Heal yourself in the best yoga centers on your next trip to Asia

“Yoga teaches us to heel what does not need to be supported and to endure what cannot be cured”.

Intense words from the yogi B.K.S. Iyengar which describes the quid of yoga. It is not a sport; it is a way to live. Even when you cannot control what happens in the outside, yoga gives you a tool to control what happens inside of you. This is the source of happiness. Yoga is a state of mind where the silence reigns and love directs your behavior. So if you desire expand your mind and immerse yourself in this harmonic and spiritual route, don’t wait any longer.  Go visit the best yoga center on your next trip to Asia and have a tool to heal yourself.

Take a bow in Nepal

The bow pose has its name because looks like an archer’s bow. The torso and legs represent the body of the bow and the arms, the string. This pose or asana heals constipation, respiratory ailments, anxiety, fatigue and mild headache. But if you really want to learn about it; go to the Nepal Yoga Academy.best yoga centers trip Asia

This fantastic center has a tradition of prepare the best yoga teachers in the world. Here you can take many courses in an idyllic place. There are class to beginners and professionals. They offer retreats too. Maybe you can also visit the Himalaya and see the Yeti or snow monster by yourself. You are going to improve your bow pose and open your chest chakra for sure.

Be a cat in Bali

The cat asana is simply fantastic to stretch your spine and massage your internal organs. When you perform this pose, you will feel more flexible and you will improve your posture. Bali is a mystical place to learn about yoga and to line up your heart chakra.

Samadi is a holistic center in Canggu, Bali where you can improve your asana. You can also receive acupuncture session, life coaching session and more. They offer a wonderful food. It is organic, vegan and really tasty.  Remember nutrition is a very important part of the yoga, because your body is a temple. Therefore you must keep your temple clean and pure so the soul can lives peaceful in it.

Between cobras and elephants in Sri Lanka

The beautiful Sri Lanka is considered the Tear of India. It is famous for its tea, its cinnamon and its Ulpotha. This is a village that offers an eco friendly vegetarian yoga retreat. But it is also the home of many people.best yoga centers trip Asia

People in Ulpotha have a lifestyle very respectful, rural and calm. It has the best yoga teachers like the French Alexandre Onfroy and the Belgium Giel Vandecaveye among other yoga rock stars. You are going to admire the spectacular elephants that live there and maybe you will master de cobra pose. It is perfect to open your heart and lungs and relieve the stress. In Sri Lanka, there is not room for worries. You will know it.

The half moon in India

The half moon pose requires put the strength in the core and ankle and find balance. This asana heals insomnia, diarrhea, low blood pressure and migraine. You can improve this pose in the amazing Varkala in India.

The Abhijna School of Yoga is the ideal place to learn this lifestyle and get a solid certificate. It is located between coconut and banana plantations. The jungle is green and calm, all is set to clean your mind and start over. Perhaps you meet a Sadhu. This is an ascetic monk who travels looking for illumination. He has some privileges like he is allowed to smoke weed and free bus ride.

The magical trees in Thailand

The tree asana is ideal for achieve balance, strength thighs, calves, ankles and spine. With that pose you will get balance in your body and life. Remember the key of balance is movement. Be flexible like the bamboo, with strong roots. In Thailand, the Shambala Yoga Center offers more that improve your tree pose.best yoga centers trip Asia

The philosophy in this gorgeous centre is maintaining a healthy lifestyle having fun. This island has everything to enjoy the benefits of Mother Nature. Beautiful beaches, soft sands, clear water and an indescribable vibe. You will come home healthier, happier and in balance. Like a strong tree.

Even if you are looking for inner peace, in these modern days you need to stay connected. When you are away from home you may need gadgets to be in touch. So the communications are important for you. You can always optimize your experience. There is a reliable item to improve your trip. It is prepaid SIM card. A small device that inserted into the Smartphone or table, allows connection to the Internet, making and receiving calls. It also allows you to send and receive messages. You can use a GPS to get a sandy beach.best yoga centers trip Asia

SimOptions offers a SIM card with 4G speed data. It has credit valid for 30 days. You can do national and international calls with text messages. You chose it, order it and pay for it online. The payment system is totally secure. It is very easy way to pay with PayPal, Stripe, international debit and credit cards. You can find all the best yoga retreats in Asia with a good GPS.

Finally take your time to practice the yoga new discipline. Laughter yoga or Hasya Yoga. Its creator was the Indian Doctor Madan Kataria who started an investigation about the benefits of laughter on many illnesses. His wife was a yoga teacher. Both made some techniques which combine breathing exercises (pranayamas) to induce the laughter. Know its motto: We don’t laugh because we are happy, we are happy because we laugh!