Travel SIM Card Netherlands : 4 options to keep in touch

Enjoy the authenticity of Amsterdam with the Travel SIM Card NetherlandAre you going to visit the Netherlands soon? Take some time to relax by the Amstel River, admire an archaic architecture in a city where modernity is ever-growing. You probably didn’t thought of your communication needs once you’ll be there. Don’t worry, we identified for you four different ways to keep using your phone, like the Travel SIM Card Netherlands.

Travel Sim Card Netherlands

The Travel SIM Card Netherlands is the best choice available for travelersAmong all solutions, the best value for money you can get will be the prepaid SIM Card.
For $49 the Travel Sim Card Netherlands allows you to enjoy 2GB of 4G LTE Internet, 240 minutes of calls as well as 2000 SMS.

The Travel Sim Card can be delivered directly at your home or to your hotel, whatever is the most convenient for you.

However, keep in mind that this solution requires you to insert the SIM Card in your mobile. Because of this, it won’t work with the majority of CDMA phones. Also, if you don’t own a Dual SIM terminal, you will have to take out your everyday SIM and will be given a foreign phone number during you stay abroad.

Data Roaming

Be very careful with Data RoamingIf you are insanely rich and you can afford absurd phone bills, Data Roaming is made for you. According to your country and operator, the roaming rates can go from acceptable to astronomic. While this is a solution that works, and even allows you to keep your phone number, please avoid by any means.

Also, be wary with the travel packages that your phone service provider will propose to you. Almost every one of them is overpriced. Even worse, when you’ve reachedd the limits of the package, you’re back to roaming rates, sometimes without notice.

Free WiFi

Free WiFi hotspot Netherlands Netherlands are equipped with a lot of free WiFi hotspots, but they are mainly located in the bigger cities. Free WiFi isn’t available everywhere in the Netherlands, can be very unstable, slow and is poorly protected.

Sometimes, it will available in some places like cafés and restaurants for example. Problem is, you’ll have to order something every time you’ll want to use the Internet.

To this solution we prefer the Travel SIM Card Netherlands, as it is more reliable, it will allow you to call, send messages and get internet whenever and wherever you want.

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Pocket WiFi

If your Internet needs are bigger than what a prepaid SIM card can offer, we recommand you to use a Pocket WiFi for the Netherlands. It is a small router which allows you to get an connect up to 10 devices to high speed Internet. We recommend this option to groups, as it can be a littl expensive if you’re alone.

Nevertheless, this solution doesn’t provide phone service, so get yourself a Travel SIM Card Netherlands if you also need to call and send text messages.

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