Discover the best shopping places on your next trip to Asia

“Traveling is the only thing you paid that makes you richer”

Those wise words from an unknown author describe the importance to travel the world and embrace it like it is. A trip isn’t just a trip; it is a chapter in your life that will teach something. All depends on how open your mind is. Then if you are looking for writing many exciting chapters, open your mind like a big parachute and treasure every moment of your trip. You can start by knowing the best shopping places on your trip to Asia and don’t miss the perfect souvenir for your bae.

Asia is a very interesting continent for shop addicts. Clothes, technology, pieces of art and more you will find in every corner. Variety is the usual word here, so we prepare a little guide of the places you won’t want to miss on Asia.

Makeup and Seoul

Insadong is an old and beautiful neighborhood in Seoul and school of several Korean painters. There are many little craft shops, art galleries, coffee houses, tea houses and restaurants. You are going to admire the fusion between the ancestral and modern life on an exquisite and subtle way. If you are an antique hunter, this is your shopping places trip Asia

If you are looking for something really luxurious, go to Abgujeong neighborhood. There you are going to see fabulous designer stores like Chanel and Prada. Go to Myeongdong to find popular brands and electronic gadgets. Do you want something nice and cheap? Walk into Ewha, it has everything a woman needs. Seoul is famous for the makeup production, so much so men wear it. So you are going to discover zillions of skin and hair products.

Be on skywalks on Kuala Lumpur

Something really awesome of Kuala Lumpur is its futuristic style. The skywalks are long covered walkways that come from the malls to the streets. Pretty cool! This Malaysian city is a shop paradise. You are going to find several types of shops ideal for every budget.

If your budget can afford it go to the mall in the luxurious Petronas Towers. Even if you don’t shop, you are going to enjoy the views and the architecture. Maybe you will want to visit one of the biggest malls of the world. In this case go to the Berjaya Times Square. For the lovers of electronic gadgets, make a stop on Low Yat Plaza and learn how to bargain. Something curious: many places have an arrow painted on the roof pointing in direction of the Mecca. So don’t pray in the wrong direction!

Bruce Lee in a fragrant harbor

Hong Kong means fragrant harbor. Sometimes, when you are walking around the town, you can feel the strong scent of many spices. You can also go shopping in one of the best places in the entire world. If you are a gentleman, or need a gift for one, go to Ed1tus. It’s a big store for men items. This men store sells clothes, grooming products, even decoration objects and shopping places trip Asia

By the other hand if you want something more local go to the Herboland. There you can find many kinds of herbs and teas. Visit the popular Stanley Market for get clothes and souvenirs. For get some books go to Eslite. This is a huge and modern bookstore with English and Chinese books. You can also attend to lectures or even artistic performances. Later go read that book with the philosopher Bruce Lee at the Tsim Sha Tsui surrounded by the most exquisite scents.

Navigate on a gondola in Singapore

Wait … what? Are there gondolas in Singapore? Yes, they are in a mall. Marina Bay Sands is a luxurious buildings complex with a casino, a hotel, a mall, a museum, two theatres, many restaurants and a largest pool. Like a bonus you can take the gondola ride to see people shopping.

But you don’t love navigate so go visit Orchard Road, to visit the most luxurious stores. Perhaps you prefer something typical, walk around Chinatown. This has a unique ambient. Its smells, colors and sounds will remain in your memory. If you want a popular place meet the Bugis Street Market. You can find there from an exotic fruit to a bizarre gadget. You are going to love it.

Gadgets and katana in Tokyo

Tokyo is one rich, vibrant, thrilling, traditional and technological city. It has a NTT Docomo Yoyogi skyscraper; it’s like the American Empire State Building but better. Its lights let you know if you need to carry your umbrella on. Tokyo has its own Eiffel Tower but higher: the Tokyo Tower. So Japanese can improve everything, even the shopping shopping places trip Asia

Being a tech city, you can find the best electronic gadget at Akihabara area. It serves also if you are an anime fan. For cloths, you can try in Omotasando neighborhood, it is very exclusive. You may be in the mood of something bizarre, so go visit Takeshita Dori zone and dress like a comic character. Asakusa is an ideal spot to know more about Japanese culture. In addition to that you can buy a traditional and colorful umbrella and a powerful katana. Whatever you buy, you have to do it in silence like the Japanese.

So you love have all the technological toys that exist because communications are important thing for you. You can always optimize your experience. There is a reliable item to improve your trip. It is prepaid SIM card. A small device that inserted into the Smartphone or table, allows connection to the Internet, making and receiving calls. It also allows you to send and receive messages. You can use a GPS to get your favorite brand shopping places trip Asia

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Now you know where to shop in Asia, remember don’t take too serious about the thing you can buy. Postmodern thinker Tyler Durden once said: The things you own end up owning you. Less is more.