What Are The Worst Tourist Traps In The World?

worst tourist traps in the worldMany places around the world offer tourists wonderful things that at the end of the story are just lies. Sometimes they are – just a little bit – true, but they are not as good as promised when arriving at that destination. This is commonly known as tourist traps.

Tourists plan their dreamed vacations based on the internet reviews they searched before traveling. Also, they make the hotel reservation and look for interesting information about the place they are visiting. They do everything without knowing the worst tourist traps there.

You have probably experienced at least one of the following worst tourist traps in the world before. But do not worry, you are not going to fall for it again!




The Worst Tourist Traps In The World

Since you are a very important part of us, we care about you. That is why we choose a Top 5 of the worst tourist trips in the world. Avoid these places and you will have a better vacation:

1. Times Square

Let’s admit that New York is a great and very famous city. But, due to its fame, Times Square is definitely one of the main tourist traps in the world. This place is just full of people going everywhere, many commercial offices and advertisements. You will also find many street artists singing or acting like famous movies characters. But apart from that, there is nothing else to do or see. Nonetheless, you can find more information about the Times Square in New York here.

2. London Eye

Yes, it is true, the London Eye looks like a very attractive option. You will be fascinated when you search for this beautiful touristic attraction on the internet. But, did you know you will need to spend at least 2 hours doing a queue to buy the ticket? It is like an entire life just for 30 minutes. Yes, as you read it, you will be able to see London from the heights just for 30 minutes. You can buy your ticket on the internet if you do not want to do the queue, but it is pretty expensive.

3. Venice

This is one of the most famous and touristic cities in Europe. It is well known for its romantic gondola rides that attract many tourists during the whole year. This city receives more than 30 million tourists every year. So, you will be surrounded by many people meeting the city like you. But before going there, you should know that everything is very expensive, including the ride. Also, this ride could turn into something weird because of the disgusting smell of the water. If you decide that you still want to go then you can inform yourself here.

4. Eiffel Tower

Let’s be honest, you cannot say that you have never dreamed about going to this romantic place. This is the most iconic and famous attraction of France. But, there are several things to consider it as a tourist trap. Like in the London Eye, you need to spend hours and hours doing a queue. You can also buy your ticket on the internet, but you have to do it with several months in advance if you want to secure your place in one of the elevators there. Apart from that, buying souvenirs near this place will be relatively expensive. So, you should take as many pictures as you can if you want something significant to bring back home.

5. Leaning Tower of Pisa

Italy has many beautiful places to visit, but people will always want to go to Pisa. Apart from taking pictures like you are holding the tower (the typical one), there is almost nothing else to do around. This place is always full of tourists from everywhere taking the same kind of picture and doing the same pose. Learn more about the Leaning Tower of Pisa here.


The Worst Tourist Traps in the USA

worst tourist traps in the usaAlthough this country offers many wonderful places to visit and enjoy, you will also find different tourist traps in the USA. Not all the places are like you watch them in the movies. Not everything is as cheap as you imagine. No matter if you already fell in some of these tourist traps, here it is a Top 5 of some of the most famous tourist traps in the USA. You will not fall on them again!

1. The Four Corners

This place is located in four states at the same time: New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona. It is that is divided by lines on the floor and…nothing else. Yes, there is no activity to do or to watch there. If you thought it was free, you are wrong. You have to pay $5 to enter to the center of the four corners and take a picture.

2. Hollywood Walk of Fame

You have probably seen this place many times on the TV. Maybe your favorite singer, actor or actress has its own star there. This place full of stars (just on the floor) is full of street artist interpreting a real artist. Unfortunately, you will not find Celine Dion, Johnny Depp or Sharon Stone there, just their stars. So, apart from seeing stars on the floor and street artist, there is nothing else to do. Here is the official website of Hollywood Walk of Fame.

3. Epcot

This park is considered the most underwhelming of the four Disney parks located in Florida. It was supposed to be something different and better, but it is not. This theme park offers showcases of eleven countries like Mexico, Italy, Japan, or France. On each space, you will find the most basic stereotypes of each country. This is not the favorite park for most children; they will definitely prefer some of the others Disney parks. Still want to go? Get more information about Epcot here.

