If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” – Benjamin Franklin once said. People might end up in disappointment when traveling abroad because of the lack of preparation. On the other hand, not every plan is guaranteed to work out.

This is why we would like to introduce you to our favorite travel bloggers from all around the world. They have made traveling their full-time job and write about their travel stories and tips & tricks on how you can travel abroad without experiencing disappointment.

Who are the best Travel Bloggers?


What would it be, once in a lifetime, to travel around the world – or even twice! Friends, let us introduce to you, TravelTomTom. Tom Grond created his travel website, under the name of TravelTomTom. Born and raised in the Netherlands, he started writing on his website back in 2008. Without knowing it, he completed his first milestone – traveling around the world at least once

TravelTomTom used to keep track of some interesting statistics – On how many different kinds of bed has he slept on? How much time has he spent on a bus traveling? – but we all know what is the most interesting – his travel stories. Starting from his homeland, Tom started to track all his flights from 2015 onwards.

This full-time traveler finished 40 flights, 3 continents, and 24 countries. After his first take-off, he went back and forth between traveling and staying at home. Every now and then he had to take a break to save up some budget. The life as a full-time traveler is not cheap.

Not so long after that, in 2012, Tom made the decision and started to travel without breaks and still is on the road until today. Since then, he has visited 105 countries within 2550 days at the end of 2019.

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Take a look at his website and his social media. You will find iconic scenes of summer paradises well delivered. Not to mention the local cultures he experienced, like in a skull-and-bone cave, where the home of the Toraja people is located, at the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. Make sure to check out his rollercoaster ride experience at the Midburn festival in Israel. Tom is a real adventurer, he loves getting lost. Because getting lost for him means “get to see new places”.

As we are experiencing the run-of-the-mill working and sleeping pattern, TravelTomTom shows us breakfast pictures from around the world. Some of us might be stuck in big city traffic while Tom is on his road trip through Israel and bathing in the Dead Sea. Thinking of some travel tips and advice? Tom writes about what he did to earn his adventure funds as well as the travel dos and don’ts. Of course, you got to learn from the best. This is not for you to look down on your ordinary routines. You can be like Tom, find your passion and make every day the best day of your life. Grab the chance to explore the world! 

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Too Many Adapters

Who said you cannot be a tech enthusiast and a traveler at the same time? The next blogger is a technology traveler. Too Many Adapters focuses on technology news, information, and resources for travelers. Founded in 2011 by Dave Dean, this website is run by 4 full-time writers and digital nomads, which all of them travel the world. The writers themselves are out there exploring and leaving traces, they use the same gear and face the same difficulty as you do. With all the real user experiences, honest reviews and useful articles, Too Many Adapters differentiate themselves from other travel bloggers. 

This blog helps a quarter-million readers who are looking for travel resources every month. Their website is easy to use, clean design and minimalistic visual looking. When opening the Too Many Adapters website, there are lists of each main category. Under the How-To section, you can find information about travel applications, gadgets, and websites to help you plan an adventure, keep things running, and stay safe and secure. The idea of finding the right gears for the right trip might be a little bit overwhelming. Take a look at their Picks and Gear section so you can avoid headaches and fear no more.


Are you going to on a road trip and wonder what the essential devices are that you should bring along with you? Check their blog before you hit the road so that you get an idea of the must-have car diagnostic tool, rechargeable LED road flares and tires checker. At the same time, people who are into travel photography, the writers have composed multiple helpful articles about action cameras and recommended compact cameras for every level of shooter. 

In addition to that, they write about how to take care of your electronic devices like ants in your laptop when traveling to tropical countries. To wrap it all up, Too Many Adapters is a bunch of friendly digital nomads! Definitely check out their website! 

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The World Was Here First

You often find yourself wandering off the beaten path in Europe and around the world? You surely have the same passion as The World Was Here First! The couple describes themselves as slow travel advocates who make sure every minute they spend are enough to witness the beauty of every city. Maggie and Michael are the founders of the World Was Here First. Both of them started as solo travelers in the first place until they met during their Eastern Europe trip in Belgrade. They joined together and have never been separated since then.

The couple has settled shortly after in London for 3 years, then decided to live the nomadic life at the end of 2018. Even though they had lived in one of the most famous cities in the world, the two wanderers love to travel to the least-visited spots throughout Europe. This travel couple are neither luxury adventures nor penny-pinching backpackers. They like to visit places hidden beyond each tourist attractions so that they can learn about the local people and understand their culture. 

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If you are keen to explore places which only a few tourists like to visit or if you want to discover the hidden gem of places through the local’s perspectives, then The World Was Here First is perfect for you. Maggie and Michael provide you with their comprehensive travel itineraries, each of them include a list of places to stay plus a city eating guide. As always, with their backpacker mindset, they take public transport, stay in private rooms or small guest houses and even cook sometimes. They take note of how much money they spend so that they can give their readers accurate information about the travel cost. Their travel tips are practical and will come in handy for people planning for budget travel.  

Apart from travel advices, tips and recommendations for local spots to visits while spending as little money as possible, they encourage responsible travel. Instead of a big hotel chain, they do support small businesses from local people. Even though their travel style has changed over the years, they still believe and want to show that travel is accessible to most people. If everything about The World Was Here First seems to fit right with your travel plan, then show them your support!

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Did you know that you can spend up to 21% of your money on accommodation while traveling? If one of the more popular cities in Europe is on your list, visit EuroCheapo for expert reviews of cheap hotels in Europe. Their mission is to make your time in Europe affordable and memorable. Traveling can cost you an arm and a leg though it is not supposed to be like that. When it comes to your holiday time, it is always good when you have a website that you can trust. 

