Prepaid SIM Europe vs International SIM : what is best for you ?

Prepaid SIM EuropeWe can’t do anything without our smartphones anymore, it’s a fact. When you travel frequently, it’s even more important, in order to stay reachable everywhere and find the information that you need when it matters. Problem is, you can’t rely on mobile internet when you’re outside of your country. You will have to choose between three solutions to use your phone abroad, like the Prepaid SIM Europe.

Prepaid SIM Europe: What is it and what are the best plans?

The Prepaid SIM Europe is, simply put, the traveler’s best friend. It’s a regional SIM card that allows you to use every local network in Europe as if you were “at home”. Of course, it is a bit more expensive than a regular domestic data plan. But it is because you do not commit on a long term usage. And it is a way cheaper than any other solution you can find in Europe. You will benefit from the best rates available in Europe with top quality coverage, and for a great price. The only downside is that if you don’t have a Dual SIM terminal, you will have to take out your domestic SIM. If so, people won’t be able to call you at your usual phone number during your trip. You will be reachable at a local phone number instead.

International SIM: What is it and how does it work?

International SIM cardThe International SIM answers the same need, but differently. Instead of getting a SIM card for each destination, you get a single global SIM card that covers multiple, if not all the countries in the world. It is made possible by two ways: negotiating lighter roaming rates with the Mobile networks operators for every destination or, a more “technical solution”, loading multiple SIM card profiles on a single SIM. Either way, the price will be higher than the for any local offers and a Prepaid SIM Europe but a single SIM card will cover every destination you can travel to. Find also here how to choose the best international sim card.

What is the best between these options?

It is hard to say if there is a solution better than the other. It depends on the use that you’re going to make of it. Nevertheless, we only recommend the International SIM if you’re a very frequent traveler and if you need to go in a lot of different destinations. If you travel occasionally, or if your budget is low, you’re better with the Prepaid SIM Europe. Indeed, the Prepaid SIM Europe covers all European countries for a price close to local rates.

The option you definitely want to avoid: Data Roaming in Europe

EUROPE DATA SIM PREPAIDWe cannot stress this enough: avoid Data Roaming as much as possible! The rates can go up to $10 per MB, which can lead to insane bills. Especially if you take into account the fact that the average smartphone user can use 500 MB per day. Avoid also the international packages that your provider will offer you. They cannot compete with the local prices. If you reach the end of the allowance, you will be back to roaming rates without warning.

SimOptions works with the best mobile network providers in Europe in order to find the best deal that will fit your needs the most. You can find several offers for unique countries in Europe and also offers for all of Europe.