The 3 Best Prepaid SIM Cards for Taiwan

best taiwan sim cardIf you travel to Taiwan this year, do not miss the chance of being connected with the rest of the world while you visit this amazing country. Here you will find several sim card options for Taiwan to communicate with your friends or family even if they are far away. When buying a SIM card for Taiwan, you have the chance to browse the internet at 4G speed or make calls and send text messages.

Apart from these benefits, there is a very important advantage of using a local SIM Card: you will be avoiding up to 95% of roaming costs! Having a local Taiwan SIM card will allow you to move around and visit the most isolated part of the entire island without worrying about any extra charges.

Most of these SIM cards do need to be registered. After successful registration with the internet service provider, you can plug the SIM Card into your mobile phone and fully enjoy all its benefits!


SimOptions – Best Taiwan SIM Card Provider

This company represents one of the biggest providers of SIM cards and Wi-Fi hotspots in the entire world. No matter where you are, with SimOptions you are saving up to 95% of international roaming charges. SimOptions offers the best payment option as you use SIM cards for Taiwan with the best data packages from $19.90 USD. Here are the details of the available Taiwan SIM Cards:

Taiwan SIM Card – Smart Gold ($19.90 USD)

  • 4GB Internet
  • Worldwide Delivery
  • 3 in 1 SIM Card, Plug and Play
  • Credit Validity 15 Days
  • 4G High-Speed Connection
  • Covers Taiwan
  • NO registrations required

Taiwan SIM Card – Smart Combi ($94.90 USD)

  • 4GB + Pocket WiFi
  • Refurbished Device
  • Shareable Device (5 devices)
  • Credit Validity 15 days
  • 4G High-Speed Connection
  • Covers Taiwan
  • NO registrations required



Chunghwa Telecom – 4G SIM Card for Taiwan

This telecommunication company is the biggest provider of Taiwan SIM cards and other services around the whole country. Over 10 million users confirm this fact. Their prepaid SIM cards are available in official stores located in different spots all around Taiwan or in different kiosks in most airports.

What is the best Chunghwa Telecom SIM Card for Taiwan?

  • Internet speed: 4G
  • Data limit: Unlimited
  • Coverage: Taiwan (including Kinmen, Matsu, Penghu islands)
  • Validity: 3 days
  • Card format: Normal/micro/nano
  • Calls & texts: NT$100 credit for local and international calls
  • Hotspot sharing: available
  • Sim Card Registration: Required (Passport)

Depending on the length of the stay in Taiwan, you need to recharge ≈$9.76 USD every 3 days to continue using the SIM card.

How to recharge Chunghwa Telecom SIM Card?

There are several ways to top-up your SIM Card from Chunghwa Telecom. The first method is in the stores like FamilyMart, 7-Eleven or Ok Mart. Just in case you have to deal with any language barriers, you can select the data package using the iBon machine.

Select the amount that you would like to top-up onto your SIM card and the machine will print a receipt which you have to pay for at the cashier.


Taiwan Mobile – 4G LTE Internet Service Taiwan

This company is considered to be the second SIM card provider of Taiwan. It has good coverage and an excellent high-speed connection. They have many prepaid packages available for you to stay connected during your trip. One of the most common options for tourists is the Taiwan 4G/LTE SIM card for NT$300 (≈$9.76 USD).

Most tourists that buy this SIM card tend to do it right after arriving at the Taoyuan airport. The only thing you have to take into account is the schedule of the Taiwan Mobile store inside the airport (8 am – Midnight). Just in case you arrive out of this timetable, there are some stores that are still working such as the night market of Shihlin Ximending and Taipei Vieshow Square.

In any of these places, you will need to show your passport to buy your SIM card. They do not accept any other document, so take this into account. If you travel to a specific city like Taipei or any other big city, telecommunication services of both companies will be good enough.

The service of Taiwan Mobile is excellent in general, they keep their high-speed connection even in zones with relatively low coverage. Taiwan is surrounded by mountains, so is common to have poor signal in some of those areas that are far from the city, but this does not happen with Taiwan Mobile. One of the most important characteristics of this company is that is a little bit cheaper than Chunghwa and they have more promotions available, but mostly only for post-paid plans.

What is the best Taiwan Mobile SIM Card for Taiwan?

Taiwan Mobile SIM Card Package 1 – NT$300 (≈$9,77 USD)

    • Internet speed: 4G
    • Data limit: 1.2GB
    • Validity: 60 days
    • Sim Card Registration: Required (Passport)

Taiwan Mobile SIM Card Package 2 – NT$500 (≈$16.26 USD)

  • Internet speed: 4G
  • Data limit: 2.2GB
  • Validity: 60 days
  • Sim Card Registration: Required (Passport)

Taiwan Mobile SIM Card Package 3 – NT$1,000 (≈$32.52 USD)

  • Internet speed: 4G
  • Data limit: 8GB
  • Validity: 185 days
  • Sim Card Registration: Required (Passport)

How to recharge Taiwan Mobile SIM Card?

Remember that you can recharge your Taiwan SIM Card in the main stores all around Taiwan or in the central services of Myfone inside the airport. You can also do it in the authorized points of sale, calling to 101, select the second options and then the voucher number to complete the recharge. If you want to make an online recharge you can do it on the TopUp website. The only thing that you have to do is to write the telephone number and your passport ID.


Taiwan SIM Card For All Your Needs

best taiwan sim card from simoptions
When ordering with SimOptions, it is super simple to use mobile internet in Taiwan. You can receive your SIM card directly at your home before departure or at your accommodation in Taiwan.

Plug’N’Play SIM Card for Taiwan

the 3-in-1 sim card for taiwan
After receiving your Taiwan SIM Card, you can simply remove the SIM Card from the package. Depending on the phone model you use (Android / iPhone), you can insert it as normal SIM, Micro SIM or Nano SIM.

How to open the SIM Card slot of a Smartphone?

how to open sim card slot for sim card taiwan
When inserting a SIM Card, use a pin or needle to open the SIM slot of your smartphone.

How to insert your SIM Card for Taiwan?

how to insert taiwan sim card
Insert your SIM Card for Taiwan from SimOptions and enjoy a fast & stable mobile connection all over Taiwan without any additional roaming charges or other hidden costs.

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