Trip to Taiwan : discover the gifts from the beautiful island

gifts Taiwan tripTaiwan Island is also known as Beautiful Island. The Portuguese called like that. Taiwanese fear number 4 because its pronunciation is the same that “death”. They don’t considerer themselves as Chinese so they demand the international recognition as an independent country. Interesting facts like those you can learn on your next trip to Taiwan. This exciting island is a gift for your senses that you are going to love.

In this order you will have a unique experience. You are going to meet its fabulous people. You will visit its magical places and eat bizarre and delicious food. Be ready to enter into a land where everything is cute and zillions of Teddy Bear will prove it. Here you have 5 main gifts from Taiwan, with love, to you.

Enjoy the view on Taipei

The Taipei 101 is a spectacular skyscraper that allows to having amazing views of the Taipei City. It has an imposing, modern and creative architecture with the fastest elevator in the world. You can get on the 89th floor in 37 seconds. You can visit the Observatory and enjoy the fantastic Taipei views.

If you desire, you can get on the 92th floor and admire the big mass cushion. It is a giant balloon which would make an earth quake impact softer. Taiwanese engineering is amazing! There is also a Din Tai Fung restaurant. It is very famous; try its delicious Wood Ear Mushrooms in a Vinegar Dressing. Simply divine! You must know Taiwanese don’t use knives because the food is already cut into pieces. So the chopsticks are used because on the table, there is not room for potential guns.

Lose yourself in the street markets

There is nothing like visiting a street market to wake up your numb senses. Observe the vivid colors of all vegetables and fruits. Smell the exotic essences like cinnamon and green tea. Listen how the musical sound of their native language mixes with the foreign language and laughs. Something really exciting in Taiwan is the Shilin street night market.

In Shilin market you can find many places to eat and to shop. There are clothes, pets, shoes, lights, good vibes and more. It is open until midnight and you can also perform several activities since fishing till shooting games. Go visit the Huaxi market too. Rumors said only rich and communist people live on Huaxi village. In this market snake meat is sold. Take the chance to learn the art of bargain.

Embrace the peace of the temples

When you travel to Asia, something very common is the many temples. It is really special to be bargain in a noisy market and then be meditating in a silent temple. The feeling is simply Taiwan trip

Later you must visit the beautiful Longshan Temple. It is a Buddhist and Taoists temple that has survived fires, earthquakes and wars. In order to enter into this fantastic temple, you are going to go through three doors which architecture is beautiful. Enjoy its waterfall and try to attend on worship hours. Even if you are not a religious person, the vibe you are going to feel when people are meditating is sublime. Then you can also visit one of the traditional Chinese pharmacies nearby and get something for your sore feet. But if you really want to see something amazing, go visit the Molecure Pharmacy in Taichung. Its design and architecture is modern and original based on geometry. Admire the spiral stairs because it is designed as a AND molecular structure.

Between beaches and parks

Although Taiwan isn’t known by its beaches, there is one it is worth your time. Baisha Bay beach is in Kenting and it is very rare because it has sand. Are you surprised? Most of the beaches on Taiwan has not sand, only rocks. But Baisha Bay is perfect for aquatic sport or lying down and enjoying the sun. Be careful with the typhoon season. Get an oiled paper umbrella; it is a little piece of art. Besides everybody carry always an umbrella. You don’t know when you are going to need Taiwan trip

Do you love nature? You must visit the National Park Yangmingshan. This park has it all. It has gorgeous cherry trees, hot springs, flowers, bamboo forest, fumaroles and a long path on an extinct volcano. There is a pretty flower clock which every hour emits nice melodies. You will certainly recharge your batteries here. Do you prefer something nearer the city? Go to the Xiangshan or Elephant Mountain. From here you will have magnificent views of Taipei. You can make the tour on the day or night. Both are fantastic. You can also admire the spider monkeys and many birds. It can be very romantic. Later you can attend to a puppet theatre. It’s very fun.

Have fun, drink and do karaoke

Taiwanese are very nice and smiling people so don’t miss the chance and try to mingle. Visit the commercial zone of Xiamen. There are many stores, lights, street artist, food and more. Notice there are many 7-Eleven stores. There are very popular because you can get food supplies, mail a letter, do your laundry and pay your taxes. Very convenience, isn’t?

Have fun in the Modern Toillet restaurant. Its decoration motive is the toilet but its food doesn’t stink. Find a rechaos place. This is a little restaurant that serves hot and fried food. The prices are very cheap and the Taiwan beer is always coming. You can also go to a Hello Kitty store and drink a banana beer. Show your singing attributes on a karaoke bar. Taiwan is the karaoke king. You can find spectacular places where luxurious equipment, delicious buffets and even private rooms that will optimize your concert. Drink the Shaoxing wine and the Kaoliang liqueur if you want something strong and edging.

Don’t be afraid to eat and stay in touch

Taiwanese food is exotic and varied. You can get a vegan option while someone is eating an oyster omelet or blood clots. So there is food for every palate. The best of all, you can get it in every corner. The street food is as good as the food from a restaurant.

Taste the juices. The fruit and vegetables are always fresh so the shakes are great. Try the bubble tea which has little jelly candy bubbles extremely sweet. The infamous stinky tofu is a paradox. It smells terrible but taste delicious. The guo tie is a kind of ravioli very simple and yummy. Want something sweet? Eat the pineapple cakes and the shave ice. This ice cream has condensed milk and fruits. Eat everything you can but don’t ever play with your chopsticks or lick them. It’s rude.

No matter what you do, stay in touch is important. Maybe you are in Taipei making a research about animal abuse. You need practice interviews, take photos of the dogs in strollers and find places. So the communications are important for you. You can always optimize your experience. There is a reliable item to improve your trip. It is prepaid SIM card. A small device that inserted into the Smartphone or table, allows connection to the Internet, making and receiving calls. It also allows you to send and receive messages. You can use a GPS to get a sandy Taiwan trip

SimOptions offers a SIM card with 4G speed data. It has credit valid for 30 days. You can do national and international calls with text messages. You chose it, order it and pay for it online. The payment system is totally secure. It is very easy way to pay with PayPal, Stripe, international debit and credit cards. You can post your photo licking a chopstick (even when we told you don’t do that).

Now you have all your travel arrangements done to fly to Taiwan, schedule a date to see the betel nuts beauties. The betel nuts or binlang are nuts wrapped in betel leafs and tainted with calcium hydroxide. They have a stimulant effect like tobacco. But the main thing is the girls who sell them. Beautiful girls prepare the nuts and give them to the customers. You can only look at them, so don’t be rude!