10 Travel Gadgets You Need in 2017

I have always wished having a machine teleportation so I can travel as I desire. No packing suitcase, no waiting at the airport, not weight limit for my luggage, and ripe the stress travel off my mind. Unfortunately, that is not possible (yet) but there are so many Travel Gadgets that make the travel experience so much nicer and fun that your stress is going to say sayonara!

Here you have a few cool inventions that you should order right now.

Travel Gadget #1: Make you trip boneless. Travel Gadgets

This funny creation is called the Luggage Scooter. you can get your clothes here and move with it. This suitcase also has speakers so you can listen music, skating and go to the airport. This is a funny invention and really useful device. Get this gadget and turn into a Marco Polo- Tony Hawk hybrid!

Travel Gadget #2: Choke your big pants.

Putting all gifts and souvenirs that you bought in Malaysia, Germany and Italy in a small suitcase can be challenging. It is very stressful and many travelers hate it. This tiny device is ready to solve the issue. It compresses your clothes in your bag and you can save 50% of space. This also works to isolate the smelly clothes. It is so tiny that it fits in your hand.

Travel Gadget #3: Find it easy.

Have you felt that scaring tingle in your stomach when you can’t find your suitcase and your laptop, camera and your son’s new tablet are in there? Well, with the Tags Smart Luggage you will know exactly where your luggage is. You just need to look at your smartphone. It is an application that allows you track your bag wherever it is. So relax!

Travel Gadget #4: Close your eyes and take it like the ostrich.

You are going on an airplane from New York to Melbourne and you can’t take a nap on this 20-hour flight because it is too uncomfortable. With the Smart Travel Pillow, you will sleep all flight long. It is an ergonomic pillow which adjusts your body to the ideal position to get slept and comfort. You will have the sweetest dreams with it and won’t have to sleep with one eye open or gripping your pillow tight.

Travel GadgetsTravel Gadget #5: Don’t go to Babel.

You already paid for your German language course but have not been there yet? Your boss sends you to a meeting in Frankfurt and you don’t know how to deal with it? Keep it together, with the Smart Earpiece Language Translator! You will be able to understand even Klingon (not yet, but may be later). You only need this gadget and an application downloaded to your smartphone and you will be able to understand everyone.

Travel Gadget #6: Clean your sins.

Your trip has lasted more than calculated and you don’t want waste more money on new clothes? This is the item for you! The Gen Washing Device uses the power of ultrasonic technology. This little thing may be introduced to sync with water and soup and wash your travel filthy clothes. It is really fantastic!

Travel Gadget #7: Release your hands. Travel Gadgets

Saving memories is one of the purposes of traveling. However, it is very annoying taking a picture when you are having a cherry gelato in Florence. So the Narrative Clip Wearable Camera does the nasty job for you. You clip the gadget on your shirt and it is going to take pictures automatically for over 20 hours. It is like having a friend hand on your chest.

Travel Gadget #8: Like an astronaut.

With all these flights restrictions to carry liquids in hand luggage this is a solution for saving space and avoid leaking problems. Travelon Toiletry Sheets Body Wash is a box with 50 sheets which you can wash your hair, soap your body an even wash your clothes. The space you save you can use for taking your beloved Persian rug.

Travel GadgetsTravel Gadget #9: Lost and found.

You have the gift to lose all your stuff on your travels? Keys, cellphones, maps, wallet, everything you need disappears? You must get the Bluetooth Item Finder which links that thing that you always loose with a cellphone app. When you really lose it activate the app on your cellphone to find it and the lost item will sound. This will save you so much time. Trust me!

Travel Gadget #10: Keep walking. Stay on line. Unlimited WiFi in Europe

Nowadays life is loud, speedy and full of activities. You need to be connected 24/7 when you are away from home and find a reliable internet access. Your best choice is to rent a travel Pocket WiFi which offers 4G speed. It will make it easy to handle all your online operations. It has an 8-hours battery life and up to 6 people can connect to the WiFi at the same time. When you rent a Pocket WiFi, you will receive your device to the hotel or any address of your stay.

So get your preferred travel gadget, leave all the worries at home and remember what Saint Agustin once said: The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page. Bon Voyage!

Unlimited Pocket WiFi for Europe