Your Perfect 14 Days Canada Travel Itinerary

As the second largest country in the world, Canada has a huge tourist industry. In 2018, Canada received almost 19 million international tourists, which is an increase compared to 2017. Local and international visitors like to spend their vacations in this country because of its diversity. When visiting Canada, you can find many picturesque mountains and forests, but you can also enjoy urban life if you visit modern cities on the same trip. So, take a look at this perfect 14 days Canada travel itinerary and enjoy your free days!


14 Days Canada Travel Itinerary


Days 1-3: Vancouver

canada trip vancouver

This city is located between the mountains and the Pacific coast. It is one of the five best cities in the world. Canada is one of the main countries with the best quality of life on the planet, and Vancouver is its main standard. It has a large extension of beaches to the west and it is surrounded by natural parks to the east. It is considered one of the most expensive cities in North America but it is also one of the safest cities in the world.

  • Stanley Park: It is one of the largest public parks in the world, and one of the best-known parks, just like Central Park in New York. If you are going to stay a little longer in Vancouver, you have many things to see and to do in this park. It has 400 hectares and it is the largest urban park in Canada. It is located on the top of the peninsula in Vancouver’s downtown. In this place, you can go for a walk, run or make a bicycle tour around the different park spots.
  • Capilano’s Bridge: It is one of the most visited places in Vancouver. It is not only a bridge; actually, it is a park. The Capilano Suspension Bridge Park offers its spaces to do several activities in full nature. It is located in the north of Vancouver city. If you want to visit this place it is necessary to go by car or public transport. After the entrance, you will find the three main attractions. The first one is to cross the Capilano suspension bridge, then the treetops adventure (walking among the trees), and at the end, the cliff walk.
  • Granville Island: It is one of the main historic neighborhoods of Vancouver. Granville Island has been recovered, in the past, it used to be an industrial district and nowadays it is one of the biggest attractions of the city. You can go to this place by crossing False Creek from the center of the city and Yale town. There is a lot of art in this place, from modern art galleries and craft shops to workshops that line in the pedestrian streets. You can also enjoy a beer tasting and see how they are made on the Granville Island Brewery.
  • Gastown: It is a very popular destination for tourists in Vancouver. Some of its main benefits are the excellent restaurants, pubs, and cafes that are located in this place. It also has a lot of stores where you can go shopping. Gastown is at the northeast from Vancouver’s downtown, and its main street is called Water Street. The Gastown name is not about gas. It owes its name to Jack Deighton, who is a bar owner, and nicknamed Gassy. When he first stepped on Vancouver, there was nothing in it. He opened a bar and it began the development of what is now known as the center of Vancouver. In fact, the founder of Gastown has his own bronze status and it is located in Maple Tree Square.


Days 4-6: Calgary

canada trip calgary

It is one of the biggest cities in Canada and the first of the whole province of Alberta. It is located in the west of the country, in an area full of hills and mountains, and very close to the Rocky Mountains – one of the most beautiful mountains in the country. This city has currently become in one of the most visited places in the country, thanks to the number of activities you can do there, the development of ecotourism and winter sports. This city has also become a very important technological and financial center.

  • Calgary’s Zoo: It is internationally recognized as one of the best zoos in the world. It has almost 800 animals and 130 different species. The 120 hectares of the zoo are organized in different areas like Destination Africa, Canadian Wilds, Penguin Plunge, Dorothy Harvie Botanical Gardens and ENMAX Conservatory, Eurasia and Prehistoric Park. More than one million visitors arrive each year at the zoo, which is open to the public every day except Christmas Day.
  • Calgary’s Tower: If you visit this place, try to stay for dinner. You will enjoy the lights of the city plus a rotating panoramic view at 1,288 meters above sea level. If you stand on the glass floor, you can look down and see the center of the city from 180 meters high. The Calgary Tower is the ideal point to take references to the city and its surroundings for the entire trip.
  • Glenbow Museum: This is a huge cultural project with more than 20 galleries that hold more than a million pieces. The collections include historical tools of the first citizens of Canada, some maps and books. In this place, you can discover the splendor of the Rocky Mountains in paintings and works of art. You can learn about the adventurous characters that have been through Alberta over the years. You can also see the precious stones and minerals that are extracted in the area.
  • Heritage Park: The Heritage Park is a historic town in Calgary, which shows the history of western Canada from 1860 to 1950. It is the largest living museum in Canada and is divided into four areas that represent different periods of time. Some of the historic buildings in the area are still standing, while others have been restored. The traditional schools, houses, and halls of the past give an idea of how life was like in each era. The staff of the park dresses in costumes of the age, while horses, carriages or old cars roam on the streets.


Days 7-9: Toronto

canada trip toronto

Toronto is one of the most important cities in North America. Although in winter it is hard to see much movement beyond the downtown, with the arrival of summer Toronto is a very lively city. One of its main tourist attractions is the proximity of Niagara Falls. You will be able to walk through the neighborhoods of the different ethnic communities of the city. You can go from a Chinese environment to a Polish, Italian, Korean or Portuguese atmosphere in just a few kilometers.

