SIM Card Italy | How To Get The Best Available SIM Card for Italy

Italy is described by more than one as a beautiful fairy tales to express the magnificence. By combining the old and new places that make up the attractiveness of the “bel paese”. It is a classical poetic expression to name that country.

If you are planning to travel to Italy and want to be connected at all times either by using the GPS to find your way, communicate with friends or relatives, check emails, upload photos to Facebook or Instagram, browse the web when you want and forget about the high cost of data roaming, the most convenient way is the purchase of an Italy SIM Card that includes a data package.

The cost can vary depending on the provider. Buying a SIM Card Italy is more advantageous because, in addition to enjoying the data package without roaming cost, you will have an Italian phone number. This will be helpful if you are planning on receiving phone calls from friends and families from within Italy, as they will then be calling locally.


How to Buy a SIM Card for Italy as a Foreigner?

Sim Card Italy

Today, people access the web with their mobile phones more than with any other device. This shows the important trend of SIM Cards with extensive data packages. You can buy a SIM Card for Italy prior to your departure or once you have arrived in Italy. To buy a Sim card in Italy, it is important to inquire about the best rates. Popular companies selling standard SIM Cards are Vodafone, Wind, Tim & Three.

Tim is the market leader for SIM Card Italy, followed by Vodafone, Wind and Three. Each cell phone provider has numerous rate packages for voice, messaging, and data. Offers vary considerably and frequently and you will first need to compare prices and conditions carefully before signing a contract.

There are also a number of small mobile phone companies that operate in the networks of the major providers. The Second step will be to find and get to the store of the mobile operator that is close to your hotel. You will need a valid passport or European ID card in order to sign the contract with the provider that you have chosen.

Due to regulations within the EU countries, this can take several minutes or even days. Usually, the provider is obliged to request for your “codice fiscale” for the contract in order to physically handover the Prepaid SIM Card to you. The codice fiscale is equivalent to a social security card in the U.S. Sometimes some sellers can refuse to sell a SIM Card to you if you don’t have a codice fiscale. If you are lucky, others sellers will simply take a copy of your passport to process your local Italian SIM Card.

If you are still not sure which SIM Card to pick, you can read our Guide about ‘How to Pick The Best SIM Card‘!


How to use a SIM Card Italy?

All phones purchased within the European Union can also be used in Italy. The most popular way for foreigners to obtain a moving Italian line is by inserting a travel SIM Card into their phone. Vento, Vodafone and Tim are using the GSM technology with frequencies between 900 – 1800MHz. Some others use a lower frequency (800 MHz).

It is important to know what type of phone you have and which frequencies it supports. If you do not know the frequency, find out with your phone provider before traveling to Italy to avoid that your phone is not compatible with the new Italy SIM Card.

After purchasing the SIM Card, you will only have to follow the instructions and you can easily start accessing the internet. Remember to have all data SIM services disconnected in your mobile when you leave your home country. If you leave them connected until you have checked the fee of the new Italian SIM Card, your phone will consume data and continue to charge the data roaming fee.


The Best Way to Get Internet Easily For Your Next Trip 

sim card italyMany cell phone stores represent multiple service providers. They can offer a wide variety of voice services, messaging and data packages. Often they are relatively inexpensive. Still be careful – the service you receive is not always what you expect. It can be frustrating paying for a service and not being able to use the data as planned. So in the end, what is the best option to get reliable internet easily in Italy?

After having reviewed all options, SimOptions is the best choice! Taking into account time, performance, service after sales, we can conclude that the best option to get internet easily for your next trip is to buy a SIM Card from

The Prepaid SIM Card for Italy has an affordable price, includes 20GB of high-speed 4G Internet everywhere in Italy and Europe, up to 3,000 minutes of calls & 3,000 SMS/Texts. The Credit is valid for 30 days (from first call, first SMS, first internet connection) and it works with any unlocked device (iPhone, Tablets, Android, Samsung, any Smartphone). The best thing about this SIM Card is that you can use it throughout all of Europe.

The Prepaid SIM Card for Italy is already pre-registered! From landing onwards, you will be able to be connected, inform your family and friends about your safe arrival, and turn on your GPS to find your way. Enjoy your trip to Italy!