Travel SIM card Europe – 4 solutions to keep in touch

You are planning a trip to Europe and you still don’t know how to stay connected when you arrive? You need to call family, friends or business partners, but you want to limit your expenses? Don’t worry, there are solutions available to keep using your phone throughout Europe. We have listed them for you, starting with the Travel SIM card Europe.

Travel SIM card Europe

EUROPE DATA SIM PREPAIDYou need an affordable and convenient way to use your phone abroad ? The best solution remains the Travel SIM card Europe.
Starting at 49€, the Travel SIM card Europe allows you to call internationally, send text messages and access 4G Internet everywhere in Europe. The SIM card is compatible with any device, can be topped up online according to your needs, and is valid for 6 months.

SimOptions ships worldwide, so you can get your Travel SIM delivered at home or at your accommodation, according to your preference.

That said, it is important to note that unless you own a dual SIM phone, you’ll have to take out your SIM in order to use the Travel SIM. You won’t be reachable at your usual number until you put it back in.

Data Roaming

Roaming may not be the best ideaIf you don’t want to change your SIM, you still can use it abroad. We clearly disapprove this method as Data Roaming can be really expensive. It still can be a solution to keep using your phone worldwide, but it is definitely the worst.

Be careful with your mobile phone provider’s international offers. Most of the time, those international packages are way overpriced. Worse, if you reach the limits of the offer, you get back to your roaming rates without warning.

Free WiFi in Europe

WiFi hotspot in EuropeYou can find a lot of public hotspots across Europe, and it can be a way to use your devices as cheaply as possible. Nevertheless, their availability can be really random, depending on where you are.

About connection quality, free WiFi isn’t always stable, and it isn’t secure. A large part of public hotspots belong to a mobile phone provider, to restaurants or to cafés, and are password protected. In this case, you need to be a customer in order to get the login information, and this is where you pay for “free” WiFi.

Also, keep in mind that free WiFi doesn’t provide phone service. If you need to call somebody or use text messages during your trip, a Travel SIM Card Europe will better suit your needs.

Pocket WiFi for Europe

If you heavily rely on your devices for your trip, you can consider renting a Pocket WiFi for Europe. It can provide up to 10 devices with high-speed 4G internet everywhere in Europe, at all times.

While this solution is ideal for groups, it can be expensive when you’re travelling alone. Moreover, the Pocket WiFi doesn’t provide phone service.

Pocket Wifi for Europe