30 Tips & Tricks How To Travel With Kids

how to travel with kidsTraveling with kids it does not necessarily mean an impossible mission. This could be the best family experience on vacation if you prepare yourselves. Here you will read some great advice to have incredible moments together. Also, you will find the best places to visit with your kids, tips for flying, activities to do with them and some other interesting information.

Before going on a trip with your kids, you should get yourself organized. You need to take into account many details. For example, their ages, interests and some of the possible activities they would like to do.

Here you have some of the most important recommendations for you to have an amazing trip with your kids!



How To Travel With Kids

Make Them Part Of the Trip

One of the main things you have to do is to prepare activities for them so they are entertained all the time. Remember they are kids; they want to play and have fun. Here you have some activities you could do with your kids according to their ages:

Infants & Toddlers

They could be the easiest to travel with anywhere. You can make them happy and entertained by creating a good environment for them to be comfortable. You can take their favorite toys, too. For example, if you are in a park you can put a mat and they could lay on it while they play and you take some rest.

Some of them are starting to walk, so they want to go everywhere and explore around. Try to take them to playgrounds or any other open spaces. If they have more space to walk and explore, they will be happier.

School-aged Children

One of the simplest way of keeping them engaged with the trip is to let them plan with you part of the things you will do. You can make a list of the possible activities to do during the trip and let them choose some of them. It is even better to give them the opportunity to choose those activities than telling them what to do.

Pick The Right Destination

Where to take kids on vacation? You may ask this every year. Your trip begins at the moment you decide to take a break and travel. You look for places to go with your family and you start to imagine what you can do there. The right destination will be where everybody can have a wonderful time.


Top 5 Best Places to Travel With Children

top destinations for kidsOrlando

Yes! This is one of the first places you should take into account to spend a wonderful time with your kids. No matter how old they are, Disney & Universal Studios is an excellent place for any age. It offers many options to choose talking about entertainment, food, transportation, lodging and some others. It is considered one of the best places to vacation with kids.


This beautiful place is a great option to visit with your family. There are aquatic adventure parks such as the Xel-Ha Park. This park is an excellent place for all family members. You can choose from many funny activities like swimming with turtles. Your kids will love to spend their vacations there!


Like Cancun, Hawaii offers many activities to do with your kids. You can start by just going to the beach, but you have some other things to do during the whole trip. Some of the kid’s favorite activities are swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, visiting sea turtles and take surf lessons. You can choose from those activities and do one of them each day, so your kids will never get bored.

Reserva Monteverde

It is located in Costa Rica and it is recommended for family trips. This place is full of beautiful landscapes, animals, and eco-activities to do with your kids. Some of them are horse riding, hiking or camping. They can adapt to your kid’s ages so they can have fun during those days.


Maybe you have had an entertaining vacation before, full of adventure and energy. Now you want something different for your kids. Rome offers many walking and biking tours around the city. You can visit historical places like the Colosseum or the Roman Forum. Your kids will learn a lot of things. Also, there are places where your kids can learn how to make pizza by themselves! You will enjoy visiting Rome.


Traveling with Kids [Check List]

traveling with kids checklistThere a lot of destinations to go with your family nowadays. But, before arriving at the place you have to spend a long time on the road. The bad news is that while you are traveling with kids, this could be a little bit challenging. So fill yourself with patience and follow step by step this checklist.

The Essential Things

  • Wet tissues: you can clean almost everything with it. Their faces, hands, even their shoes
  • Music: kids love music. Just by playing a CD or an mp3 player with their favorite song you can have an entertaining time with them
  • Medicines: it is important to bring analgesics or decongestants. But it is even more important to carry the medical recipe for any illness existing with the dose enough for the trip
  • Chargers: they could be your best partner trip. You always bring some devices with useful information and you do not want to lose it for not being able to charge them
  • GPS: everyone knows the importance of the GPS, so keep it in mind because you can get lost at any moment of the day
  • Camera: when traveling you can capture the best moments of the trip with your camera. Then, you can share the photos with your friends and family
  • Plastic Bags: these are important because you can keep the trash until you find a dumpster. Teach your kids to think green and save the planet

