Travel Sim Card Europe, the best tool for connected travelers.

The Travel Sim Card Europe is the best way to stay connected during your trip, whether it is for personal or professional purposes. Remain connected and have full access to your phone’ services.

Travel Sim Card Europe : What is it ?Travel Sim Card Europe : What is it ?

Travel Sim Card is a pre-cut Sim card (classic, micro and nano version available) that is compatible with smartphone and tablet available on the market (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, RIM, iPad and Android tablets).

Travel Sim Card Europe : How it works?

With the Travel Sim Card Europe by Simoptions, comes with 120 minutes of call-time from Europe to anywhere in the world. Travel freely in any European country without a worry, your phone plan will never change. This also prevents you from using your own Sim card and having to pay taxed calls and avoids the dreaded “bill shock” at the end of the month.

Other advantages

You also benefit from 1,000 SMS from Europe to any country in the world. You can text with your friends andEUROPE DATA SIM PREPAID family without worrying from a possible surtax from the different European operators. Same as the call-time, your SMS can be sent from any European country.

You can also connect to the Internet with a 4G LTE connection usable anywhere in Europe with a prepaid data of 1GB. Stop relying on Wi-Fi connections here and there (even though you can, if you want), access your inbox anywhere in Europe.

Finally, your Travel Sim Card will be valid for 6 months (the activation date is when you send your first SMS/ make your first phone call or when you connect to the Internet for the first time). The 6-month validity gives you the possibility to use the same Sim Card for different trips in Europe or for longer stays (as a student for example). Oh, and it’s very easy to top up.