12 Insider Travel Tips From Flight Attendants

TakStressinging a flight can be a very exciting experience but also stressing. Carrying suitcases, being in a hurry, waiting and even the fear to fly are some issues that could dismiss the pleasure at the beginning or the end of your trip. Hence, some airports have taken a step beyond and established programs like PUP (Pet Unstressing Passengers), which provides the unique opportunity to release stress petting beautiful and friendly therapy dogs to the passengers. Companies are making huge efforts in order to make your flight and travel experience more peaceful and enjoyable. However, we have the flight attendants insider travel tips on how to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed over the clouds.

Travel tips #1: Pick the best day

Pick the best day

Tuesday and Wednesday are the days that you will find more tickets available because the airlines launch them for sale on Tuesdays. If you want to save money, purchase your ticket in advance and for dates considered as low season. A risky way to save money is purchasing your ticket is last minute, but it requires you to be more flexible. In the end it all depends on your time, money and your boldness.

Travel tips #2: Do it early from home

Most airlines allow you to check in online 24 hours before the flight. This is will make you spend less time waiting in ques at the airport and being able to do other activities.

Travel tips #3: Watch your meal

The flight attendants recommend not having a heavy meal just before getting on the plane and even in the plane. You could get dizzy and with a full stomach, it could get ugly. You can also avoid caffeine, especially on long haul flights if you want to sleep. Water, fruits and vegetables are always the best for you.

Watch your meal

Travel tips #4: Get comfy

Long flights can be uncomfortable and borring, so the best you can do is sleeping. However, if that is not possible there are so many other things to do, like watching a movie, reading a book, listening to music or making new friends. Remember to stand up sometimes for the blood circulation and drink water (bottled water).

Travel tips #5: Better not to know this

There are many secrets the flight attendants don’t tell, but we discovered a few, like they never serve coffee with caffeine because it is more peaceful having quiet passengers like the Sleepy Beauty than the hyperactive ones. By the way, unless you are in first class, avoid water, tea and coffee, because the water comes from the same pump which seldom is cleaned. Another tip to know is the bathrooms booths can be opened from the outside, so don’t try to be a member to the Mile High Club, please.

Travel tips #6: In case of lost

This may not bother you before the flight, but it is a fact. Your luggage can get lost. In order to avoid the the situation to be even more stressful, you should keep your valuables in your hand luggage as well as a change of clothes. Remember, check with your airline of what you can take in your carry on lugguage. Furthermore, try to scan your important papers like passports or identification card, so expect the best while you preparing for the worst.

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Travel tips #7: Take a bus and mingle  Take a bus and mingle

If your destination has good public transportation, use it instead of a taxi because these are usually more expensive. Sometimes taxi drivers could also try to take advantage of naive tourists and overcharge their services. Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity to know the city and the people. Just be careful.

Travel tips #8: Rent

If you are planning to stay several days in one place, the cheaper option is to rent an apartment than booking a hotel. Another solution is taking a look at Airbnb which is a online community where people publish, discover and book accommodations around the world. Offers range tiny rooms in a flat to huge holiday fincas. There are many options that will fit to your desires.

Travel tips #9: Stay healthy

Changing your time zone can give you a Jet Lag. Therefore, flight attendants recommend the day you arrive, to fasting half a day, drink a lot of water, avoid alcohol, take melatonin to level your sleep patterns and avoid exposure to the sun. It sounds hard but is the best you can do to feel well very fast.

Travel tips #10: Take care of your pets

The best way to avoid stress with your pets in the airplane is to not take them in the first place. Pets need to stay at the bottom of the aircraft where it is noisy and this unusual situation can scare them a lot. If traveling in a plane is the only option, consult with your vet so he can prescribe your pet some medicine to help relax.

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Travel tips #11: Handle it carefully

Even if you don’t carry anything fragile in your luggage, place a decal that says FRAGILE, it forces staff to treat it with more care, besides that your bag will be one of the first to be delivered.

Travel tips #12: Stay in touch

Before your trip, do some research about how to stay in touch with your relatives and colleagues onceStays communicated you arrive. Nowadays it is important to be able to make bank operations, book a hotel or find an address, in a quickly and safety way. There are several companies that provide this service like Sim Options.  They offer a Prepaid Travel Sim Cards that work in the whole world. They deliver wherever you decide with the best rates.

In addition to all this wise advice, you should always be nice to the flight attendants because they can not only give you extra pillows but also free drinks, cookies or even change you to first class when a seat is available.