The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a country on the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia. It is known for its recent development, beautiful landscapes that include beaches, deserts, modern cities, and much more. Riyadh, its capital city, is one of the top-notch cities in the country.

Would you like to make a trip to Saudia Arabia anytime soon? In that case, do not miss this article. Here we are going to show you the best way to stay connected in this country.


What Are The Best eSIMs for Saudi Arabia?

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What Is The Best eSIM for Saudi Arabia?


Visiting a foreign country can be overwhelming if you are not connected. That is why we suggest you get an eSIM, especially from SimOptions. Their eSIMs will allow you to have the mobile data you need to chat with friends and family, send emails, and find the best routes and tours to enjoy the most of your trip.

For Saudi Arabia, they have one eSIM. To get it, you can order it online from their website. After making the payment, they will send you an email with all the activation details. You need to remember that it will work only on a compatible smartphone.

This is the best eSIM for Saudi Arabia:

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These are 5 of the top sites to visit in Saudi Arabia:


It is known as the cultural hub in Saudi Arabia. The capital city is the heart of the country, with a mixture of tradition and modernization in every corner. If you visit Saudi Arabia, your first stop should be in its capital. There you can visit the Al Masmak Fort, where you will have the chance of learning about the history of the nation. The King Abdulaziz Historical Center (National Museum), where you can spend a whole day exploring the main galleries, and the Al Faisaliah Center, which is the fourth highest building in the country. The best moment to visit Riyadh is from November to March.


After Riyadh, Jeddah is the second largest city in the country. Same as the capital, this city is rich in history, but also shows modern attractions that delight all tourists. One of the places you could visit there is the Athr Gallery, which focuses on contemporary art. Events are usually held in the gallery for locals and tourists. Another place is the Jeddah Floating Mosque. The admission is free and works 24 hours a day, which means you can go and enjoy the views of the sea during the day or night. The best time to go to Jeddah is from October to March.


The city is among the top places to visit in the country. There you can find beaches, islands, cultural and entertainment places, and much more. A must-visit in Damman is Corniche. Go there if you would like to enjoy a panoramic view of the sea. You should visit the Heritage Village, where you can enrich your knowledge about the culture of the city and country. Finally, visit Al Marjan Island, which is an artificial island with plenty of outdoor activities. The best moment to visit Damman is from October to March.


It is the most important religious city in Saudi Arabia. For this, we recommend you take a guided tour around the city to know more about its culture and traditions. There you can visit the Al-Masjid An-Nabawi, which is named the second largest mosque in the world. The Madinah Museum, and the Al-Madina Souq, are also worth visiting, the latter being a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986 and one of the largest markets in the area. The best time to go to Medina is from October to May.

Al Jubail

It is located on the Persian Gulf coast of Saudi Arabia, which means it offers several outdoor activities. You could start by visiting Al Nakheel Beach, a quiet and peaceful place where you can relax under a palm tree, play volleyball or spend time walking around and enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Other places such as Al Fanateer Seafront and Marina, and the Al Jaubail Mall are also recommended. The best moment to visit Al Jubail is from October to March.