Travel SIM Card Greece: How to stay connected during my trip?

Enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Santorini with the Travel SIM Card Greece

You’ve chosen Greece for your next vacation? Sea, sand and traditional houses… Everything is planned, except for one thing: how to keep in touch with your family? You will find in this article four ways to stay connected to choose between, starting with the Travel SIM Card Greece.




Travel SIM Card Greece

The Travel SIM Card Greece allows you to get 2GB of 4G LTE Internet, 240 minutes of calls as well as 2000 SMS. You can enjoy a fast connection to the Internet on the go and avoid data roaming.

The Travel Sim Card can be delivered directly at your home address or to your hotel in Greece. It’s up to you.

But keep in mind that the Travel SIM Card requires you to insert the SIM Card in your mobile. Because of this, it won’t work with the majority of CDMA phones. Then, if you don’t own a Dual SIM terminal, you will have to take out your everyday SIM and will be given a foreign phone number during your stay.


Data Roaming in Greece

Data Roaming induces a lot of hidden costs

You certainly heard about the regrettably famous bill shock, this feeling on can experience after receiving a huge bill from their telephone operator after traveling abroad, whose price is exorbitant as the roaming rates are high. This can easily be avoided by using a prepaid SIM card.

Also, be careful with the international packages of your operator. They can be really overpriced, and you can get charged with international rates without noticing if you use all your allowance.



Free Wifi in Greece

This logo means that free WiFi is available in this areaGreece has a lot of free WiFi hotspots, but they are principally located in the urban areas. This solution may be useful, it has some serious downsides.

First of all, free WiFi isn’t available everywhere. Then, the quality of the connection can be really bad, leading to very long loading times and frequent disconnections. Finally, those networks aren’t secure, and some uncautious travelers get hacked on a daily basis.

Sometimes, some places like cafés and restaurants will put at their clients’ disposition some free WiFi. Problem is, you’ll have to order something every time you’ll want to use the Internet.

If you want a more reliable solution, go with the Travel SIM Card Greece. You’ll be able to connect to the Internet everywhere, but also to call and send text messages.


SIM Card Alternative: Pocket WiFi

If need more gigabytes of data than there is in a prepaid SIM card package, we recommend you to use a Pocket WiFi for Greece. It is a small router which allows you to connect up to 10 devices to high-speed Internet. We recommend this option to groups, as it can be a little expensive if you’re alone.

Nevertheless, this solution doesn’t provide phone service, so get yourself a Travel SIM Card Greece if you also need to call and send text messages.

Pocket wifi for Europe