Travel SIM Card United Kingdom: 4 solutions to use your phone abroad

The Palace of Westminster, emblematic building of LondonYou are going to the United Kingdom for business or leisure soon? If you are, you probably had a lot of things to plan, between the flight and the accommodation. But did you took time to think about your mobile phone usage abroad? If you didn’t, don’t panic! At SimOptions we listed 4 different solutions for you to use, like the Travel SIM Card United Kingdom.

Travel SIM card United Kingdom

The Travel SIM Card United Kingdom is a great way to stay connected abroadThe easiest, cheapest, more convenient way to stay connected in the United Kingdom is the prepaid SIM card.
For 37€, the Travel SIM card United Kingdom offers 300 minutes of calls, 3000 text messages, and an impressive data package of 12 GB of 4G Internet, everywhere in the United Kingdom. The SIM card fits any smartphone, can be easily topped up if you need it, and is valid 6 months.

You can get your Travel SIM delivered at your hotel, or at home before your trip, according to your preference.

The only inconvenient of this method is that a SIM card needs to be inserted in a SIM slot. Unless you possess a Dual SIM smartphone, you’ll have to take out your everyday SIM to use this one. During the time of your trip in the United Kingdom, you won’t be reachable at your original number.

Data Roaming

Data Roaming can be very expensiveIf you want to keep your number without a Dual SIM phone, you can still go with your local MNO’s SIM. Nevertheless, we strongly discourage you to do this as the roaming rates can be really outrageous. While it is a solution to use your phone abroad, it is clearly the worst available.

Also, be careful with the international offers that your operator may propose to you. In the vast majority of the cases, these packages are overpriced. Even worse, when you hit the limits of your allowance, you’re back to your roaming rates without notice.

Free WiFi in the UK

This logo marks the location of public hotspotsIn the United Kingdom, public hotspots are a really common thing. If you don’t want to spend any money on communication during your stay, it can be the solution for you. But this solution is far from being flawless.

First of all, public hotspots are heavily concentrated in urban areas, but you’ll hardly find any in the countryside. Then, the broadband quality can be really random, and those networks aren’t always secure. And if you didn’t put you cell phone on plane mode, you’ll be on data roaming each time you get disconnected of a hotspot.

Moreover, the vast majority of those “public” hotspots are password protected. They usually belong to phone operators, restaurants or cafés. To get the password, you’ll need to order something, or to be a subscriber. In this case, “free” Wi-Fi isn’t so free.

It is also important to understand that this solution doesn’t provide phone service. If you want more than an access to the Internet, you should consider getting a Travel SIM Card United Kingdom.

Pocket WiFi in the UK

If you need a connection to the Internet above all, then the Pocket WiFi for the United Kingdom is what you need. Easy to use, it fits in your pocket and provide you with high-speed 4G Internet on the go. Moreover, you can connect up to 10 devices to this small device.

We better advise it for groups, as you can’t make full use of this product when you’re alone. On a long term, it is more expensive than a prepaid SIM, although it doesn’t give you phone service and it provides a large access to the Internet.

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