eSIMs are a good option for travelers because they offer flexibility and convenience. With an eSIM, travelers can purchase a plan with data, calls, and texts before their trip and have it downloaded onto their device, eliminating the need for a physical SIM card.

It allows travelers to easily switch between plans and providers while abroad without the hassle of swapping out SIM cards. Additionally, eSIMs can be used in multiple countries, making them a cost-effective option for frequent travelers.

Many providers offer affordable and customizable options for short-term and long-term travel, making it easy for travelers to select a plan that suits their needs. Overall, eSIMs provide a simple and reliable way for travelers to stay connected while on the go.

Haiti is a remarkably beautiful island country in the Caribbean, offering visitors a mix of stunning beaches, historical landmarks, and natural attractions such as waterfalls and mountains.

Let’s learn more about the eSIMs for this country:


What Are The Best eSIMs for Haiti?

 About the providerSim Card Features 
Ubigi offers immediate access to the Internet with flexible and cost effective data plans for mobile devices in Haiti.
  • Data: 1GB
  • Calls: not included
  • SMS: not included
  • Credit validity: 30 days
  • Only US $29.90
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What Is The Best eSIM for Haiti?


SimOptions is an excellent choice for travelers because it offers international prepaid SIM cards and eSIMs for over 200 destinations worldwide, allowing travelers to stay connected wherever they go without incurring expensive roaming fees.

With SimOptions, travelers can purchase SIM cards or eSIMs with data, calls, and texts before their trip and have them delivered to their home or hotel, saving them time and hassle upon arrival.

SimOptions offers affordable and convenient options for global, regional, and local plans and has received positive reviews from travelers, making it a reliable choice for those who want to stay connected while traveling.

Now let’s take a look at the best eSIM for Haiti:

Caribbean Data | $29.90 - 1GB

  • Data: 1GB
  • Calls: not included
  • SMS: not included
  • Credit validity: 30 days

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Here we want to show you the best places to visit in Haiti. Check out our top 5:


It is located on the north coast of Haiti, Labadee is a private beach resort that offers visitors some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. The area is surrounded by lush vegetation and hills, further adding to the scenic beauty.

Labadee is a popular destination for cruise ship passengers, who can spend the day relaxing on the beach or exploring the area’s shops and restaurants. Visitors can also enjoy water activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, and zip-lining.


Cap-Haïtien is a historical city located on the northern coast of Haiti, Cap-Haïtien is home to several landmarks such as the Citadelle Laferrière, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Citadelle Laferrière is a massive fortress built in the 19th century to protect the country from foreign invasion. Visitors can also explore other historical landmarks, including the Palace of Sans-Souci and the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption.

The city itself is full of colonial architecture, which further adds to its charm.


Jacmel is located in the southern part of Haiti, Jacmel is a charming coastal town that offers visitors beautiful architecture, and art galleries and is known for its Carnival celebrations.

Visitors can stroll along the town’s cobblestone streets, admiring the brightly colored buildings and taking in the local culture. Jacmel is also home to several art galleries showcasing the work of local artists.

The town is especially lively during Haitian Carnival, which takes place in February each year and features colorful costumes, music, and dance.

The Bassin Bleu waterfall

The Bassin Bleu waterfall is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Haiti. Located just outside the town of Jacmel, in the southern part of the country, it is a popular destination for visitors.

The waterfall features bright aqua pools that cascade into waterfalls of rejuvenation for the mind, body, and soul. The highlight of the experience is the rope/rappelling down a boulder into the blue pools beneath the waterfall.

Visitors can swim in the refreshing pools at the base of the falls or explore the surrounding area on foot. The area around the waterfall is remote and unspoiled, adding to its beauty.

The Saut-d’Eau waterfall

It is a sacred natural wonder located in the central part of Haiti. Many Haitians believe that the waterfall has healing powers, and it is considered to be one of the most spiritual places in the country.

The waterfall is located near the town of Mirebalais and is surrounded by lush vegetation and mountains, further adding to its natural beauty.

Each year in July, thousands of Haitians make a pilgrimage to the Saut-d’Eau waterfall to take part in a religious ceremony and seek blessings. Visitors can swim in the refreshing pools at the base of the waterfall and explore the surrounding area.