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How To Pick The Best SIM Card


Roland Moreno once said you could stop any person in Paris and that person would have three of these belongings. A credit card, a shop card and a SIM card. Now he would say everybody in the whole world has one of his creations at least. Technological advances are here to optimize all our experiences but communications improvement always stands out.

It exceeds all physical frontiers to makes us closer. Thus any invention which relates to communication we are always going to love it like the SIM card. This device has arrived to make us forget how far we really are and the market is full of them.

So you need to collect some important information about how to pick the best SIM card because there is a SIM for every taste, use and need.

In this order, you must explore all your options and you need to be open to try something new, exciting and modern. You also should be clear about your tastes and needs to find the best communication solution the market can offer.

So we have made a little guide with everything you should know about this Roland Moreno baby: the SIM card.

What is a SIM Card?

A SIM card is a removable small chip used in mobile phones and modems. SIM is an acronym for subscriber identity module. It means the SIM cards securely store the service key of the subscriber used to identify themselves to the network.

So it is possible to change the costumer’s subscription from one terminal to another simply by changing the card.

In that sense, your mobile phone, for example, has a SIM card which works within its scope. If you need to go further that scope, you will need to change that SIM in order to keep communicating. Then those cards are an essential tool for someone who travels and needs to be connected to the internet at the same time.

So you need to be well informed to choose the best international SIM card for data. For instance, if you need a 24/7 internet connection in your trip to Barcelona and Budapest your ideal choice would be Europe SIM card unlimited data.

What Can a Global SIM Card With Data Do For You?

You can find many types of SIM card in the market. One of them is the SIM card data. This device allows you to have an internet connection wherever you are. It is very simple; you put the small chip in your mobile phone, activate it and use it. The chip has 3 sizes: standard, nano and micro.

You can also choose a SIM card that allows you making and receiving calls and messages besides the internet access. So no matter if you are out of your country, you are going to be communicated thanks to this small chip.

Then it is precise you explore the very prolific SIM card market. For instance, if you are going to travel to Bali, Macao and Tokyo, you need to know what is the best international SIM card for Asia. One of them is DannyMobile that offers a SIM card with fast 4G data in Asia, plus unlimited free incoming calls and texts.

T-Mobile provides a prepaid travel SIM card with a convenience 21 days tourist package. If you want a prepaid data only SIM card, Three can give you one, with many rates and plans.

How Can You Use Your SIM Card?

a person using his smartphone with a sim cardThis is very simple. The chip can be put in your mobile phone, tablet or personal computer. It depends on what you need – if you need only data maybe you prefer to insert the SIM into your tablet.

On the other hand, if the prepaid chip has data and you can make and receive calls, you are going to insert it into your phone.

In this sense, you may want to know SIM card works with every unlocked device. If your mobile phone is locked, for example, you can contact your current mobile operator to fix it. So you can be using the SIM in minutes.

Will Your Number Phone Change With a SIM Card?

Something important to know is when you receive a global SIM card you will get a new phone number. This can be an issue for those who need to keep their number for work reasons.

However, if you have a dual SIM mobile phone you are going to be fine. Those cell phones allow you have two SIM cards at the same time, so you will have two different phone lines.

In this way, you will keep your current phone number. If you don’t have a dual phone, don’t worry, you can order your international SIM card online in advance. You will have time to share your phone number.

Unlimited Internet Data SIM vs. Roaming

These are two very suitable options for travelers, but all depends on your communication budget. Let’s say you are going to do a Yoga course in New Delhi. You are a very busy person and you prefer to leave your communication issues in the hands of your local phone company.

So this is when roaming appears. It happens when your local phone company has to contract with other companies in India in order to keep you connected. That is expensive.

On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget perhaps you will prefer doing some research. In that way, you will find the best international SIM Card for India, like dataGO which offers over 40 countries coverage and a very nice tourist package. So, in this matter, it is all about your budget.

Unlimited Internet Data SIM vs. Free WiFi

Free WiFi is always a great tool that gets you out of any bind. Let’s say you are in Times Square, New York. Suddenly you remember that you need to pay your credit cards. You use the free WiFi that the Bubba Gump restaurant offers. Now you are safe, or not because free WiFi isn’t always safe.

Nowadays free WiFi spots are a magnet for cybercrime. Bad guys are there hoping that you are careless to steal your banking data. Besides free WiFi has one obvious disadvantage. You need to be in a certain place. If you are on your vacation and you are depending on free WiFi, you will feel limited. You won’t want that, will you?

What About Coverage, Rates and Expiration Time of a SIM Card?

telecommunication towerThose are important aspects of a SIM card that you need to know well and they all depend on the company you choose. SIM coverage is usually for zones, for example, you can find a SIM for South America or Europe which include several countries.

Likewise, about the rates, you can find several packages. There are prepaid SIM and postpaid SIM, you decide. Chip expire time also depends on the package and the company you choose.

How To Pick The Best SIM Card?

With so many options in the market, maybe you feel overwhelmed. There are some aspects to consider. First, you need to establish the countries you are going to visit in order to choose the best package. For instance, let’s say you are going to travel through Europe. Roman Coliseum, Louvre Museum and all the pubs in Liverpool are waiting for you.

You need the best international SIM card for Europe. The point is choosing a SIM card which offers an attractive zone package. If you are planning to explore, Guadalupe Forests, visiting the Botero Museum in Colombia and attending to a carnival in Rio de Janeiro, you can choose a South America package.

Another aspect you should analyze is your data consumption behavior. If you are in Naples studying the Veiled Christ sculpture by Sanmartino for a thesis you may need some online researches. You should get an unlimited data SIM card Europe because you are going to consume tons of data.

In addition to that, you should also keep in mind if you are a heavy data eater and you are on a group trip, there are more suitable options. Like the Pocket WiFi which broadcast internet to various devices at the same time. If you don’t know what a Pocket WiFi, then read more about it here!

Finally, now you are able to make a wise decision to optimize your journey. Remember Deepak Chopra once said: “When you make a choice, you change the future” Go make a great one for you! With the best SIM card!