10GB 4G LTE across all Russia. You only pay $39.90 without signing any contract and it works with any device! Perfect to stay online during the trip in Russia for the World Cup.


Whenever you decided to go to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Moscow, book your hotel room as soon as possible. At the time of writing this article, the hotel prices are starting from 3,780 Rubles ($65 USD) for a 2-star accommodation.

Go ahead and make a reservation to stay during the World Championship via a booking platform of your choice. I’d recommend either or FIFA’s own booking platform.

If you are not sure yet if you are going, just book the hotel room in advance with already. If you make a reservation and decide later that you don’t need it anymore, you can make a cancellation for free. No risk involved booking in advance.

I have to give credit here where credit is due as the Russian Government set a minimum and maximum price for the World Cup. Hotels are not allowed to overcharge their rooms during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Why The World Cup Is So Important
Football is simply more than just a sport. For many it’s a lifestyle, a cultural expression, it makes them proud of their own country, cheering for the 11 man on the field that represent a whole country. Find out more about why the world cup is so important here.

Official Mobile App

If you want to stay constantly updated during the Russia 2018 World Cup, you just need to check the official mobile app. You can read the current news, trends and other articles. Exclusive interviews and report, as well as a match calendar and other events, are included. Furthermore, it provides you with all the important city details such as transportation, museums, attractions, parks, galleries, shopping centres and many more. It also comes with a digital handbook to give your answers to all of your questions. Download the Android version or iOS version.

Money & Payment

If you enter Russia, you are allowed to bring in maximum $10,000 in cash. There is not limit for credit/debit cards. Once you arrive, you can exchange a small amount at the airport but the exchange rate will be worse than in the city. Currency exchange booths are visible marked with LEDs displaying the exchange rates for USD and EUR operating 24/7.

All major credit card companies are accepted in Russia but make sure to bring your passport along with you. For all purchase above $17, you have to show your passport for the identification.

Accessibility Advice

Persons with mobility issues will encounter a few problems to get around the cities. Most of the sidewalks are uneven and crossing the road is mostly only possible via underground passes with stairs and no elevators.

The bigger cities such as Moscow and Saint Petersburg will be easier to get around but the metros are not accessible for persons with mobility issues. In general, the public transportation is not suited for this.


Even though homosexuality is legal in Russia, the tolerance among the population is very low. Be careful showing affection to each other in the public to be on the safe side.

Match day

Don’t forget to bring your match ticket and your FAN ID along with you. The personalized card is required for all matches for which you are holding a valid match ticket. If you want to avoid long queues at the stadiums then you should arrive a few hours in advance.

Most likely, all the sponsor have activities, so it is the perfect opportunity to already immerse yourself. Make sure to check the list all ofthe prohibited items before entering the stadiums to avoid losing valuable, personal items. The full list is available here.

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