Technological advances or ethical setbacks?

YouThe award-winning sci-fi writer lasts, Larry Niven once said that ethics changed with technology and is something totally true. For the sake of progress, today we do activities that yesterday seemed impossible and even unethical. The creation of the contraceptive pill, for example, not only helped women’s emancipation. It also brought to the fore a controversial issue such as the destruction of the ovum considered the origin of life. In fact, religions like the Catholic believe any method of contraception other than the method of the rhythm of ovulation threatens life and brings sin.

Years ago with the beautiful sheep Dolly, another world discussion arose. The possibility of cloning human beings is unethical by millions of people. Others saw it as a magnificent solution to the problem of replacing damaged body organs. Inclusive the cinema made delights of this subject with films like the Island by Michael Bay. In this movie the clones lived in an underworld, waiting without knowing its execution so that the original human, survived.

Currently another slip of technology is the issue of data privacy and its use by governments. The use of facial recognition by certain cell phone companies and even by bank payment networks is being implemented as it happens in China. The discussion then arose of how much you want Big Brother to know about you and if he really needs to know.

In that direction we will present some technological advances that have most shaken the moral fiber of the human beings.

Trucks without chofer

Robotics has always posed the premise that machines can replace man. Which undoubtedly leads to a series of discussions. They go from the labor aspects to the functional aspects, could it really substitute men? Could its conscience, feelings, morality be imitated?technological advances ethical setbacks

Between 5 and 10 years is the estimated time to realize this ambitious project. It aims to create freight trucks that are handled alone. North American company Otto has created these trucks of 18 wheels that can transport tons of weight without driver. In an era where Google’s autonomous vehicles are already teeming in the cities, this should not scare you. However, the discussion arises in reference to the expertise of a truck driver. Will this vehicle be able to react just like an expert when it comes to any critical traffic circumstance? How many truckers would lose their jobs? They are answers that nobody seems to answer satisfactorily yet.

Just show your beautiful face

The super recognized Apple Company launched its new Iphone X with facial recognition system for access. What many saw as a more secure method to avoid violating the device, others saw it as an invasion of privacy. These facial recognition data can be supplied to the government and thousands of other conspiracy theories.

The truth is this advanced system in China is already used to make payments, access services and track down criminals. Face ++ is the company that has been responsible for marketing this technology. It requires video recording the face of the user from 83 different angles. This will definitely facilitate many commercial and police operations, as well as influence the way we relate. Would you act the same way if you knew that cameras record you all day? It’s like the Truman Show upside down.

Alive dolls

In the decade of the 30s, the sailors were accompanied on their long water trips by the inert traveling ladies. These were hand-sewn cloth dolls made to satisfy the desires of men who could spend years locked in a boat. Without a female presence. This concept has evolved enormously, allowing robotics to unite in its perfection.

Since then, several devices have been created to satisfy the sexual desires of people. Like the so-called pillows of love. However, the dolls are the ones that have received the most technological work. These dolls have been made from different materials, sexes, shapes, sizes and even species. It is possible to find alien sex dolls as well as women, men, of different ethnicities and so on. technological advances ethical setbacks

But the most revolutionary item to date is the Harmony doll from RealDol in California, United States. This doll moves and speaks. Its appearance is quite attached to reality; her skin is silicone and has a stunning figure. It is equipped with artificial intelligence, comes with an application that allows you to manipulate your personality. So this doll can be loving, jealous, angry, fun and it is created to learn from its user. It can recognize faces and voices and hold long conversations.

Ethical dilemma arises when recognizing it’s already naturally complicated for humans to form healthy and lasting affective and sexual bonds. Which companies benefit from this crisis is morally questionable. This could alienate man more instead of integrating him with his own kind, which is the natural order of life.

A SIM card that unites us

A technological advance that does support the union of people is the prepaid SIM card. This is a small device that inserted into the Smartphone or table, allows connection to the Internet, making and receiving calls. It also allows you to send and receive messages. With this device you avoid the dreaded and expensive data roaming. technological advances ethical setbacks

SimOptions offers a SIM card with 4G speed data. Credit valid for 30 days. National and international calls, unlimited messages. You chose it, order it, and pay it online and they send it anyplace you want. The payment system is totally secure- PayPal, Stripe and international debit and credit cars. Simoptions offers excellent customer service. Not to mention the promotions, packages and special services they can offer, such as discounts and corporate plans.

Thus, it is necessary to indicate that the questioning has always been presented if technology unites people or not. The music Libby Larsen argued that the great myth of our times is to believe that technology is communication. In fact, technological advances have covered much more than communication and in many aspects it has alienated the human being. Therefore, it must use in connection with nature and in order to improve every human aspect, especially its social aspect. Thus technology will not end by stripping man of his humanity.