It was in 2001, from his apartment in Berlin when the website first launched by Tom Meyers, the founder, and editor-in-chief of EuroCheapo. Tom traveled several times to Europe collecting his experiences by checking-in and checking-out of the hotels. The following year, the team size of EuroCheapo has expanded, and they moved their office to New York. They now have contributors around tourist destinations in Europe, Brussels, Budapest, Copenhagen and many more.

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When entering their website, you will see a big search box on the left-hand side. Type in the destination, how many nights you will stay, and the number of people. Hit the “Find Hotels” button and you will be shown the best selection of hotels in your requested city.  If you keep scrolling down a bit, on the right-hand, you will find the Daily Cheapo Blog. This provides you with thousands of articles about budget tips to make sure that wherever you go, it will be a wallet-friendly yet unforgettable memory. Besides that, let’s move to Today’s hotel picks, where you will be able to check the best budget hotels in Europe’s most popular cities with reviews and today’s rate.

Most of the users find EuroCheapo worth visiting when they do research for affordable hotels in Europe. People also find reviews legitimate and honest as the website maintains positive and negative opinions about their top pick hotels. The editorial team of EuroCheapo has been dedicated to discovering hotels and make sure they are affordable, centrally located, and impeccably run. With that being said, their job is not limited to hotel only. All-in-one solution for travelers, EuroCheapo Offers guides to European rail passes, budget airlines, bus networks, car rentals, and alternative accommodations.

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Nomadic Matt

Matthew Kepnes is a New York Times best-selling author of “How to Travel the World on $50 a Day” and “Ten Years a Nomad”. He is widely known as the founder of the website, Nomadic Matt. He launched the project after he experienced the taste of travel including the culture, foods, jungle, and people in Costa Rica. Everything he witnessed, right in front of him, with his own eyes, it just changed his life. Matt decided to quit his job, become a full-time explorer and a travel writer after his Thailand trip in July 2006. On Nomadic Matt’s travel site, readers can expect travel tips and advice for many destinations around the world with more than 11 years of experience.

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Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond is managed by Matthew Karsten with 9 years of experience as a full-time adventure travel blogger, photographer, and digital nomad. If you are a fan of adventure travel and photography, then Expert Vagabond is definitely the right match. Matt used to work as a freelance nightlife & event photographer in Miami before he sold everything and embraced his voyager life. That’s why there is a devoted photography blog on the website. This allows readers to delve into the beauty of a country. Above and beyond, if the words and pictures are not enough, don’t forget to support Matt’s passionate YouTube channel, under the same name of Expert Vagabond, for daily inspiration and motivation.

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Two Monkeys Travel

Two Monkeys Travel is a British/Filipina couple who met in Laos while backpacking. They travel and work on the road since 2013. The two monkeys have never thought of long-term travel ever but it turns out that they have been to over 80 countries together – including Antarctica. Their travel style revolves around budget travel to luxury travel, depending on how they feel and what they want to achieve in each particular place. Their DIY travel itineraries are interesting and inspiring –  mixing fun things to do from the couple’s own experiences. With the digital nomad life and the never-ending adventures, it is the love they found in the end.

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Dan Flying Solo 

First, he was obsessed with aviation and planes. Second, he was a solo traveler. And third, his name is Daniel James – and that is the background story of how he named his travel blog, Dan Flying Solo. His journey articles are aesthetically pleasing with amazing photos. What is most impressive is that he learned how to take pictures with the many free courses available online and from YouTube. Dan left his job as a restaurant manager in London. He has been continuously traveling for about 1500 days, nearly 5 years, since then. Nowadays, Daniel is a trailblazer of Lonelyplanet and manages his website earning a million page views a year.

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A Broken Backpack 

This blogger is a solo female traveler from Quebec, Canada. Mel or Melissa Giroux expresses her stories mostly about long-term travel through her website A Broken Backpack. It started with hitchhiking in the Canadian Rockies. Then, she spent 2 years in Australia, a few months backpacking in Southeast Asia, staying less than a year in the UK, and finally moved to Bali which she is calling her home for more than a year now. An article about how she worked in hostels for free accommodation and a 52-week money saving challenge is very interesting and useful. Apart from her travel website and blog, you can find her adventures on Malissa Giroux’s Youtube Channel.

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A Blonde Abroad 

The Blonde Abroad is an award-winning solo female travel blogger who originally comes from California. Kiersten Rich (or you can call her Kiki) is making an adorable travel blog in a nice white elegant design. Nearly 1,500 articles have been put on the website by a six-member all-female team. It is truly a community women by women. Kiersten started traveling alone and is now hitting the record of visiting 71 countries, 500 flights boarded, and 989,690 miles flown. The blog features travel tips, packing guides, videos and photography from around the world.

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All the travel bloggers above have their own style of traveling and writing. More than the ideas of planning a trip that you can adapt to your own, you will get to see how they do to make a living outside the office cubicle. Even more, these voyagers do not only give you the city itinerary but they make you feel inspired to visit each destination.

We are small, life is short, and the world is wide. Feel the sunlight and appreciate the flowers along the way. And if there is a chance for a new route that you have not discovered yet, pack yourself a toothbrush and your favorite shirts. Order food where you don’t speak the local language, and see what you are capable of doing. Please make sure you stay long enough to miss your home, we are waiting  to discover your travel stories. 

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