Best prepaid SIM France : our 3 prepaid options for your next trip

Best Prepaid SIM France offersIf you’re planning to go to France soon, you’ve probably planned your travel budget already. But did you thought to include your communication budget? That’s right, telecommunications are often forgotten in travel budgets. Even if they sometime account for a large part because of roaming cost. Every international travelers now want to be reachable when traveling abroad. But if you want to stay connected with mobile internet while traveling in France this has a cost. savvy travelers know exactly how much they are willing to pay and what service should they expect for that price. If you want to be one of these travelers, follow our guide on the Bweest Prepaid SIM France we propose, so you can see exactly what you need and what you don’t.

Best prepaid sim France : First of all, how much does telecommunications cost in France?

France benefits from phone rates that are quite low. If you compare them to other European countries or to bigger countries like USA or Canada, you will see that the price difference is very important. This is due to the introduction the fourth network operator on the market in 2009, call Free Mobile. For a small country such as France, 4 mobile network operator competing is very rare. This is why the prices went down. Their pricing policy was really attractive, and it encouraged the others operators to offer better prices. The impact of these measure for tourists is still quite low though. The best offers are mainly for domestic market. But you can still access some good offers through mobile virtual network operators. The only matter is or to get this offers. When you arrive in France, you don’t want to loose time hunting for sim cards in every shops. Especially if when you find it, you don’t clearly understand what you are buying. In order to make easier you travel preparation, we propose you the best prepaid sim France. Then you can make your choice and order it online before you leave for your trip.

Cheapest prepaid SIM France: SimOptions France 2 GB

Best prepaid sim France roaming feesNevertheless, it is not impossible to find good offers available for tourists in France for a low price. For example, SimOptions offers a Prepaid SIM France with 2 GB of 3G+ data, unlimited calls and unlimited texts messages for $44.90 only. If you’re planning to stay in France, this offer has the best value, especially if you need to call and send text messages.

Moreover, it also works outside of Metropolitan France, which means you’ll be free to enjoy unlimited calls to and from Corsica, French West Indies, French Polynesia, French Guyana, etc.

The most international: SimOptions Europe SIM

If you’re not planning to stay in France for long, but still need to call and send messages, don’t worry, we’ve also got you covered. The Europe SIM by SimOptions covers all European countries, which is ideal if you’re planning a tour.

For $64.9, you’ll get 240 minutes of calls, 2000 text messages and 2 GB of high speed 4G mobile internet. With SimOptions Europe SIM, you’ll be ready for the greatest road trip through France and Europe ever made.

The most data: SimOptions France Data SIM

Prepaid SIM card for France

If calling and sending text messages isn’t your thing, we’ve also got a SIM card especially made for you: the Data SIM by SimOptions. For $49.9, you will get 12 GB of 3G+ mobile internet, usable everywhere in France but also in Europe. This SIM card is ideal if you need to use internet a lot, or also if you are a tablet user.

Please take note that this SIM card doesn’t allow tethering uses from a phone. But you still can use it in any pocket WiFi device to share the data package. And if you need a mobile WiFI router, you can get one from our store. We offer it in a bundle which also includes the Data SIM, so you can enjoy those 12 GB of mobile internet on a phone, tablet, or even on a computer.