SIMOPTIONS is officially on!

Prepaid Sim Card from Simoption is launched – No more Data roaming

You can now book online a prepaid sim card through SIMOPTIONS and get mobile phone everywhere in Europe.

Simoptions is proud to announce the launch of its prepaid sim card covering all European countries. A sim card also kown as a travel sim card or prepaid sim card, offer you opportunities for cheap phone calls in Europe.

What is a preipaid Sim card?

It’s a sim card for your travel. You just put it in your phone and you can use it. With the French option, you have 2 GB of mobile internet (in 4G LTE), Unlimited calls and in France. With the Europe option, you have 1GB of mobile internet (in 4G LTE), 2 hours of calls from Europe to the world and 1 000 SMS from Europe to the world.

How to book your Sim card

Go on our page OUR PRODUCTS. You can book it from this page. You just have to fill the questionnaire (your personal information, delivery adress in France) and purchase your order (through PayPal, a 100% secure solution). You can then send us a copy of your passport or any other ID card. This last step is a question of legal matter. It only take a few minutes.
How to use your Sim Card.

It’s simple. When you receive it at the delivery adress, you have just to put the sim card in your phone. After follow the instructions on the guide received with the sim card.

Why choosing Simoptions.

Data roaming charges can be very expensive. With SIMOPTIONS you can call everywhere in Europe at atactive price.
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