The 17 Strangest Places Around The World

Let’s take quick to mother nature’s most bizarre and extremely strange places. If you are a real adventurer, then we’ve got something new for your travel bucket list. Otherwise, it might be wise to stay away from those places.

The List of The Strangest Places Around The World

  1. The Coldest
  2. The Hottest
  3. The Wettest
  4. The Driest
  5. The Longest
  6. The Windiest
  7. The Most Active
  8. The Snowiest
  9. The Flattest
  10. The Safest
  11. The Smallest
  12. The Most Remote
  13. The Highest
  14. The Lowest
  15. The Deepest
  16. The Most Expensive
  17. The Happiest

The Coldest

The coldest ever recorded temperature in human history was in July 1983. It’s was freezing -89.2°C in the middle of Antarctica at an old Soviet Union Outpost.

The Hottest

From cold to hot. The hottest ever recorded temperature took place in Death Valley (ironical name) in 1913 with over 56°C!

The Wettest

A place called Mawsynram in India is the Guinness World Record holder for being just wet. With a rainfall of 11,873 mm (467in) per year, it deserves to hold the record.

The Driest

Do you hate rain? Quillagua in Chile is perfect then! It only rained 4s there in the last 37 years! Even NASA thinks, it’s the perfect place to imitate Mars.

The Longest

Who thought that Taumatawhakatangi­hangakoauauotamatea­turipukakapikimaunga­horonukupokaiwhen­uakitanatahu
Is the perfect city name?

The Windiest

If you want to somewhere during the winter months, make sure it’s not near the Commonwealth Bay. The katabatic winds can reach up to 240 kmh.

The Most Active

Mt. Kilauea destroyed over 200 homes since its eruption in 1983. Yes, it still going and, hey…, it created over 544 acres of new land since then.

The Snowiest

How would it be like to live in the Paradise? Well, Paradise in Washington has an annual snowfall of about 29m.

The Flattest

The Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is the flattest area in the world covering 10,340 sqm and contains about 10 billion tons of salt. The maximum difference in elevation over that great distance is not more than 1 meter!

The Safest

There is place safer than Tokyo, Japan even though it is one of the world’s most populated cities

The Smallest

Just a few miles of the coast of England, you can find the smallest island. It’s only 46 x 16 meters. A football field is bigger than this island.

The Most Remote

What about a holiday as far away as possible from the main civilization? Head over to Tristan da Cunha, Saint Helana! The closest city will be Cape Town and it’s only 2805km away.

The Highest

Mount Everest – who would have guessed that? At 8,848m its the highest elevated place in the world. Fun fact: The mountain was named after Sir. George Everest who calls his name “Eve – rest”.

The Lowest

The Dead Sea is the lowest and saltiest place in the world at 414m below sea level.

The Deepest

Fancy for a tour through a cave? The Krubera Cave is 2,196m deep and stretches over 12km.

The Most Expensive

If you like to count every penny, then avoid Singapore. This city has been ranked for 3 consecutive years as the most expensive place in the world.

The Happiest

Surround yourself with love and happiness in Denmark!

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