Travel SIM Card Spain: 4 ways to stay connected

The Plaza Mayor of Madrid, one of the Spain's capital most famous placesAre you planning a trip to Spain? If so, did you think about how will you use your phone when you’ll be there? You probably didn’t but don’t worry! Here, we listed for you some options to use your phone abroad, starting with the Travel SIM Card Spain.

Travel SIM Card Spain

The Travel SIM Card Spain is one of the best solutions availableIf you want to use your phone in Spain, the best way is to use a Travel SIM card Spain. It is the easiest, the cheapest and the more convenient solution available. For a reasonable price, you can call, send text messages, and browse the internet everywhere in Spain.

Keep in mind that if you don’t own a Dual SIM phone, you won’t be able to use your ordinary phone number during your trip. Indeed, you’ll have to take out your regular SIM, and you’ll be reachable at a Spanish number instead.

Data Roaming

Avoid Data Roaming by all means, it's a trap !If you don’t fear the bill shock, you can use your everyday SIM when you travel abroad. But be careful, the roaming rates of your MNO can be really surprising. This is definitely the worst solution you can use to stay connected during your stay.

Be very careful with your service provider’s international packages. Almost every one of them are overpriced. Moreover, they don’t warn you when you reach the limits of your package. After this, they start charging you at the international rate.

Free WiFi

 Free WiFi spainIn Spain, you can find public hotspots in every big city. It can be a really economical solution for your communication needs, but it isn’t flawless.

The first problem is that you will hardly find any public hotspots in more rural regions. If you don’t pay attention, you also can stay connected on 4G and roaming rates apply. About the network quality, it can be really mediocre, on top of not being secure.

A large part of those hotspots belong to mobile phone operators, small business, cafés or restaurants. In this case, they will be password protected. You’ll need to subscribe to a service or to order something to get the password. This is when you start paying for so-called free WiFi.

Keep in mind that the free WiFi hotspots doesn’t provide phone service. If you need to call people or to send text messages, the Prepaid SIM Card will better suit your needs.

Pocket WiFi in Spain

If your principal need is a high speed connection to the Internet, you should consider renting a Pocket WiFi for Spain. Also called Mi-Fi, it is a portable device that broadcasts a WiFi signal for up to 10 devices. With this, you can enjoy 4G Internet with all your devices on the go.

Nevertheless, this solution suits best heavy data users and groups, as it is more expensive that a Travel SIM card. Also, it is important to note that it only provides Internet access.

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