Travel SIM Card Australia: 4 solutions to get Internet abroad.

Australia Sydney Opera HouseIf you’ve planned to visit Australia for your next vacation, this article has been written for you! Always sunny, Australia is home to a wonderful wildlife. Moreover, you will enjoy travel accross cities as Camberra, Sydney or Melbourne. But, travel in a foreign country without an Internet connection can be an issue. SimOptions allows you to stay connected with your relatives during that unique experience. Here, 4 ways to stay connected, like the Travel SIM Card Australia.

Travel SIM Card Australia

Prepaid SIM card for AustraliaThe Travel SIM Card Australia is a traveler’s best friend. It’s allows you to get 12GB of 3G HSPA mobile Internet. Buy a Travel SIM Card Australia can elude you huge roaming fees for a reasonable price of $49.90.

And what about the delivery? We can delivery the SIM Card at your home adress or directly at your home adress all over the world.

You also have to know that the Travel SIM Card Australia requires you to insert it in your mobile phone. Because of that, it won’t work with the majority of CDMA phones. Then, if you don’t own a Dual SIM terminal, you will have to take out your own SIM and will be given an Australian phone number during your travel.

Data Roaming

It's great to go for an adventure, but don't let data roaming spoil itUsing Internet abroad can be an issue because of the exorbitant prices of data roaming. Internet bills are too often source of unpleasant surprises for travelers.

Furthermore, we advice you to be careful with the international packages of your operator. They are, most of the time, overpriced and you can get beck to international prices without noticing if you use all your benefit.

Free WiFi

This sign marks the location of a free WiFi hotspotYou will find WiFi hotspots in big cities but only in places like restaurants, bars, malls… but they are unstable and slow. With the Travel SIM Card Australia you won’t be dependant of them. Our offer allows you to use the Internet when and where you want without any constraints. This is an amazing new way of travelling.

Moreover, that kind of Internet connection is not secure while the Travel SIM Card Australia guarantees you a protected browsing.

Pocket WiFi

Our Travel SIM Card Australia allows you to get 12GB of 3G HSPA Internet. But, if that offer is not enough for you we recommend you the pocket WiFi for Australia alternative, by MY WEBSPOT. This company rent devices wich allows you to get more GB of data in 4G.
With that pocket WiFi you can connect up at 10 devices at the same time. We recommend you this option if you travel in group to Australia!

Pocket Wifi for Australia