  • CN Tower: This tower is the tallest tower in Toronto, it is also known as the main icon of the city. It is located in downtown Toronto and it is the most visited tourist place in Toronto. It works as an excellent point of reference for people in Toronto. From the lower part to the top part, this tower is just amazing! You can admire the city to its maximum extent, regardless of the weather in Toronto. When you visit this place, you will need to take an elevator that will take you to different levels according to the type of ticket you have. Then, in each place, you will appreciate the view of Toronto, Lake Ontario and the entire port. It has a 360° view.
  • Ontario’s Museum: Ontario’s Museum receives around one million visitors each year. It is considered the fifth best museum in North America. Outside the museum, you can appreciate the artwork “The Crystal” that was made as to the museum facade inspired by the collection of minerals. This museum has a large collection of natural history, zoology, archeology, mineralogy, and paleontology. When entering the museum, you will receive a map with each of the available galleries to visit.
  • Distillery District: This area is a collection of old buildings in the Victorian industrial style that were transformed into restaurants, cafes, art galleries, clothing, and decorative stores. In this place, you can enjoy admiring the architecture and the details that are kept to recreate the time when that places worked as a distillery. Everything is decorated in vintage style with an industrial touch.


Days 10-12: Ottawa

canada trip ottawa

It is the capital of Canada and the fourth biggest city in the country. It is also the main political center. The governor lives in Ottawa, and there are the main government buildings and embassies. If you visit this city you can discover the Parliament and enjoy the views from Nepean Point.

  • Rideau Canal: This canal has 126 miles between Ottawa and Kingston, and it was built between 1827 and 1832. This canal is the oldest waterway system in North America. Nowadays this canal is Ottawa’s biggest attraction, it is full of boats during the summer and full of skaters in the winter. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this place!
  • Canada’s Parliament: There are iconic neo-Renaissance buildings in this place. These buildings were built after the Queen of England decided to place the capital in Ottawa. You can see them from all over the city and they are one of the main attractions of this place. It is quite interesting to visit it, not only because of the pleasant walks around the green areas – near the river and the lake but also because you can enter to the parliament when there is a session and see the politicians analyzing and voting for new laws.
  • Canada’s National Gallery: This gallery has an important collection of Canadian and international art from all eras. It gathers more than 30,000 artworks and it is the perfect place to know the rich artistic heritage of Canada. You can go inside and walk between columns until you reach the Great Hall; there you will find big windows that frame the Parliament Hill and the Ottawa River. With 43 meters high, this building pays tribute to the Victorian neo-Gothic style of the Parliament Library.
  • ByWard Market: it is the most popular market in Ottawa. There you can eat, drink and go shopping. During the summer at least 50.000 people attend this place every weekend to walk around the stalls, taste the local products and enjoy the lively atmosphere. This market offers enough attractions to occupy a whole day of your stay in the city.


Days 13-14: Montreal

canada trip montreal

It is the second biggest city in Canada and one of the main economic and cultural engines of the country. Montreal has an enviable tourist offer, which makes it an excellent travel destination. It is the most important French-speaking metropolis North America. It is highly recommendable to take a look at the whole city on board of a tourist bus; the advantage of this is that you will have a great view of Montreal.

  • Plateau-Mont-Royal: This place is totally charming just because of its calm streets, European architecture, restaurants, cafes and parks. You will feel attracted by the mixture of America and Europe in one place. It is known as The Plateau, and it is located next to downtown. It offers a central location that allows its visitors to know both neighborhoods in an easy way whether walking or taking any other mean of transport in Montreal.
  • Notre Dame Basilica: The Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal is the first Neo-Gothic church in all Canada and is the most important church in the city. It was built between 1824 and 1829 by the American architect James O’Donnell. It is located in the Vieux Montreal area, and – during a high season – more than 2,500 people visit this Basilica each day.
  • Montreal Botanical Garden: It was originally created as a floral adornment for the city, but now Montreal’s main gardens have become in a giant of the horticulture. It is considered one of the best botanical gardens in the whole world. The Botanical Garden has 10 greenhouses and 30 thematic gardens, which also provide a fascinating window into the several cultures of the world. You can walk through one of the largest Chinese gardens outside China and some others less typical, such as the gardens of First Nations and Toxic Plants.
  • Montreal’s Vieux Port: This place has an extension of more than 2 kilometers, and it is an excellent tourist site that is located between the historic center and the San Lorenzo River. The old port of Montreal was built in the XVIII century and, during the XIX century; it became very popular thanks to the industrial revolution that was happening in the city. Years later, the port operations were moved to the current port of Montreal a little further to the east, and the Vieux Port became an important historical and tourist site. Nowadays, this port receives more than 6 million visitors each year.

Canada offers many beautiful places that are worth visiting, sadly 14 days are not enough to do it. However, we hope this perfect Canada Travel Itinerary works for you and you can enjoy all these places we have chosen just for you! Before traveling to Canada, remember to check out our Prepaid SIM Card Canada and keep in touch with your loved ones!


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