Discover the best exotics places on your next trip to Asia

trip exotic AsiaOn 1924 a brave young English man decided to climb the Everest. It was his third attempt. George Mallory died and its body was rescued on 1999 finally. He was near the top but we never knew for sure if he could get there. Later, on 1953 the New Zealander Edmund Hillary became the first man to get to the top of the Everest. Well, at least he was the first who could prove it! Many mysteries are around this imposing mountain. Even the position of George’s body was rare. Face down, arms wide open, no gloves. Does it sound interesting for you? Of course! You love mysteries, action and Asian food. So it is time to plan your next trip to the exotic Asia.

On these lines you may find some of the most impressive places in Cambodia, Nepal and Laos to visit. Prepare your senses and restless mind to enjoy.

Be wise in Angkor Wat temple

This place is so important its façade appears on its national flag. Cambodia hides this amazing structure. This was a powerful politic and religious center and it is the largest on the whole world. The Ta Prohm temple is very beautiful because the trees have grown around and between its structures. It is very awesome and spectacular. You will maybe find the beautiful Lara Croft.

Enjoy the Bayon temple. You will be impressed and moved by the majestic structure and all the big smiles faces. Climb the Angkor temple and enjoy an overwhelming sunset. Remember ring a bell 108 times to keep away the bad spirits. Walk through its hidden galleries and show your respects to Buda.

If you want to raise the bar, don’t miss Battambang City. Jump in a bamboo train and know the best of Cambodia: its people. Enjoy the marvelous spectacle of seeing hundreds of bats coming out from a cave every sunset in Phnom Sampov.

Want to party? Go to Angkor What? Bar. It is the perfect place for a tourist to meet interesting people. Ask for a jagabomb. Explosive!

Between tam mak hung and baguettes

This place is gorgeous. It is a unique mix of French manners and Asian style. Something really spectacular is navigating the Mekong River. It supports about one hundred ethnic groups. Walk around the Vientiane Markets in Laos. This is unique. Its colors, smells and people will leave in your heart an indelible mark. The Talat Thong Khan Kham, the Talat Khua Din and the Talat Sao are few of them. Go visit the Pha That Louang and you will find a beautiful jewel. The vibe is impressive and the architecture is pretty awesome.

If you want to admire something really special, go participate in the Tak Bat. Every morning people wait the arrival of the Buddhist monks. People offer food and monks walk around the city and take the food. The feeling of giving is supreme.

In this order you can delight yourself with an exquisite baguette in the streets and you can also eat a vegan buffet in Luan Prabang. Try the shakes, they are delicious. You can also try the tam mak hung. It is a delicious plate with papaya. France and Laos on the tip of your tongue. Now you are a God.

Raise your heart in Nepal

Nepal is a tinny and wonderful place among the titans. You can wake up early and maybe enjoy the sunrise among the Himalaya. Later, you can go to Pokhara at sunset, you can join in pray with all the monks. You can feel the vibe and you will feel absolutely free. If you want go further, you maybe want to go to Pashupatinath temple. There you can attend to a cremation ceremony. It is a life changing event.trip exotic Asia

If your thing is feel the adrenaline, you must visit Pokhara and fly in paragliding. Imagine flying with the Himalaya smiling at you. Perfect. So you are in Nepal. You like Buda. You definitely have to go to Lumbini. That is the Buda’s birth place. You can ride around the city on your bike. You will feel pure again.

Document everything in Asia

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Now you have your tour ready, maybe you want to dig more. Maybe you want to get the George’s Kodak camera that is still buried in the mysterious Everest. Maybe.