The Best Prepaid SIM Cards for Brunei in 2020

Brunei is a country located in Southeast Asia, that has a population of 428.963 people (2018). Among the popular destinations in the country, we can mention the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan, that is known for the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque, which is one of the most impressive mosques in South Asia. Another mosque there is the Jame’Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque. In the capital, there is the official residence of Brunei’s Sultan, a royal palace with beautiful architecture and views, although it is not open to the public all the time.

An activity you will love to do in Brunei, is visiting the amusement parks. There is one called Jerudong Park, located in a district with the same name, which is the largest park in the region. So if you like to have exciting experiences, then this is the place for you.

If you like to be connected with nature, there is also a famous park called Ulu Temburong National Park. This was the first park to be established in the country and is home to several endemic species.

Being connected while you’re abroad is something very important for travelers, that is why we want to show you the different prepaid SIM cards that are available to use in Brunei. We will talk about telecommunications service providers in Brunei that offer local SIM cards and, and about an international SIM card provider. All the options will be full of services to stay connected: data plans, unlimited domestic data, calls, and texts. Continue reading and learn more about the best ways to be connected in your travel to Brunei:

What Are The Top SIM Cards Offers for Brunei?

 About the providerSim Card Features 
Move to TrueMove H & instantly connect to the widest 4G LTE and 3G roaming network coverage. Enjoy TrueMove H's international service and roam with confidence in Brunei
  • Data: 6GB
  • Calls: Not included
  • SMS: Not included
  • Credit validity: 10 days
  • Only US $19.90
Learn more
Learn more

What Is The Best SIM Card for Brunei?

SimOptions — The market leader in international SIM cards 

SimOptions is a company that provides international SIM cards for many destinations around the world. The tourists prefer their prepaid SIM cards because they have the best relation quality-price, and you will enjoy the fastest internet in Brunei with their SIM cards. How can you get one? The steps are very simple. First, you need to visit their website and find the prepaid SIM card for Brunei called Smart Light. You can order it online and pay with your credit card through a fully secure payment method.

Finally, the SIM card will be delivered the moment you arrive in the country, and it does not need activation. Another good thing about this SIM card is that it is valid for other countries too, so if you are planning to travel to Australia, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and more, you can carry the Smart Light with you and continue using the services.

Let’s see the details about this SIM card:

Travel SIM Asia | $19.90 - 6GB

  • Data: 6GB
  • Calls: Not included
  • SMS: Not included
  • Credit validity: 10 days

Visit the SimOptions website and get this international prepaid SIM card to use in Brunei.


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DST — Enjoy the best experience

This company was established in 1994, and since then they have been working to bring communication services to more than 400.000 customers. They provide mobile and broadband services, using the 2G, 2.5G, 3.5G, and 4G networks. If you want to be connected and navigate with unlimited internet, then DST is the right one for you. They have a prepaid starter pack called Easi, which is special for tourists, and you can get it at any DST branch in Brunei (in the international airport), where the employees will help you with the registration process.

For this, you only need to have your passport. The starter pack (valid for 30 days) costs B$15 ($10.79) and the services are: 3 GB local internet and B$3 ($2.16) bonus credit that you can use for local calls and SMS. These services are valid for 7 days, after that, you can top up your card using a recharge card and make use of the data at the next rate: B$ 0.20 ($0.14) / MB. If you need to check your credit balance, just call *102# and you can activate your SIM by making your first call or sending your first text.

There is another prepaid free SIM card from DST. Let’s see the details:

Eas! SIM pack | B$ 0 ($0)

  • Activate it with a recharge of B$ 20 ($14.39)
  • Calls: 20 cents / 60 sec
  • SMS: 0.10 cents

Finally, they offer prepaid packages to enjoy more services. If you will need much more internet  on your trip, check these options:

Infinity 38 | B$38 ($27.34) — 200 GB

  • Data: 200 GB (20 Mbps)
  • Include: 2 Device access to DST WiFi 
  • Credit Validity: 1 month

Infinity 98 | B$98 ($70.51)

  • Data: unlimited (20 Mbps)
  • Include: Free TPLinkArcherC7 with one WiFi extender
  • Credit Validity: 1 month

Infinity 148 | B$148 ($106.48) 

  • Data: unlimited (50 Mbps)
  • Include: Free TPLinkDECO M5 
  • Credit Validity: 1 month

Infinity 58 | B$58 ($41.73) — 400 GB Data: 400 GB (20 Mbps)

  • Credit Validity: 1 month

Infinity 78 | B$78 ($56.12) — 550 GB

  • Data: 550 GB (20 Mbps)
  • Credit Validity: 1 month

Infinity 248 | B$248 ($178.43) 

  • Data: unlimited (100 Mbps)
  • Credit Validity: 1 month

To purchase a SIM card from DST, visit their website and one of their stores. 

Progresif Cellular Sdn Bhd — Stay connected in Brunei

This company is located in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. They work in the telecommunications industry providing services to more than 160.000 customers. Being connected while you’re in Brunei does not have to be difficult or expensive, that is why the company has a special SIM card for visitors, called Progresif Visitor SIM. You can get one at all Progresif Stores in the country.

It costs B$ 25 ($17.99) and includes the following services: unlimited local minutes, texts and data, 10 international minutes and 10 international texts. The SIM is valid for 4 weeks, which means that you will enjoy an entire month of unlimited services in Brunei. To register the Visitor SIM you only need to send a message with the code “AddVisitor25” to 39123.

Progresif Visitor SIM – B$ 25 ($17.99)

  • Data: Unlimited
  • Calls: Local – Unlimited | International – 10 Min
  • Texts: Local – Unlimited | International – 10 Texts
  • Credit Validity: 1 month

To find more information about Progresif and their services, visit their website and their stores at the airport mall. 

Now you know all the options available to be able to make calls, send texts and navigate through the internet while being in Brunei. We want to recommend you the SIM card offered by SimOptions because we are sure that with it you will enjoy of a very reliable connection. Enjoy your trip!