4. World of CocaCola

It is located in Atlanta and offers different family activities. This huge place brings thousands of people the whole year, so will find a very very long line to enter there. You can see how they make and bottle this famous soda. Also, you can taste some of the other drinks from the same company. It looks like a great attraction to visit, but people consider it an overrated one. Learn more about it here.

5. Santa Claus House

This place, owned by Miller family, it is not located in the real North Pole. This family house in Alaska is specialized in Christmas merch during the entire year. It is not like a special museum or something like that, it is just a store where Christmas is celebrated the 365 days of the year.


The Worst Tourist Traps in Europe

worst tourist traps in europeThis continent offers a huge amount of beautiful places to visit. No matter if you are a European traveler or you are from another continent. You will find many touristic attractions to enjoy with your family or friends.

But not everything is as good as it sounds. There are a lot of tourist traps in Europe that you need to know before going there. Here you have five tourist traps to avoid in this continent:

1. Mona Lisa

Yes, everybody knows something about this famous painting. The original one is in France, specifically in the Louvre museum. But, not everybody knows that you will need to spend hours in a line to enter the museum. Then, every other visitor including you is rushing to reach the famous painting. Do you think it is worth doing all that just to see it? Do not worry, you will not be judged if you do.

2. The Moulin Rouge

It used to be a very famous and glamorous place many years ago. This iconic place of Paris used to offer the most important cabaret shows in the world, but now it does not. All you can do is to take pictures in front of the windmill.

3. Buckingham Palace’s Guard Change

This seems to be like a great thing to see personally. And sure it is, but you have to get there very early if you want to see the whole change. You will obviously find many tourists taking a lot of pictures and trying to find the best place to record everything. But, all of this is just for about a minute. You can find the timetable here.

4. Stonehenge

This place has a very interesting historical background you should read about. But, it has been transformed into a tourist trap since you cannot do anything there. Now, you need to pay an “entrance” fee that just allows you to be a little bit closer to take a picture. Despite the long lines you need to do, you have to wait for tour buses to move if you want to see this attraction.

5. La Rambla

This place located in Barcelona receives thousands of tourists every year. Its streets are not only full of wonderful architecture but also full of travelers from many countries. You will find a lot of options to eat around or buy different types of souvenirs. But, if you are not the kind of person that enjoys crowded places, try to avoid this tourist trap.


Common Tourist Traps You Must Avoid

Tourists tend to think that souvenirs, recreational activities or restaurants are cheap because they are near a famous place. But that is far away from reality. The real thing is that buying something in any commercial office close to a famous place will be more expensive.

This is just an example, but here you have some of the other tourist traps to avoid when you travel.

Touristic Restaurants

These restaurants are typically very close to the main touristic attraction of that place. Its costs are not the best and the food is not as good as it looked in the pictures. As a touristic restaurant, they do not worry about offering a delicious meal or a varied menu.

Also, they usually do not offer the cheapest prices because, in the end, tourists will always need to eat something. Try to ask locals about the best options to eat around. They are the only ones that really know where to go if you want to save money or have a great meal.

WiFi Service

There are many hotels that offer Wi-Fi service as part of the reservation. But, we have bad news: they lie. This is a very common strategy. It happens a lot that Wi-Fi service is apart from what you paid for the reservation, so hotels charge it as an extra. Also, it is very common to find the typical common area where you will find a lot of people connected to the same Wi-Fi signal.

In both cases, Wi-Fi service is another tourist trap to avoid. If you don’t want to rely on any WiFi services abroad, you can always use a Prepaid SIM Card. Here at SimOptions, we offer international travel SIM Cards in over 70 countries without any hidden charges, no roaming costs and without the need for you to sign any contract! No commitment at all – completely hassle-free – we promise!

All-in Reservation

This is not considered a real tourist trap, but it could not be the best option for you. Many hotels offer, for example, breakfast and dinner service, which is obviously more expensive. Sometimes the food they offer is not the best or they repeat the same meal all the time.

Also, you need to be on time if you do not want to eat the left lovers. You need to look for the best options before traveling. Sometimes eating in small local restaurants is better and cheaper than eating at the hotel.


Not all that glitters is gold. So, next time you travel, be aware of all these tourist traps that could turn your vacations into something boring or expensive. Take into account all the recommendations mentioned here and tell us if they worked for you!

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