5 tips for solo travelers in Asia

When you are in Thailand, you must be careful with the Baht, the Thai currency. If you step on it, you could be in jail for 15 years. The effigy of the king is on the currency, so it is a crime. Pretty incredible, isn’t? But it is a little detail considering the spectacular places that Thailand has. Like the wonderful Wat Rong Temple. It is a modern Buddhist and Hinduism white temple. There is a bridge very amazing between sculptures of several raised arms asking for help. Don’t miss it and read some tips for solo travelers in the mystic Asia.

The benefits of travelling alone are many. For instance, you can do everything you desire to do. If you want to take a bath in the waters of the Vang Vieng caves and later tubing and get drunk you can do it. Nobody will stop you. You can also take the chance to know yourself, make new friends and just be happy. Better alone than in bad company! So take a look of these tips and enjoy to fantastic trip to Asia.

Book a hostel

Choose a hostel is perfect for a solo backpacking traveler. You can easily meet interesting people and have fun. You can also help each other in case you need it. In Bangkok, for example the cheapest hostels are in the tourist side of the site Khaosan Road and near the train station Hua Lamphong.tips solo travelers Asia

Couchsurfing is other option for the most adventurers and social travelers. In this way you stay in the home of some Couchsurfing host you previously chose. You can access the host profile and some of his/her experiences. This is a fantastic way to make friends and live riche experiences.

When you are settling in Thai lands, go to Doi Inthanon National Park. It is imposing and peaceful. Visit its temples and take a cold bath in its waterfalls.

Get some company for your meals

Maybe one of the things that scare you the most is to be alone. However you will discover that travelling alone doesn’t mean being alone. Opposite to that bitter believe, you can be surrounded by the nicest people. Nowadays there are communities that get together to share a nice meal like Meal Sharing. You choose the place and the menu and you will have a nice meal and meet new people. In China you can find these mealsurfers.

Chinese food is very appreciated around the world. Lo mein noodles, foo young eggs, dim sum rolls and the sweet pinnacle rolls are delicious. If you want to eat and have fun, go to The Modern Toilet Restaurant. You already can imagine a place full of toilets and it is. Drink the royal honey milk tea, it is delicious.

You can book a friend too

Friendship Travel is a community that offers friend hosts around the world. They will offer you company and their knowledge of the history and ways of the place you travel. You can call the host to share a meal, to visit together the Big Palace of Cambodia. Even the host could join you to explore the beautiful Koh Rong Island and enjoy its calm.

tips solo travelers AsiaThe goal of this enterprise is provide comfort and create a great travel experience. So don’t hesitate and call a friend to visit the majestic Silver Pagoda in Phnom Penh.

Watch your drinking

Something really important if you are going to drink on your trip you must know your alcohol tolerance. In this way you prevent an undesirable hangover or put yourself in a dangerous situation being vulnerable. Also try to leave a note in your bedroom to indicate where you go, with whom and when you will come back. Security is important.

Bali is perfect to party. The Kuta cost is famous for the surf and its clubs. Taste its local beer Bingtang. Learn a few words in the foreign language like “hello” “bye” and “thank you”. Always be polite.

Get the best communication gadgets

Being by your own is the freest thing to do, but you can always optimize the experience. There is a reliable item to improve your trip. It is prepaid SIM card. A small device that inserted into the Smartphone or table, allows connection to the Internet, making and receiving calls. It also allows you to send and receive messages. You can use a GPS to get anyplace you want.tips solo travelers Asia

Maybe you are in Macao doing a research about casinos and you need to be on line. SimOptions offers a SIM card with 4G speed data. It has credit valid for 30 days. You can do national and international calls with text messages. You chose it, order it and pay for it online. The payment system is totally secure. It is very easy way to pay with PayPal, Stripe, international debit and credit cards. You can post your photo eating a delicious tteokbokki in Myeong-Dong neighborhood.

Finally take your chance and go explore the mystic Asia by yourself. There is nothing to be afraid of being alone. Remember, if you feel lonely when you are alone, you have bad company!