The country of Bahrain, located on the Persian Gulf, is a compound of a bunch of over 30 islands and islets. Like all other Arab countries, Bahrain is rich in ancient culture and exotic attractions. Considered the biggest world´s cemetery, the tombs of the Dilmun civilizations are visited by thousands of tourists each year. Qalat al Bahrain fortress is an archeological site, once the capital of the Dilmun civilization, and was protected by UNESCO, in 2005.

Bahrain was previously ruled by the Portuguese, the Persians, and the British, the latter from 1914 to 1971, when the country finally declared its independence. Its strategic location makes it a high maritime traffic area, and it has made Bahrain an important center of commerce. It has been connected to Saudi Arabia’s mainland by a 25 Km- bridge, since 1986.

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What Are The Best eSIMs for Bahrain?

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What Is The Best eSIM for Bahrain?


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These are 5 of the top sites to visit in Bahrain:


Manama, Bahrain´s capital, situated northeast of the main island (which is the country´s namesake), is an ancient (now modern) city that has shown human activity in the last 5,000 years. Being a dazzling center of commerce, you may find in Manama spectacular carpets and incredible spices, along with gorgeous jewels and pearls, which used to lead the country´s economy before the oil industry took over.

Bahrain National Museum is a fantastic site that covers 6,000 years of history and shows a great collection of antiques from all over the country. Visit the Great Mosque Al Fateh, one of the biggest in the world, with a capacity of 7,000.


Riffa is the second largest Bahrain city after Manama and is home to the Royal family, who live on the west side. Located in the central part of the country, its west side also holds the famous Clock Tower and the National Bahrain Stadium, for 30,000 spectators.

Riffa Fort, open for visitors since 1993, was built as a residence for Sheikh Salman bin Ahmed, and it shows the 19th century´s great architecture. Isa Town is a locality famous due to its traditional market and it is home to the University of Bahrain. Of course, Arabic bazaars are available for you to shop at any time.


The district of Juffair used to be a separate locality from Manama, but now it has been absorbed by the big city due to the capital´s fast growth. But Juffair is getting quite a lot of developing on its own, with new buildings and towers appearing each year.

One of the reasons for this fast growth is Juffair´s population, composed mostly of young expatriates, tourists, and local Bahrainis. If you´re in the mood for shopping, visit Al Raya and Juffair Malls. Check out a fast-food restaurant, and enjoy a different meal.

Amwaj Islands

The Amwaj, situated northeast of Bahrain, is a group of artificial islands (man-made from reclaimed land) constructed by and for wealthy people. The place shows fancy residential and commercial constructions, along with luxury apartments and an area of private jetties.

Tala Island is an exclusive residential community, offering a gorgeous lifestyle, with individual beach access. It is exciting to visit the Amwaj Islands to take a swim in its clear and tranquil waters while taking a look at this magnificent and opulent creation.


Muharraq is a very important city in Bahrain. It was the country´s capital until 1923, and it is the home of Bahrain International Airport. Muharraq is also an ancient city, dating from the Dilmun Civilization, about 5,000 years ago.

Arad Fort, built in the 15th century as a defensive site, is worth the visit. It looks greatly illuminated at night. Beit Sheikh Isa Bin Ali Al Khalifa is a fantastic building with early 19th-century architecture, and a former Bahrain government location, from 1869 to 1932. Relax at the Busaad Art Gallery, exposing Fine Arts.