countries with the best internetI’m busy, busier than ever and if I have to wait 30 or 40 seconds or more to load a game, I despair. And sometimes I just cannot wait. Does it sound familiar? Maybe it is not a game, maybe is a video from work or a bank operation. Perhaps the wait is longer than 40 seconds; it may even be 40 minutes. The truth is everyone, even Saturi Iwata, famous video game programmer and author of that phrase, has had those moments of despair in front of a computer. So we did research in order to find out which countries have the worst and the best internet in the world. Then, you will know which city you will have to move in if you want to speed through the internet!  

The Top 5 Countries With The Slowest Internet In The World

The speed of the internet connection is measured in Megabits (Mb) per second. Let’s say you have a service of 120 MB. You could, for example, download a movie almost instantly, with multiple users doing several things at once. Nevertheless, it does not work like that in the entire world. So we checked out Speedtest. It is an American web service which offers a free analysis of internet access, connection data rate, and latency. These are the top five countries with the slowest internet in the world (April 2018).  


In a context of hyper economic inflation and decline of democracy, it is not surprising that this country leads to this sad statistic. According to Speedtest, this South American country got an average internet speed of 3.73 Mbps on fixed broadband and 8.34 Mbps on mobile. It is very hard to download a video on Youtube or using streaming. Even visit a simple website, sometimes is impossible. Indeed, Venezuelan dictatorial government has forbidden to the internet providers increase the rates, so they cannot improve the quality of the service  


This North African country has been also suffering to stay connected. It shows an average internet speed of 3.84 Mbps on fixed broadband and 8.16 Mbps on mobile. In this sense, the internet access in Algeria has been shut down by the government many times. Even a blogger Touati Merzoug was sentenced to 10 years of prison for conducting a Skype interview to an Israeli diplomat. Maybe a country with no respect for the freedom of speech as a Human Right does not want fast internet. What do you think about it?  


Lebanon shows an average internet speed of 5.48 Mbps on fixed broadband and a surprising 33.54 Mbps on mobile. That means data mobile service is better and faster than the fixed one. Thus if you need to have a connection there, make sure it is mobile. This Middle East country has had many politic conflicts, so the investment for a better internet is not a priority.  


Supposedly, in this amazing country, the Babel Tower was built. So it is the cradle of all the languages. Biblically, it should be the best means of communications. But no, it does not. This polemic country has an average internet speed of 8.54 Mbps on fixed broadband and a 3.94 Mbps on mobile.  


Sadly this is a country in a state of war. Obviously, having the slowest internet speed in the world is the last of its problems. It has an average internet speed of 6.02 Mbps on fixed broadband and a 6.14 Mbps on mobile. Nevertheless, there are plenty of worldwide organizations which have been contributing to improve the communications means.  

The Top 5 Countries With The Best Internet In The World

You are about to discover which country has the best internet in the world. If you want to travel there, you can start packing your bags and looking for a translation app.  


Yes. This nerve center of world trade has the record in the highest internet speed in the world. Singapore has an average internet speed of 174.94 Mbps on fixed broadband and a 56.21 Mbps on mobile. In other words, with that kind of speed, you could download several movies at the same time. An interesting fact: In 2017, in order to improve national security, the Singapore government banned the use of the internet to the public servants.  


This beautiful land of geysers, elves, voles, and sheep, also has the happiest people on the planet. How is it not going to be, if they have such fast internet? Iceland showed an average internet speed of 162.43 Mbps on fixed broadband and a 65.90 Mbps on mobile. Likewise, Iceland is one of the countries with greater freedom on the internet. Being China, the last in that rank according to the statistics portal Statista. That is to say, a country with internet freedom does not suffer block to social networks nor intimidation and arrest of cyber activists.  

South Korea

The country where men put on makeup has an average internet speed of 110.10 Mbps on fixed broadband and a 39.85 Mbps on mobile. South Korea is a leader in the number of digital subscription line (DSL) connections per head worldwide. Besides, its bandwidth is the most advanced in the world. Most of its population lives in apartments which have a block structure in particular. That structure makes the DSL expand faster, as well as the penetration of consumer electronics in general.  


Norway is more than its Northern Lights! It showed an average internet speed of 62.22 Mbps on fixed broadband and a 64.56 Mbps on mobile. In general, internet services in Norway are very expensive. Hence, the quality of those services is the best.  


You will find more than delicious goulash, tongueless lions and beer bicycles in beautiful Hungary. In the struggle of who has the fastest internet in the world, this country has an average internet speed of 94.72 Mbps on fixed broadband and a 49.55 Mbps on mobile. It is one of the fastest in Europe.  

What About The Internet Providers?

It is important to say that the internet speed depends on the quality of the service offered by the providers (ISP). In this sense, according to the State of The Internet Report, here are the best ISPs in the entire world. My Republic Limited functions in Singapore, New Zeeland, Australia and Indonesia. Ljosleidarinn is one of the best ISP in Iceland. TS2 Space brings internet to South Korea and many other countries. While Vodafone, SuddenlinkXFinity, Fibrant and Google Fiber stand up as excellent internet providers around the world. On the other hand, according to Consumer Report Magazine, in 2017, the worst internet providers in the world were qualified by several aspects. They are rated by high rates, poor technical support, and slow connection. But you need to know that is not determinant, because it is relative to the country, to the type of the service and more. All in all, we recommend, you do some research before contracting the internet service provider. If you live in a country with bad internet, have some patience and remember human being always is looking for a way to improve everything. Someday, luckily the entire world will enjoy a faster internet. Soon, you surely will enjoy that movie, video chat with your friends and play Call of Duty at the same time. You, multitasking guy!

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