Food and Beverage

  • Water: you need to bring at least one bottle of water. This is very important for them to have an adequate hydration. Keep in mind that a bad hydration could cause dizziness and headache during the trip
  • Snacks: it will be very helpful to have some snacks in your bag. Your kids will not feel so much hungry while they wait for their meals


  • Paper: If you have a sheet of paper and at least a couple of colors, they can draw whatever they like about the trip
  • Toys: children have a powerful imagination. If you pack their favorite toys they can live the adventure of the trip with them
  • Tablet: they usually have a favorite cartoon, movie or TV show. If you pack one of these cartoons and a device where to play them, it will be awesome
  • Books: children love tales. It is a good idea for any child, for those that can read or the ones that enjoy hearing the story


Traveling with Toddlers

At the age of the first steps, children want to explore the world by themselves. They take things to their mouth and climb everywhere. For that reason, you have to keep your eyes on them but enjoy the trip.

Pack clothes enough

The hygiene is important. Remember that they get dirty in an easier way and you have to bring clothes enough to change them a lot.

Baby Carriage

Despite they are starting to walk, they get tired and probably they get in a bad mood. That is why you have to bring they baby carriage to rock them until they fall asleep.

The Food

It is well known that at this phase they can eat everything. But, it is recommendable to follow their eating habits like at home. Try to schedule their meals and be careful with the portion. You must avoid a long time without eating something or ingredients not allowed for their age. You do not want them to get ill or have a stomachache. Find more tips for baby food on a plane here.

The Nap

Their rest is very important as well. The main idea is not to alter their time to take naps. If it is possible, you can bring a travel cot to help their rest anywhere you travel.


Traveling with Kids on a Plane

flying with kidsIf you plan your vacations and you have to take a flight with your kids perhaps you will wonder how can I control them? How can I make them happy during the trip? It is completely normal. If you follow these tips you are going to learn how to enjoy a trip while you are traveling with kids on a plane.

Through the Window

Flying is an awesome activity and you can show them how good it is. Your kids will be excited about the trip. So, remember to see the landscape with them, the small buildings from the distance or just the natural things like the clouds or the sun that is exposed.

Role Games

If you have the opportunity, you should visit the pilot cabin and let them know how amazing is to fly a plane. Then, you can return to your seats and play with them imagining that they are flying the airplane by themselves. It could be funny.

The Favorite Toy

Think fast and pack their favorite toys. Some kids pick one toy in particular as their lovely partner. If they do not carry it, they will get in a bad mood and the environment will turn uncomfortable. If you can buy a new toy for them, try to buy a couple because you could lose it and the bad mood will come again.

Flying in the Right Time

Try to take flights during a time where the kids can rest and enjoy the trip. Otherwise, they will be tired and unbearable. That is the worst way to start your vacations.

Make A Stop and Take a Breath

Sometimes the flight could be so long, and your kids cannot stretch the legs and run as they want to. It could be a great idea to make stops so your kids will have the chance to move around and jump everywhere.

Go to the Bathroom Before

It is important to remember your kids to go to the bathroom before starting the trip. Do not drink so much liquid before or during the trip, this is a recommendation for adults too. You can obviously go to the bathroom on the plane, but you have to consider that you can bother the people in the hallway. Another situation is when the takeoff is delayed and you have to wait a long time to go to the bathroom.

Scare Them But Not Too Much

Some kids have a lot of energy. They stand on the seat or kick the seat in front, play with the table, etc.
A good strategy for them to be calm is to tell them that the police of the airplane is going to take them if they have a bad behavior. Believe it or not, it works.

A Treat for the Takeoff and the Landing

During the takeoff, you have to adjust the belt and try to control them. Just by giving them their favorite treat you can distract them and they will not notice when the airplane takes off or land.

Now you know some of the most important and interesting information to plan a good trip with your family. Enjoy the time with your family! If you are on a budget, find our 30 travel hacks that will help you save time & money!

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